[MAINS FULL MOCK] GENERAL STUDIES (GS) PAPER 2- IASbaba’s TLP (Phase 2) UPSC Mains Answer Writing [31st DECEMBER,2020]

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  • December 31, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

Please find below the Full Length Mock Test – General Studies (GS) Paper 2.

This is a part of TLP 2020 (Phase 2)- UPSC Mains Answer Writing Initiative.

All the Best 🙂



There are 20 questions. All questions are compulsory.

The duration for the test is 3 hours. 

The answers must not exceed 150 words for 10 markers and 250 words for 15 markers.  

Content is more important than the number of words.



1. What are your views on the right to peaceful protest? Should it be allowed if it disrupts the daily life of citizens? Critically examine. (10)

2. What role do grass-root democracy and decentralised governance play in national integration? Examine. (10)

3. Examine the evolution of ‘secularism’ as a basic structure of the Indian constitution. (10)

4. Do you support administrative interventions by the judiciary in matters of public importance? Substantiate your views with the help of suitable arguments. (10)

5. What is lobbying? Discuss. How is it different from the activities of pressure groups? examine. (10)

6. Do you think India’s surrogacy laws strike a balance between individual liberty and human dignity? Substantiate. (10)

7. Critically evaluate the genesis and evolution of India’s economic federalism. How does it affect politics in India. (10)

8. What are India’s critical challenges as an emerging player in solar energy at the WTO forum? Explain. (10) 

9. What are the main features of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)? How does it impact India’s interests? Discuss. (10)   

10. There is an urgent need to shift focus from ‘access’ to ‘learning outcomes’ in India’s education system? Do you agree? Substantiate. (10)

11. What are views on the relevance of and role of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)? Isn’t censorship anachronistic in a mature democracy like India? Critically comment. (15)

12. What merits do you see in the proposal of holding general and state elections simultaneously? Do you support this idea? Share and substantiate your views. (15)

13. How is social media affecting institutions of governance in India? Illustrate. What are views on the same? Discuss. (15)

14. How does politics in states along India’s international borders affect India’s diplomacy? Illustrate. (15)

15. The increasing Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean region will have a debilitating effect on India’s economic and strategic interests. Comment. What are India’s plans to counter Chinese influence in the region? Discuss. (15)

16. With the help of suitable examples, illustrate the significance of infrastructure expansion in friendly countries to further India’s strategic and economic interests. (15)

17. What are special category states? What benefits do they avail? Discuss. Do you think the increasing clamour for getting the special category status by some states is genuine? Discuss. (15)

18. Do you think the recently enacted farm laws will address the vulnerability of Indian farmers? Critically examine. (15)

19. What are the key areas of convergence between India and the European Union (EU)? Why haven’t the ties between the two attained the true potential? Examine. (15) 

20. Do you think India’s foreign policy towards the troubled Middle-East has matured in the last decade? Critically comment. (15)


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