[MAINS FULL MOCK] GENERAL STUDIES (GS) PAPER 3- IASbaba’s TLP (Phase 2) UPSC Mains Answer Writing [1st JANUARY,2021]

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  • January 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Please find below the Full Length Mock Test – General Studies (GS) Paper 3.

This is a part of TLP 2020 (Phase 2)- UPSC Mains Answer Writing Initiative.

All the Best 🙂



There are 20 questions. All questions are compulsory.

The duration for the test is 3 hours. 

The answers must not exceed 150 words for 10 markers and 250 words for 15 markers.  

Content is more important than the number of words.



1. What are the possible pitfalls of relaxing inflation target for economic growth? Examine. Should India adopt this strategy? Comment. (10)

2. What are your views on the proposal of setting up a Development Finance Institution (DFI) to meet the financing needs of the infrastructure sector? Discuss. (10)

3. Critically evaluate the idea of an urban MGNREGA for addressing the challenge of unemployment in the urban areas. (10)

4. With the help of suitable examples, discuss the role of regulators in ensuring financial stability in the economy. (10)

5. Analyse the current role and potential of livestock resources in rural power in India. (10)

6. How do advancements in space technology help in agriculture? Illustrate with the help of suitable examples in the Indian context. (10)

7. What lessons can be drawn from the Australian response to the massive bushfires that engulfed a  huge region in Australia last year? Discuss. (10)

8. What is ball tracking technology in cricket? How does it work? Explain. (10)

9. Examine the role of external non-state actors in aggravating the problem of drug abuse in India. (10)

10. Would you support the idea of a heavily regulated social media to address the security challenges posed by unbridled social media platforms? Critically comment. (10)

11. What are India’s key security challenges in the costal regions? Discuss. What are the existing institutional measures in place to address those?  Discuss. (15)

12. India’s strategic location in the Indian Ocean region gives it the leverage to play an important role in the security architecture of the global south. Elucidate. (15)

13. What are the current challenges of India’s manufacturing export sector? What measures would you suggest to boost exports from India? Discuss. (15)

14. Which sectors have been identified for the Production-Linked Incentives (PLI) scheme? Examine. What are the merits and drawbacks of the PLI scheme? Discuss. (15) 

15. Do you think lack of outreach on farm bills has caused discontent amongst farmers. If you were given the opportunity to write an op-ed article to convince the farmer community about the benefits of the new farm laws, what would you write? (15)

16. India’s fast-growing telecom and digital space have the potential to ensure a strong rebound of the economy. Do you agree? Substantiate your views. (15)

17. How far can labour jurisprudence be held accountable for India’s precarious unemployment scenario? Comment. What progressive measures have been taken to address the situation in recent years? Discuss. (15)

18. What are India’s key agro-ecological regions? Discuss. What is the basis of this classification? Are current cropping patterns in sync with it? Examine. (15)

19. Examine the severity of economic frauds in India? What are their consequences? Illustrate. (15) 

20. What are the key problems faced by India’s credit market? How did it get aggravated during COVID-19? Explain. (15)


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