IASbaba’s 60 Day Plan – IAS Prelims Test Series 2021 – SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, CURRENT AFFAIRS & CSAT [Day 23]

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  • April 16, 2021
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IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan
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Hello Friends, 



NOTE: IASbaba’s 60 DAY questions will be posted around 10 AM. The solution will be released around 6 PM Daily. 

Let us pledge to make it a big game-changer (better than last year) in the next 60 days!

Note- Download the OMR Sheet and attempt the questions exactly like UPSC Prelims. After you are done, please post your OMR in the comment section. Once the solution key is released (around 6 PM), cross-check the answers and, comment the marks (you scored) in the same comment thread. This will keep you accountable, responsible and sincere in days to come. 

You can also take part in the discussion with peers.  

S&T [DAY 23] 

Q.1) It is a method of inquiry in artificial intelligence for determining whether a computer is capable of thinking like a human being or not. Which method is being referred here?

  1. Ebert Test
  2. ELIZA
  3. Feigenbaum test
  4. Turing Test

Q.2) With reference to Nanomicelles, consider the following statements:

  1. It can be used for cancer treatments.
  2. They are not stable at room temperature, so scientists keep them in specially designed tubes.
  3. Nanomicelles are less than 100 nm in size.

Which of the above statements are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.3) Which of the following statement defines Grey goo?

  1. Toxic by-product resulting from the synthesis of graphene.
  2. A hypothetical substance composed of out-of-control self-replicating nanobots that consumes all living matter on Earth.
  3. A Hypothetical structure that encloses a large urban area under a single roof.
  4. A one atom thick sheet of carbon.

Q.4) Which of the following country had granted citizenship to a Robot for the first time in world?

  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. UAE
  4. Saudi Arabia

Q.5) Consider the following statements with reference to Nano materials:

  1. Nanomaterial are materials of which a single unit small sized (in at least one dimension) between 1 and 100 mm.
  2. Nanomaterial do not occur naturally, they are artificially made.

Which of the above given statements is/are correctly matched?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.6) Consider the following statements about Xenobots?

  1. They are living Robots developed by stem cells of Frog.
  2. Xenobots can move toward a target and can heal themselves after being cut

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.7) Consider the following statements with reference to All India Council for Robotics and Automation:

  1. It is autonomous body under Ministry of Science and Technology.
  2. It sets up standards in Robotics and Automation and education industry in India.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.8) Consider the following pairs:

Robot                                      :           Country

  1. FEDOR             :           France
  2. KIROBO             :           Japan
  3. ROBONAUT 2 :           USA

Which of the above given pairs is/are correctly matched?

  1. 1 only
  2. 1 and 2 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.9) Consider the following statements with reference to NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission:

  1. It was launched in December 2020.
  2. It recently made the first high resolution measurement of an interplanetary shock.
  3. It has set Guinness record for highest altitude fix of a GPS signal.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.10) Consider the following statements about Global partnership on Artificial intelligence (GAPI)

  1. It was founded under the auspices of UN and aims to promote responsible and human centric development of AI.
  2. India is among its founding member.

Which of the above given statements is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.11) What are the potential health effects of nanomaterials?

  1. They can lead to genetic damage.
  2. They may lead to lung inflammation.
  3. They cannot cause brain disease.

Select the correct code

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.12) Which of the following statements about graphene is/are correct?

  1. Graphene is the name for a honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms.
  2. Graphene consists entirely of carbon atoms.
  3. It is harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber.

Select the correct answer using the code below:

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.13) Which of the following are features of Indian humanoid robot, Vyommitra?

  1. It is half humanoid robot which will be sent into space as part of the Gaganyaan programme.
  2. It has been developed by DRDO.
  3. It is programmed to speak Hindi and English and perform multiple tasks.

Select the correct code:

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.14) Which of the following disadvantages are associated with reference to use of nanomaterials?

