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  • January 31, 2021
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5 tips to successful life:

Let us first define what exactly success means. Success is different for each individual. In fact, success is entirely defined by an individual. The general ideas of success the world is most familiar with are very easy to understand, but defining success for your individual self is the hard part.

Unlike just financial or material success, success can include physical, mental, emotional and existential dimensions. Success can be as broad and as narrow as you would like to define it. Irrespective of what success means to you, there are a few tips that can help you get there.

Here are a few:

a) Understanding Yourself: There is no meaning to success if it is achieved by totally misunderstanding yourself. In fact, it is impossible to succeed by failing to understand yourself. The first step of success is making concerted effort on a daily basis to understand yourself.

b)Understanding People: Success is not all about what you want. It is also about how people perceive that success. If success were to be entirely internal, then we can all conclude that we are successful and don’t have to worry about putting additional effort. Understanding people, their expectations, emotions and judgements are extremely important in order to succeed.

c) Understanding Life: Apart from you and the people around you, there is an independent phenomenon that is shaping your life: life itself. Putting in necessary effort to understand the fundamental nature of life, how it shapes things, how it changes things, is as important as understanding yourself in order to succeed.

d) Avoiding Shortcuts and Negative Paths: Success is always a long term approach. You can take some crooked paths and find momentary success, but lasting success is possible only by taking a long term positive approach to success. Negative strategies and tactics might yield short term benefits, but they will eventually always come to hurt you.

e) Attitude of Gratitude: At the end of the day, irrespective of what you achieve, your success is a sum effort of all the people who have helped you to achieve it. It is very easy to fall into an ego trap when you begin to taste success. Knowing that you are but a small part of a vast tapestry of life that has made things possible for you is probably the most important thing to remember about success.

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