IASbaba’s TLP (Phase 2 – ENGLISH & हिंदी): UPSC Mains Answer Writing – General Studies Paper 3 FULL Length MOCK Questions[2nd SEPTEMBER,2020] – Day 73

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  • September 2, 2020
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There are 20 questions. All questions are compulsory.

Marks and word limit have been indicated against the question. 

The duration for the test is 180 minutes. 

The answers must not exceed 150 words for 10 markers and 250 for 15 markers.  

Content is more important than the number of words.

1. How severe is the unemployment crisis in India? Examine. What measures would you suggest to address the problem of unemployment in India? Discuss.  

2. What is ‘Thalinomics’? What are the major findings of this year’s Economic Survey with respect to food affordability? Discuss. 

3. What is an expansionary budget? When does an economy normally need an expansionary budget? Explain. How would you assess this year’s budget on the yardstick of ‘reviving demand in the economy’? Critically comment.  

4. For debt sustainability, the rate of growth of debt must not be faster than the rate of growth of the economy. Do you agree? Substantiate your assessment? 

5. India suffers from the problem of overproduction of cereals. Do you agree? What can be done to make the spread of farm produce more diverse and nutritious? Suggest. 

6. What are the conventional means of infrastructure financing? What measures have been taken in recent years to expand and innovate in the area of infrastructure financing? Discuss. 

7. How is the global outbreak of the Coronavirus affecting the economy in general and livestock sector in particular? Examine. How can the trends be reversed? Suggest. 

8. What is the Kisan Rail proposed in the latest annual budget? How will it be developed and deployed? What advantages would accrue to the farmers of the country by the Kisan Rail? 

9. What is deepfake? What technology does it use? Explain. Why is it a cause of serious concern? Examine. 

10. What is zero budget natural farming? What are its advantages and limitations? Can it be adopted as a viable farm practice in India? Critically comment.  

11. What is the genome mapping project? What are the intended benefits of this project? Discuss. 

12. What are the highlights of the World Air Quality Report, 2019? Should the findings be a cause of concern for India? Critically analyse.

13. Why is the bird population dwindling in India? What will be its adverse ecological impacts. 

14. What were the factors that led to the disappearance of the Asiatic cheetah from India? Discuss. What are your views on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Asiatic cheetah? Critically comment. 

15. What if a global epidemic like the Coronavirus affects India? What are the existing measures and mechanisms in place to mitigate such potential disasters? Critically examine. 

16. With the help of suitable examples, examine the role that technology can play in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism measures.   

17. How can social media platforms be made to play a more positive and constructive role for India’s internal security? Suggest. 

18. What are the prevalent threat perceptions with respect to India’s cyber security? Discuss. What are the measures in place to address the challenges? Examine. 

19. Describe the different levels of nexus and types of links between organised crime cartels and terrorist organisations. Why is the nexus a serious internal security challenge? Examine. 

20. What are the deficiencies in India’s institutional framework designed to tackle internal security challenges. While identifying at least three such deficiencies, suggest ways that can address these deficiencies. 


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