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  • December 17, 2019
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IASbaba's Interview Program
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              IASbaba’s INTERVIEW  MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (IMP) 2019-20


IASbaba's Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) 2019


For  Civil Service  aspirants , winter in India brings shivers not only by lowering temperature but also by raising anxiety as UPSC releases the results of Civil Services Mains Exam in  peak winter months. This is followed by the final battle i.e. the Personality Test. Many exhilarate and many despair in this conundrum of annual phenomenon where the outcome is considered more unpredictable than the South Western Monsoon in Indian Subcontinent. 

Before we delve further into the nitty gritties of our upcoming Initiative INTERVIEW MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (IMP) 201920, let us ask you a few Questions–

Have you ever thought that you would present yourself to the UPSC interview board for the Personality Test? 

Do you think it is easy to conceal your true SELF in front of mature and vigil eyes? 

Do you think that the Personality test is not all about knowledge? 

Do you think that the UPSC is still not convinced about suitability of your candidature despite of you written almost for 27 hours or 31200 words? 

Take a break and ask to yourself sincerely.

Are you confused? If not let us make it more complicated. Do you think UPSC Personality test is a gamble or lottery? Do you think it’s more about managing the Board Room well rather than displaying knowledge which fetches good marks?  Or Did you come across anybody in your journey so far to whom you think he/she was a better choice over many selected candidates but that unlucky person was dropped out of the list because of poor marks (Performance) in Personality Test? 

Yes, these are the basic but uncertain outcomes of this last phase of the exam.

Did  you watch  Fords versus Ferrari? If Yes, well you are along with us, if No, we will make your reading simpler. An excellent, well directed thriller with power packed zoommmms and noises of cylinders. It can teach us the following lessons –

-You should always play to your strengths, trust yourself and pose utmost confidence in yourself. Because it’s You only who will go inside that holy chamber where great minds will be waiting for your arrival.

Winners never confuse activity with accomplishment, what does it mean? “If you are not winning it, You are definitely losing it”-Although you have strived hard and put hours of struggle to reach up to the final stage but till the time you have not won.. You Are Losing

The journey of UPSC so far, have inched you nearer to acing your dreams, but the uncertainty looms here is bigger and is of two types. First time in your UPSC journey, you are coming face to face which will be an entirely different experience for many of you. By this time, less serious players have already been filtered out. High Unpredictability and Low probability cast huge uncertainty here, recall our earlier UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS.

Don’t worry , you are the future civil servants of the country.

We at IASBABA are here to address this challenge again. Our endeavour has been to incubate, nourish and handhold till the last. Here we come up with our new Initiative – INTERVIEW MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (IMP).   This is an advanced version of our TRP Programme which has been our core strength for Personality Test so far. 

We will be holding Workshops and Mock Interviews at Bengaluru and Delhi to imbibe or impart you with all necessary skills and approaches necessary for managing the PT in Theatre like scenario. We will dissect your DAF to multiple corollaries and stitch together again  to give you a better understanding of YOURSELF. Further, we will be holding Mock Interviews in UPSC Simulation mode. Our Panelists hail from diverse fields and it can bring sweet surprises to many of you. So wait for our next post  !!!



  1. Workshop3 hour session to set the mood for Interview preparation. Focussed on bringing tangible changes in attitude and approach, the Workshop will help you shift gears from mains mode to Interview mode.
  • What do you learn? 
  • Getting the framework on how to analyse the mind of interviewers.
  • What is important for interview framework and what is not?
  • What assumptions does the board make about you?
  • How does the board frame a question based on your DAF?
  • How do you deal with all these?
  1. Open Mocks – a Unique Approach Pioneered by IASbaba!!

“Life is too short to learn everything from your own mistakes. The wise learn from the mistakes of others.” 

Observing others giving their interview helps you understand the common mistakes to be avoided in front of the board. Open mocks help you develop the right attitude to be carried to the interview.  

  1. Mock Interviews – Conducted by the board of five Eminent resource persons chosen to exactly replicate the UPSC Interview board. 

This session shall be recorded and the video will be provided to the candidate.

  1. One-to-one discussion – to analyse the candidate’s performance in the mock interview. The analysis shall include  
  • Whether the candidate is understanding the question properly
  • Whether the candidate is structuring the answers in right manner
  • Whether the candidate is carrying the right posture and having the right body language
  • Also, the areas to improve shall be intimated to the candidate along with ways to improve them.
  1. DAF discussion – Your DAF is the document introducing you to the board. All assumptions made by the board is based solely on your DAF. Nearly 60-75% of interviews are mostly based on DAF. 

The DAF discussion helps you analyse your DAF and expect probable questions in the interview and be prepared to face such questions. The mentor will help you generate a question bank covering your native place and state, educational background, work experience, hobbies, accomplishments etc.

  1. Current Affairs Sessions – IASbaba’s niche field 

Current Affairs sessions help you to 

  • Brush up your knowledge of current affairs
  • Develop clarity on various issues in news
  • Translate your thoughts into words
  • Polish your presentation skills
  • Decide on the right stand to be taken in controversial issues 

The program is meticulously designed to make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can feel confident before the interview board. Our focus is to provide you an informed perspective rather than make you artificial. We can assure you that each step of the programme will take you closer to your goal. 


Those who are interested in the IMP Programme, please fill the Registration Form below




  • Students, who have filled the Registration Form, can use the DISCUSSION ROOMS at both Delhi and Bangalore Centre (Chandra Layout Centre, above SBI Bank). The Discussion Rooms will be specially reserved for interview purpose. 

  • Also to make the discussion more streamlined, a mentor will oversee the discussions.  

Our Panelists hail from diverse fields and it can bring sweet surprises to many of you. So wait for our next post  !!!


Thank You



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