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  • January 12, 2020
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You are the Master:

Up until now, everything you’ve been doing in your life has been happening through your mind. Even when you wanted to look at things from your heart, love or admire things just for what they are, your mind has always interfered. “Love is dangerous. Something is not right here. What is the use of this compassion? Remember getting hurt?” This is the conversation of the mind, and this is how it interferes and blocks your pure perception of life.

In many ways, the mind is nothing but a collection of all your fears. All that you don’t want to experience and relive is hidden in your mind. If you have a negative emotion, what do you do with it? You stuff it away in your mind. There is simply no other place to put it.

Meditation is a difficult journey because you have to pass through your entire life’s mess and re-look at it from a new perspective. You have to pass through all the junk, garbage and bullshit you have stored in your mind. You might think that you have hidden away your negative emotions successfully, but negative emotions can never be hidden inside forever; they will always come out as soon as the opportunity arises. Throughout your life, you have been hiding all kinds of desires, emotions and experiences.

Without your knowledge, your mind has become a dumping ground for your unresolved emotions. When you sit quiet and try to watch your mind for the first time, you will be disturbed. You will realize how difficult it is to sit quiet and do nothing, even for a few minutes. There are too many thoughts, fears and emotions to deal with. This is why meditation is such an important necessity of life.  Meditation is necessary because your mind has become too noisy.

Your mind has hijacked all of your other senses and has completely taken over your life. Your mind is a useful tool, and if you want to use it, you should be able to. If you don’t want to use it though, you should just be able to just leave it aside.

It’s like the way you use your hand. Just imagine that your hand insists that you use it all the time. How would you be able to carry on a conversation with someone if your hand is constantly flopping around? You would look stupid not having control of it. Yet, look at the mind: It never sleeps, it never allows you to rest, it is constantly confrontational, constantly arguing, and constantly trying to do something. Mind is a great tool and it has its uses, but only when it is in your control.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Meditation Farm and IASBABA.

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