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  • February 7, 2021
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Dealing with Negativity:

By the very nature of how our minds function, it is a lot easier to get into a negative state of mind, as opposed to a positive one. There are so many more ways of experiencing negativity, when compared to experiencing something positive. Unless we are making a conscious effort to stay positive, it is very easy to slip into a negative state of mind.

Mind is not only filled with lots of negative thoughts, it is also, in part, negative. A part of our mind is dedicated to negative thoughts which stem from fear; this is a useful survival mechanism of the mind. Of course, fear is a useful thing, without it, it would be hard to survive. But how much of fear is good is a question one has to seriously consider.

Since a part of the mind always operates out of fear, it has a tendency to color even good, positive experiences with a negative shade. This quality of the mind is often referred to as pessimism. Pessimism is not just about being negative – it is about seeing things negatively even when it doesn’t call for it.

One of the biggest fall outs of constantly engaging in negative thoughts is becoming pessimistic. Looking at life as an insurmountable obstacle is a natural consequence of entertaining negative thoughts. The easiest way to deal with negativity is by being conscious of your thoughts.

Everything we experience happens through our thoughts. If we can watch the doorway to our thoughts, we can deal with negativity easily. More often than not, by not paying close attention to our thoughts, we give in to negative habits and behavior. Observing thoughts regularly is one of the best ways to cultivate positivity. This habit is called mindfulness.

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