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  • June 13, 2021
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Beyond Happiness:

If happiness is not the highest objective, then what is man searching for? Why does someone climb Mt. Everest? What happiness is he getting from that? What happiness is there in skydiving? There is no happiness in these things. In all this, you are searching for something else.

You are searching for some kind of certainty; a moment of bliss that is beyond all pain and pleasure. This is why there is so much addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol. These things don’t induce happiness in you. They induce only a momentary sense of bliss, which you are craving.

What is this bliss? What is this internal certainty? Whether you accept it or not, what you are searching for in everything, is bliss. Bliss is a moment of absolute freedom. It is a moment when you are beyond all the limitations of your mind and body. It is a moment when you are truly yourself. But, you don’t know how to get to this bliss directly.

Sex, alcohol and drugs are just a few indirect ways of experiencing momentary bliss. A direct path to lasting bliss is meditation. In everything, you are searching for yourself. Your entire life is one long journey into self-discovery.

Happiness is a tiny momentary experience in this long journey of self-discovery. The purpose and objective of everything is you. What you are searching for, in all your interactions with life, is the meaning of the mystery called you. You are the biggest mystery, which is why there is so much uncertainty in living.

Moments of unhappiness are manageable, but moments of not knowing are difficult. Throughout your life, you have lived in a prison of not knowing. You don’t know who you are, and that is why you are constantly in search of yourself. Bliss is the only moment when you are truly yourself. In all other moments, you are just a prisoner of your mind and body.

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