MOTIVATION: Blessing in Disguise – Opportunity to bring your A – Game!

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  • June 6, 2020
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Time to bring your A – Game


It is said that Opportunity doesn’t come knocking at your door, you have to find it and grab it. But in your case, it has actually come knocking.

UPSC has finally revealed the new schedule for Civil Services exam 2020 and pushed your Prelims examination date to 4th of October. There is a sign of relief now as you have got something to look forward to.

If you look back, you all must be sharing one of the following two stories.

First category is of those students who were totally in their grooves preparing for prelims with full efficiency. They were getting great scores in test series and were pretty confident that this year qualifying prelims will be like a stroll in the park. And then suddenly – “Boom”, there is this lockdown which has thrown away everything in the bin. It’s difficult for anyone to come out of their comfort zone and start afresh. And all of you were thrown into that uncomfortable zone.

Second category is of those who felt that their preparation is not up to the mark and they were praying for some miracle so that they can get some extra time. Well, their prayers were heard. But since they were not prepared then, they are not prepared now. Time flew away in a flash.

On top of all this, many of the aspirants left for their native places leaving the place where they were preparing. Generally our mind is trained to work at one place and relax at other and most of you were forced to move to your relaxing fortress.

The preparation that was hindered and everyone was anxiously waiting for a date to set a time frame. Finally it has arrived and left you with ample time to start your preparation a fresh, reach your peak efficiency and get to the finish line.

Forget about the time that has already gone. Now is the time for you to be Arjun and focus only on the bird’s eye. First and foremost, you need to make a plan. Since you have a lot of time with you, you need to balance out your mains and prelims preparation. You need to believe that it is all manageable and you can do it.

Since timeline is clear we also have surprises for you. We will be coming up with new initiatives considering the timeline so that it can fit in your preparation and will help you to glide through these days. Consider the delay in the examination as a blessing and extra time to sharpen your axe and clear the exam in one blow. This is the best time to make UPSC CSE 2020 your last and successful attempt. Don’t let go of it.

Rest assured, believe that this is your chance. You just need to bring your A – game forward and give it all. Be a maniac because extraordinary times require extraordinary effort.


Going forward-

One should solely focus on Mains (GS + Optional) till the end of JULY/mid of AUGUST. Revise and master your optional subject along with answer writing. As far as GS is concerned, great emphasis should be given on practicing GS-4 and Essay at this stage.

You can follow – ‘IASbaba’s Think, Learn and Perform (TLP) Daily Mains Answer Writing – High Order Thinking (HOT) Questions’ to practice answer writing.

To Know about TLP – HOT Questions – CLICK HERE

For Prelims Practice Question you can follow – Daily Current Affairs Quiz and Daily Static Quiz – CLICK HERE


“We will soon come up with new updates and initiatives/strategy on ‘HOW TO GO ABOUT UPSC CSE 2020 and UPSC CSE 2021.”


All the best


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