  1. There are still knowledge gaps regarding nanomaterials.
  2. They can pollute water bodies.
  3. Possible health risks are ingestion exposure and dust explosion hazards.

Select the correct code

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.15) Consider the following statements with reference to National Artificial Intelligence Portal

  1. It has been jointly developed by Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with NASSCOM.
  2. The portal shall work as a one stop digital platform for AI related developments in India

Select the incorrect statements:

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both
  4. None

Q.16) Consider the following statements with reference to application of Nanotechnology

  1. The Nano CO2 Harvester can capture more CO2 than usual and is more efficient fuel converter.
  2. Nanoparticle of silver embedded into fibers have antimicrobial action.
  3. Nano enhanced paints can increase emission of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in atmosphere.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 1 and 3 only
  3. 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Q.17) National strategy for Artificial Intelligence has been released by

  1. Niti Aayog
  2. Department of Science and Technology
  3. FICCI

Q.18) The World’s first artificial Human NEON has been created by

  1. Google
  2. Hanson Robotics
  3. Samsung
  4. Honda

Q.19) Feynman’s prophecy is associated with which of the following:

  1. Robotics
  2. Programmable matter
  3. Artificial intelligence
  4. Nanotechnology

Q.20) With reference to Carbon Nanotubes, consider the following statements?

  1. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are cylindrical molecules that consist of rolled-up sheets of single-layer carbon atoms (graphene).
  2. They have very high current densities with no heat loss.
  3. They have wide application ranging from paints and textiles to medical diagnostic tools.

Select the incorrect code:

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 3 only
  4. None

Q.21) Which of the following fuel production is promoted under the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative?

  1. Methanol
  2. Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas
  3. Compressed Bio-Gas
  4. Biodiesel

Q.22) Which of the following labour code for the first time in Indian law attempted to define ‘platform work’ outside of the traditional employment category?

  1. Code on Wages.
  2. Industrial Relations Code.
  3. Social Security Code.
  4. Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code.

Q.23) Consider the following pairs:

Folk Arts State
1.     Bhavai Gujarat
2.     Naman – Khele Rajasthan
3.     Therukoothu Kerala

Which of the pairs given above are correctly matched?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 1 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 1 and 3 only

Q.24) Which of the following countries are members of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)?

  1. Mexico
  2. China
  3. Indonesia
  4. Ecuador
  5. India

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

  1. 1, 2 and 3 only
  2. 2, 4 and 5 only
  3. 1, 2, 3 and 4 only
  4. 1, 2, 3 and 5 only

Q.25) Recently the places Antaragange Betta, Aadi Narayana Swamy Betta and Mahima Ranga Betta are declared as

  1. Deemed forest areas
  2. Conservation Reserves
  3. Wildlife Sanctuaries
  4. Biodiversity Heritage sites

Q.26) The ‘Garima Greh’ is a shelter home for which of the following?

  1. Women victims of difficult circumstances
  2. Manual scavengers
  3. Abandoned senior citizens
  4. Transgender persons

Q.27) The MQ9B Sea Guardian unarmed drones which are recently inducted by the Indian Navy are procured from which of the following country?

  1. USA
  2. Israel
  3. Russia
  4. France

Q.28) With respect to One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, which of the following statements is/are NOT correct?

  1. It is a collaborative effort of the World Health Organization (WHO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  2. It was created in response to a recommendation from the Interagency Coordination Group on AMR (IACG).

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.29) The only Cherry Blossoms festival in India is hosted by which of the following Capital city?

  1. Kohima
  2. Shillong
  3. Gangtok
  4. Imphal

Q.30) With reference to World Wide Radio Navigation System (WWRNS), consider the following statements:

  1. Its components are recognised by the International Navigation Association.
  2. Recently India has become only third country in the world to have its Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) recognised as a part of the WWRNS.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.31) A mango and orange costs Rs 200 and Rs 100 respectively. The price of mango and orange is increased by 20% and 25% respectively. If a person wants to buy 10 mangoes and 5 oranges, then what should be the percentage change in the total amount spent by him after an increase in the price?

