[MAINS FULL MOCK] GENERAL STUDIES (GS) PAPER 1- IASbaba’s TLP (Phase 2) UPSC Mains Answer Writing [31st DECEMBER,2020]

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  • December 31, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

Please find below the Full Length Mock Test – General Studies (GS) Paper 1.

This is a part of TLP 2020 (Phase 2)- UPSC Mains Answer Writing Initiative.

All the Best 🙂



There are 20 questions. All questions are compulsory.

The duration for the test is 3 hours. 

The answers must not exceed 150 words for 10 markers and 250 words for 15 markers.  

Content is more important than the number of words.



1. What has been the contribution of Edwin Lutyens to India’s modern architecture? Discuss. (10)

2. Valour and bravery are recurring themes in India’s literary tradition. Do you agree? Illustrate with the help of suitable examples. (10)

3. How did contemporary thinkers and philosophers in the early 20th century shape the nationalistic discourse in India? Examine. (10)

4. Why did the British witness several tribal uprisings in India? Explain with the help of suitable examples. (10)

5. Many historians and political commentators describe India’s partition in the year 1947 as inevitable. What are your views on the same? discuss. (10)

6. Do you think the 1960s standout as a decade of political and economic chaos for India? Substantiate your views. (10)

7. How did the Spanish Flu (1918) affect the world? What was the global response to it? Discuss. (10) 

8. In what ways has globalisation affected the dynamics of social institutions in India? Examine. (10) 

9. Do various social media platforms reflect the true societal reality? Critically comment. (10) 

10. Comment upon India’s endowment in renewable energy. What are the challenges in tapping the potential of renewables? Discuss. (10)

11. What are your views on India’s intervention in Sri Lanka’s civil strife in the 1980s? Was it necessary? Critically comment. (15)

12. Discuss the genesis of the Israel-Palestine conflict. How far can colonial powers be held responsible for it? Examine. (15)

13. Examine three decisions taken by three different American Presidents in the 20th century that proved to be landmarks in modern history. (15)

14. For many colonies, end of colonialism was marked with an age of bloody internal strife and economic crisis. Why? Discuss with the help of suitable examples. (15)

15. Examine the forces that have led to counter-globalisation? How strong these forces are in your opinion? Do you see a chance for these forces to get reversed in near future? Comment. (15) 

16. What are cloudbursts? Why do they occur? Which parts of India are more prone to cloudbursts and why? Discuss. (15)

17. Can India emulate the Chinese model of export led manufacturing growth? What are the challenges of that approach? Discuss. (15)  

18. How does frontal precipitation occur? Which parts in India receive frontal rains? How is it different from convective precipitation? Explain. (15) 

19. What are fold mountains? What are the forces responsible for their formation? Discuss the global distribution of prominent fold mountains.  (15) 

20. What are the challenges associated with India’s prevailing urbanisation pattern? Discuss. What measures would you suggest to make urbanisation more sustainable in India? (15) 


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