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  • December 20, 2020
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Three Keys to Success:

Success is neither an art, nor a science – it is a knack. If success were an art, then only a selected few who are specially gifted with the necessary artistic skills would have succeeded. If success were a science, then everybody would have gotten to it by simply following the necessary steps. We know from our real world experiences that neither of them is true.

Succeeding at anything takes a little more than just scientific approach or artistic gifts; it takes knack to succeed. And as with any knack, it only comes with practice. It is easy to teach science or art, but it is next to impossible to teach a knack. The reason for this is obvious. Knack is an intuitive ability to recognize patters that develop by repeatedly doing something, or trying out different things.

Knack is a moment when our mind suddenly comes to a simple realization of some obvious fact that makes our journey toward success a little easier. We experience this all the time; while playing a sport, while preparing for exams, while competing, or while pretty much doing anything else. Suddenly there comes a moment when we intuitively learn how to do something better – that moment is called a knack.

Knack to succeed cannot be taught, but there are a few key ingredients that are absolutely necessary in order to give yourself the best possible chance to stumble upon the knack of succeeding. Here are some of the most important ones:

Perseverance: The single biggest contributor to developing the necessary knack of succeeding is perseverance. When you don’t give up too easily, you give yourself the best possible chance to stumble upon the knack of succeeding. This is why it is next to impossible to succeed without persevering. There are very few exceptions to this. As a rule, persistence is the most important ingredient necessary to cook success.

Staying Positive: It is very easy to fall into the negative state of the mind. In fact, most of the time our minds are negative, constantly in some or the other fear, worry or frustration. If we are not putting in the necessary effort to stay positive, we will slip into a negative state of mind easily. It is impossible to succeed without knowing how to keep a positive state of mind.

Embracing Effort: It is impossible to succeed without putting in the necessary effort to succeed. Success might come even if you skip one or two important steps, but you will never taste success if you are averse to the idea of effort. Unless you fully embrace the fact that effort is a constant companion in the journey toward success, you will find it difficult to succeed.

Of course there are several other things that are needed to consistently succeed at something, but perseverance, a positive state of mind, and effort, are three absolute basic necessities.

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