Motivational Article: Embrace Change to Change Your Destiny!

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  • December 10, 2019
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Motivational Article: Embrace Change to Change Your Destiny!

Things are changing around us and things are changing fast. With each passing minute, we witness a remarkable change. Changes are good, isn’t it? Imagine if the mobile sets that you use never changed in design and technology! Perhaps, you would have been playing Snakes on your Nokia 1100 handset instead of reading this article over your smartphone. Changes around us compel us to change ourselves. We become more adaptable with each change. We accept changes faster with each change. We ourselves change faster with each change. 

We at IASbaba believe in the strength of change. It can ignite your minds. It can motivate you better. It can make you happy. The very philosophy behind change being a motivation has inspired us to change something- our own website, to give you a better, efficient and interactive view of the loads of information, initiatives and inspiration available therein. You must have seen and experienced those changes. Please feel to share your feedback about the new website design and let us know if you want some further improvements. We promise we would change!!

Changes also inspire new beginnings. As you may have noted, IASbaba has come up with the new initiative called the Prelims Exclusive Programme (PEP). We have introduced this programme keeping in mind the special needs of an aspirant from the perspective of highly competitive Prelims examination. The details of the programme can be found here. Similarly, to cater to the needs of candidates focusing on Mains preparation, we introduced the highly effective TLP Connect programme. Now very soon, we are going to launch an elaborate initiative especially for the aspirant who would appear in the next year’s interview. In fact, we have two more surprises in store for you that we won’t reveal now. Wait for a few more days and you will witness something amazing by IASbaba.  

As you can see, we are striving hard to keep pace with the changes introduced by UPSC and the expectations set by the aspirants by changing ourselves in the most intricate manner, focussing on the minute details. This has been the process of evolution for all of us. We expect the same from you. All this effort to change and adapt to changes is for you guys! Take advantage of this evolution, be an active partner in this process and change your attitude towards preparation. All we expect from you is to take three simple yet enormously important pledges for a better future. Can you take these pledges today or rather right now?

  1. I will change and I will change for the better. I will change to become a better student, a better learner, a better performer and a better human being. 

  2. I will do everything in my capacity to change my attitude towards failure and success. No success would be permanent for me. No failure would be fatal for me. 

  3. I will Inspire change around me. I will strive to make this world a better place by applying my knowledge, my intelligence and my emotions towards fellow human beings. 

Take these pledges and start a fresh journey today. People say that every moment in life is a fresh beginning. Take this point of time as that fresh beginning and start the rest of your journey. In this journey, things will keep on changing except one- the presence and support of IASbaba.  

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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