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Hello Everyone,

UPSC Topper 2019, DIVYA SHAKTI Rank 79, IASbaba’s Integrated Learning Program  (ILP) Student shares her preparation strategy with Mohan Sir (IASbaba Founder).

DIVYA SHAKTI cracks UPSC Exam in her 2nd Attempt with Geography Optional.

Inspite of a secure job, she quit and pursued UPSC preparation. Her strategy/approach was unique – She preferred studying isolated, she chose Geography as her Optional, despite having masters in Economics, she spent 1.5 months to understand the demand of the exam and to know whether she would fit into civil services.

So here is a girl who has lot of clarity and knows how to articulate her opinion or viewpoints better.

Here in the video, she discusses very important points like-

  • Exclusive PRELIMS Strategy
  • Importance of Psychological Strength – Being confident, Calm in the Exam.
  • On the Day of the Exam!– Important, since margin of Error in Prelims Exam is quite low
  • How to Articulate & Present Answers Better
  • Understand the meaning of BALANCE OPINION or BALANCE APPROACH in Interview!
  • Her Mistakes & Lessons Learnt
  • Strategy for the Next 50 Days..!! Upcoming Prelims Exam

And Many More….

Kudos and Salute to her consistent efforts, determination and hard work which has helped him to achieve Rank 79.

Standing true to its TaglineOne Stop Destination for UPSC/IAS Preparation!! IASbaba has proved time and again how it has played a crucial role in helping one reach the destination.

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0:35 – Introduction – Cracks Exam in 2rd Attempt, Background, IASbaba’s ILP Student

01:48 – Inspite of a secure job. Why did you take up UPSC & When did you Start your Preparation?

03:29 – After quitting your job.. were you confident that you will clear this exam in this attempt?

04:13 – Time Management .. How was your Daily Schedule like? Did you go for group studies?

04:27 – Spent 1.5 Months to understand the Demand of the Exam & Chalk out my Strategy

05:39 – Group Studies or Isolated Studies – Which one is better?

06:40 – Each Person is Unique.. Devise your Own Strategy!

07:26 – Importance of Understanding the Demand of the Exam

08:14 – Preparation Strategy – Prelims, Mains, Interview

08:28 – PRELIMS Strategy

08:37 – 1. Keep your Sources Limited

08:50 – 2. Analysis of Previous Year’s UPSC Question Papers

09:22 – 3. Importance of Hindu Newspaper & Babapedia (part of IASbaba’s ILP Program)

09:31 – 4. Practised a lot of Mock Tests – Developed my Own Strategy

10:20 – Giving Random Tests helped me NOT TO PANIC in the Exam

10:21 – On the Day of the Exam!Important,since margin of Error in Prelims Exam is quite low

10:56- MAINS Strategy

11:41 – Emphasis on Mains Answer Writing

12:51 – Focus on Making Notes & it’s importance

13:26 – INTERVIEW Preparation

15:21 – Importance of Psychological Strength – Being confident, Calm in the Exam.

16:25 – OPTIONAL Strategy – Should one choose Geography Optional? What was your criteria of choosing the Optional?

20:07  – Criteria to Choose an Optional – ‘Interest’ becomes very important

20:25 – Do you think the ONLINE Mode is changing the ways of UPSC preparation? How to use ONLINE websites judiciously?

21:44 – Role of IASbaba in your Preparation

21:56 – Role of IASbaba’s ILP Program in Divya’s Success

22:21 – Followed the Weekly Schedule and Test in ILP

22:26 – For Current Affairs I relied ONLY on Hindu NewsPaper & Babapedia

23:02 – Do you think ILP stand’s true to its name – Integrated (Prelims, Mains, Interview) Learning Program?

24:00 – New Features in ILP 2021 – ILP+ (Videos) ILP Connect (Mentorship)

24:45 – What was your Ethics Strategy & Essay Strategy?

25:05- Essay Strategy

26:39 – Got my Essay’s Reviewed from Non-UPSC Background friends

27:22 – Ethics Strategy

29:00 – Approach to Case Studies

30:01 – Summary of Vidya’s Discussion – Clarity & Presentation is the highlight!

30:54 – Interview Strategy – How to Articulate & Present your Answers Better?

32:10 – Understand the meaning of BALANCE OPINION or BALANCE APPROACH in Interview!

34:04 – Importance of Revision – Should it be daily, weekly or monthly basis?

35:27 – Final Words/Advice to fellow aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC Exam – Mistakes & Lessons Learnt

37:10 – Strategy for the Next 50 Days..!! Upcoming Prelims Exam

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