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  • October 4, 2020
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Behind closed eyes:

Meditation has remained one of the most direct ways in which one can inquire into the nature of reality. In meditation, you don’t use words, you don’t philosophize, and you don’t chop things up; you simply see the unifying connectivity between everything. In meditation, you don’t cling to relics, you don’t dream, and you don’t write poetry; you simply wait for the answers to come.

You sit, close your eyes, and wait for existence to reveal its secrets. This method works, because here, you are not using your limited senses, your mind and your body. For the sake of Truth, you are willing to totally shut down all your senses and simply wait. This is the only method that has ever worked. The simplest and the most direct form of inquiry into the nature of reality is Self-inquiry.

Religion should frustrate you, the cross should frustrate you, and the lotus flower should frustrate you. The scriptures should frustrate you, the Quran should frustrate you, and the Gita should frustrate you. Spiritual teachings are not meant for finding answers. Their main purpose is to frustrate you so that you drop everything and start looking inward. If a spiritual teaching doesn’t frustrate you, then it isn’t worth pursuing.

Your path of inquiry can take you in many directions. Unless this path becomes personal and you actively seek the Truth within you, you will never reach it. You can be a great philosopher, scientist, or a religious leader, but your heart will be devoid of the clarity and certainty that can come only with the direct experience of Truth. You can fool the entire world with your superficially acquired knowledge, but deep down you will know that you don’t know. Diving deep into your heart is the only way to know – there is simply no other way.

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