  1. 20%
  2. 21%
  3. 18%
  4. 15%

Q.32) 8% of the people eligible to vote are between 18 and 21. In an election 85% of those eligible to vote who were between 18 and 21 actually voted. In that election, people between 18 and 21 who actually voted were what percent of those people eligible to vote?

  1. 4.2%
  2. 6.4%
  3. 6.8%
  4. 8.6%

Q.33) In a competitive exam there were 5 different sections. 10% of the total number of students cleared the cut off in all the sections and 5% cleared none of the sections. From the remaining candidates, 30% cleared only section 1, 20% cleared only section 2, 10% cleared only section 3 and the remaining 1,020 candidates cleared only section 4. How many students appeared in the competitive exam?

  1. 2,550
  2. 3,000
  3. 3,200
  4. 3,800

Read the following 2 (two) passages and answer the questions that follow each passage. Your answer to these questions should be based on passage only.

Passage 1

Aspiration is nothing new. Neither is the debate over what the Indian middle class is, what it wants and what it buys. Since the mid-80s, that has been the focus of the economic policy papers so-called pro- and anti-poor budgets and marketing strategies that have successfully broken the barrier of urban selling and reached deeper into rural India with increasing income levels and aspirations.

Q.34) Based on the above passage, it can be inferred that

  1. the Indian middle class has been the focus of economic policies for a long time
  2. the Indian middle class has graduated from being the ‘deprived’ middle class to the ‘pampered’ middle class
  3. Both a and b
  4. Neither a nor b

Passage 2

Developed countries have made adequate provisions for social security for senior citizens. State insurers (as well as private ones) offer Medicare and pension benefits to people who can no longer earn. In India, with the collapse of the joint family system, the traditional shelter of the elderly has disappeared. And a State faced with a financial crunch is not in a position to provide social security. So, the working population should give serious thought to building a financial base for itself.

Q.35) Which one of the following if it were to happen, weakens the conclusion drawn in the above passage the most?

  1. The investable income of the working population, as a proportion of its total income, will grow in the future
  2. The insurance sector is underdeveloped and trends indicate that it will be extensively privatized in the future
  3. India is on a path of development that will take it to a developed country status, with all its positive and negative implications
  4. If the working population builds a stronger financial base, there will be a revival of the joint family system

NOTE- Follow this for Comments

  1. Mention- Time Taken after solving the Test

  2. After the release of Solution, Edit your Comment to Mention-  Correct/Incorrect and Score

  3. 2 Marks for Correct/0.66 minus for Incorrect.

What IMPACT can the ‘60 Day’ have on the final results? We will explain by taking a small example. Imagine you are sitting in the examination hall, appearing in Prelims Paper I. You have attempted 70 questions already but still unsure about a few. Then you stumble upon a question that was asked in 60 Day (and believe us, it has happened to hundreds of students countless times). You choose the right answer and submit your paper hoping for the best! Eventually, you go on to clear Mains as well as Personality Test and secure a good rank as well. When the cut off gets announced by UPSC, you realize that you have scored just one mark more than the cut off! Yes, that one mark can change your life (and it has done so to many of our students in the past). Now, imagine the kind of impact 60 to 80 marks can have! Isn’t that so fascinating to imagine?  

One’s level of preparedness is always different for different subjects. Even within a subject, one’s comfort level may vary with topics. For example, one might be more comfortable in solving questions of Polity than Economics and within Polity also, one might be at ease with questions on fundamental rights than Parliament. The level of comfort and ease that one has with a subject/ topic gets manifested in the examination. However, there is no conscious effort by aspirants to micro analyze these aspects. Now, coming to the second aspect i.e. the mistakes that one commits in answering MCQs, it can be said that there are mainly four reasons behind incorrect responses in the OMR sheet. They are:

  1. Lack of information
  2. Lack of analytical ability
  3. Silly mistakes
  4. Excessive risk-taking

Let’s analyze them one by one:

