[MOST AWAITED] FREE Initiative – Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series – Integrated (Prelims + Mains) Revision Roadmap for the next 120 Days for UPSC 2021!

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  • May 24, 2021
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Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series

Dear Students,

At IASbaba, we have always intended to do our best in helping the aspirants sail through the preparation journey with confidence and self belief. Since the outset, we have strived to make UPSC preparation equitable and accessible, a vision that resonates with our institutional motto. We understand that in a capitalist world, selfless service to the community raises many questions and doubts. However, it is not rare for few true spirited individuals to strive selflessly for a greater cause and mission.

We started our mission 6 years back that was fuelled by our own life experiences and thousands of interactions with students coming from diverse backgrounds. In this entire process, we have learnt one thing by heart – if you strive to do good with an open heart, good things will happen to you.

Each day, we try to give concrete shape to the values that we adhere to. At present, when the global pandemic has created a cloud of gloom and hopelessness, we are trying our best to spread some light and hope. As part of our ongoing efforts, we present to you – Rapid Revision Series (or RaRe Series), an integrated revision programme for Prelims and Mains UPSC 2021.

As you are aware, UPSC has extended its exam cycle by almost 5 months, you need to recalibrate your preparation strategy and make full use of the additional time given to you. While changing your plans midway can be difficult, it is a necessity now. You need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed. IASbaba is there to help you in the best way possible.

The RaRe series is meant to be a game-changer for your UPSC journey, taking your preparation to the next level. It is designed to make you work hard for 120 days with an intensive micro-plan and fill in the gaps in your preparation by adding value to your current knowledge base.

Last year, RaRe Series (RRS) was just a video series, but this year we have come up with bigger surprises and have made the program more inclusive. The improvised version has 10 Features which will act as 10 stepping stones towards your success in this exam.

Highlights/Features of Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series: 

It is a FREE initiative!

Program Duration120 Days (31st May, 2021 to 27th September, 2021).

1. Dedicated Portal for Focused Preparation

  • There will be a separate dedicated portal to help you stay focused and keep your preparation streamlined for the next 120 Days. The Registration link for the dedicated portal is given at the end of the post.

2. 120 Days Integrated (Prelims + Mains) Time Table

  • This year’s RaRe Series will include Integrated Revision Plan (IRP) where we will be syncing your mains and prelims syllabus together over next 120 Days.
  • The Revision Plan is designed by integrating IASbaba’s famous flagship initiatives – 60 Day Plan and TLP Mains Answer Writing.

3. Daily RaRe Series (RRS) Videos on High Probable Topics (Monday – Friday)

  • In video discussions, special focus is given to topics which have high probability to appear in UPSC Prelims Question Paper.
  • Each session will be of 20 mins to 30 mins, which would cover rapid revision of 10 high probable topics (both static and current affairs) important for Prelims Exam this year according to the schedule.

4. Daily Prelims MCQs from Static (Monday – Friday)

  • Daily Static Quiz will cover all the topics of static subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economics, Environment and Science and technology.
  • 10 questions will be posted daily and these questions are framed from the topics mentioned in the schedule and in the RaRe videos.
  • It will ensure timely and streamlined revision of your static subjects.
  • Note: Should be integrated with the 60 Days Plan 2021. This will expose you to diverse questions from the same topics.

5. Daily Current Affairs MCQs (Monday – Saturday)

  • Daily 5 Current Affairs questions, based on sources like ‘The Hindu’, ‘Indian Express’ and ‘PIB’, would be published from Monday to Saturday.
  • Note: Current Affairs questions covered in the 60 Days Plan and Daily Quiz Monthly Compilations should be covered retrospectively.

6. Daily CSAT Quiz (Monday – Friday)

  • CSAT has been an achilles heel for many aspirants.
  • Daily 5 CSAT Questions will be published.

7. Daily Mains Answer Writing (Monday – Friday)

  • GS Mains will be covered along with Prelims in an integrated manner.
  • Daily three Mains questions will be covered syllabus-wise according to the topics mentioned in the schedule.
  • In total, it covers 250+ Mains Questions along with synopsis.

8. Brainstorming on Ethics & Essay (BEE) (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Each week, Sunil Oberoi Sir (Retd. IAS) will take 3 sessions, two for Essay and one for Ethics.
  • The two sessions earmarked for Essay will have a topic-based discussion where he will discuss the approach to write issue-based and philosophical essays.
  • The topics will be picked from previous year question papers of UPSC and TLP initiative of IASbaba.

9. Full Mocks

  • 3 GS Paper 1 Full Mocks will be provided along the lines of UPSC Prelims.
  • 3 CSAT Paper 2 Full Mocks will be provided so that you are not overwhelmed during the D-Day.

10. Rapid Revision (RaRe) Notes

  • Right material plays important role in clearing the exam and Rapid Revision (RaRe) Notes will have Prelims specific subject-wise refined notes.
  • The main objective is to help students revise most important topics and that too within a very short limited time frame.

Just imagine, if you can channelize all your energies in the right direction for the next 4 months and follow this plan sincerely every day without fail. For the next 120 days, you will be solving –

  • 700 High Probable Topics for Prelims – Video Discussion
  • 2500+ Prelims MCQs (Integrated with 60 days Plan)
  • 250+ Mains Questions
  • Current Affairs Quiz Compilations – Jan 2020 – August 2021 (1.5 Years)
  • 600 CSAT Questions
  • 3 Full Mocks Each (GS + CSAT)

We understand that the schedule is hectic and the effort expected from you is very high. However, please understand that the opportunities don’t always come announced. While many believe that the delays in examination breaks their tempo of preparation, we believe that you must take these delays as opportunities to give more strength to your preparation.

We have done all the hard work in preparing the plan, making videos, framing questions, and preparing synopsis. Now it is up to you how you make full use of this wonderful opportunity.

The video series is Free, but we are charging a token amount of 10 Rs for registration to the dedicated portal. We are doing it, because we want to create a community of sincere aspirants who are focused and motivated for the next 4-5 months. Please don’t take it otherwise. It is our honest effort to give you the best and at the same time expect students to come with the same energy and dedication to the dedicated platform specially designed for YOU!

If you are a sincere candidate, ready to invest the next 120 days to this programme and willing to go the extra mile in terms of effort and dedication, there is no doubt that you are going to taste success.

Are you ready? We would like to believe so.
If you are up for the challenge, comment below with #revisewithbaba or #rarebaba
Let us start, NOW! 


(P.S: If you have issues regarding to login/registering to the program, please mail us on ilp@iasbaba.com)


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