INTERVIEW DISCUSSION: IASbaba’s Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) Initiative for UPSC Interview 2019!

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  • November 11, 2019
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Interview Discussion-Think Rethink & Perform (TRP)
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INTERVIEW DISCUSSION: IASbaba’s Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) Initiative for UPSC Interview 2019!

For the Civil Services Personality Test or Interview, the most fundamental and necessary requirement from an aspirant is twofold- first is clarity of thoughts and the second is balance of thoughts. Lack of clarity over an issue may create a fog of uncertainty about the decisions that one has to take as a bureaucrat. Similarly, if one’s opinions and point of views are not balanced enough and are rather prejudiced or stereotypical, then the correctness of the decisions taken on the basis of his/ her perception becomes highly questionable. 

The interview board of UPSC tries to test this very important aspect. While preparing for the Mains examination, an aspirants gets clarity of thought with respect to a range of issues. However, whenever it comes to balance of opinion, it is found that the opinions are shaded by the continuous inflow of information from numerous sources which might be partisan or highly critical. It is, therefore, important for an aspirant to have his/ her own critical thinking, based upon his/ her own moral compass. 

But this is easier said than done. The best way to do it to think about what one has already read or learnt. Then its is important to rethink those learning’s from one’s own critical moral prism and finally learn to create and produce a response that is ethical, balanced and unbiased. 

The Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) initiative does precisely that. For a duration of almost two months, your intellectual and moral leanings will be tested by the questions posed by IASbaba. These questions would be highly deliberative and would encompass a range of issues that are relevant for the Personality Test. 

What we expect from you is to spend half an hour a day and try to frame responses on these issues. Try to think from all the vintage points possible so that your vision doesn’t get narrowed but gets widened to 360 degree evolution of an issue. Engage with your peers, debate and discuss, learn and teach, realise and make others realise the beauty of intellectual engagement

Many of our successful candidates have taken advantage of this initiative before. We had first launched this initiative for Mains 2016. The detailed underlying philosophy of this initiative can be understood from the following write up.

(MUST READ) Philosophy of this initiative -> CLICK HERE

Archives (2016,2017,2018)-> CLICK HERE

Continuing the initiative in its fourth year, we shall be posting questions regularly on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s for 8-9 weeks. In 25 days, you shall have a list of most important issues for this year’s interview and also get to know yourself more with the help of questions framed for self awareness. 

The initiative commences on 13th November

Get involved, discuss ,deliberate and come out with better understanding of the self and the world. 


All the Best

IASbaba Team 

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