  1. Lack of information: You simply don’t know the information. You are clueless and that’s why you don’t attempt the question. For example, you may have never come across a regime called the ‘Wassenaar Agreement’ during your preparation and you can’t do much about it. The lack of information is pardonable and rectifiable. You can read more and gather more information. That is within your reach.
  2. Lack of analytical ability: You know the concept but the question is a twisted one and you are not able to apply the concept. For example, in a question asking you to identify the climate type of a region based on certain given parameters like precipitation, temperature, and air density, you might find it difficult to mark the correct option even if you are aware of all the options given in the question! That is clearly a lack of application and you can overcome it by developing a habit of framing questions in your mind while you study any topic.
  3. Silly mistakes: This habit is unpardonable. You know the concept, you become happy, you misread the question, you mark the incorrect answer and you are out of the race! Such mistakes reveal your hurriedness while answering the question. A simple mistake of reading ‘chose the incorrect option’ as ‘chose the correct option’ can destroy your chances. It means that you need to have patience and focus while attempting the paper.
  4. Excessive risk-taking: You are confused between the options and just in order to increase your attempts, you make wild guesses and try your luck only to repent eventually. Risk-taking is an art and one must be very careful while doing the guesswork in confusing questions. If you are not lucky enough, it can spoil your chances.

You will realize that these problems will have different meanings for different people. For example, one might find a lack of information as the main culprit in answering wrong the questions on Culture while in Polity, lack of analytical ability is usually the culprit. The point here is that you must analyse your preparation on these yardsticks by applying them on different subjects/ topics. If one is having a headache, he/ she can’t have the same medicine for fever. Isn’t it.

This is where our revamped ’60 Day’ comes into the picture. It will give you an opportunity to micro analyze your preparation and perform better in the examination.

Finally, it is up to you to take advantage of this framework. We are sure of only one thing- if you follow this program, assess yourself on the basis of the given framework and keep improving your weaker areas, success will be yours.

We are providing you with the right platform, the right guidance, and the right competition. Do you have the right motivation to make full use of this initiative? We think you have. Come, be a part of this initiative and take the first step towards SUCCESS!

Importance of self – tracking:

We could have provided all of you with login id and passwords to monitor your daily performance in the 60-day program.

Instead, a simple and most beautiful way which Disqus provides is profile based commenting!

Yes, we have seen the most successful candidates who have taken the maximum benefit from this program monitoring themselves by commenting on their answers in the box given (Disqus comment). And reviewing their performance themselves once in 10 days on the progress meter.


SOLUTION- Download Here



  • Ranks and Cut off will be calculated for the entries in the given form only. Cut Off will be released around 10PM and Rank List will be announced soon.
  • Top 10 performers will be selected by finding the average ranks of entire 60 Days Programme and they would get FREE GUIDANCE and MENTORSHIP from IASbaba’s Core Team.


Congratulations to all

1 Taranpreet kaur 60
2 Shubam Singhla 56
3 CSK 54
4 Sankar S 52
4 shilpa 52
5 Vinay 51.34
6 Tarunkumar M N 48
7 Praveen 46
7 Montey 46
8 Rakshitha 45
9 Mansi 44.7
10 Santosh Kumar 44
11 Sadhana 43.36
12 Shivu 42.67
13 Naveen 42
14 Mani 41
15 Sarath Narayanan 40.66
16 Sherlock 40
17 Swati Jindal 39.66
18 Rajesh Naidu 38
19 shubham varma 36.04
19 priyanka meena 36.04
19 rani singh 36.02
20 Preeti Sinha 35.98
21 Himani 35.33
22 Roja S Rajan 34.67
23 ayaan pathan 34.1
24 kanika 33.4
24 Sravan 33.38
24 Prashant Kumar 33.34
24 s.mishra 33.33
25 Reshma 30
25 Shambhu dayal meena 30


All the Best!




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