[NEW INITIATIVE] AWARE (Answer Writing Redefined)- 7 Steps to Master the Art of Answer Writing for UPSC MAINS by Mohan Sir (Founder, IASbaba)

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  • June 4, 2021
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For AWARE ( Answer Writing REdefined) VIDEO Series  -> CLICK HERE

Dear Students,

There is a framework taught in management course, called the 80:20 rule. It says that 20% of your efforts lead to 80% of the results. This framework is used primarily to get one’s priorities right. When you on a mission, the final success will depend on a lot of factors. However, if you analyse the entire journey, you will realise that there are certain areas that require special attention to ensure your success. This framework fits perfectly in the domain of civil services preparation also.

There are many areas that determine your final success in the civil services examination. However, when it comes to the most vital factor, it is undoubtedly your answer writing skills. Your problem-solving abilities, reasoning skills, personality and communication all matter but you can’t achieve final success unless you have reasonably good answer writing skills. Now, think of the amount of time that you devote to answer writing each day or each week. For most you, the time allocated to practicing answer writing won’t be more than 5-6 hours a week. On an average, you are spending less than 10% of your efforts and time on mastering this skill. This is unacceptable. Remember the 80:20 framework. In our case, if you don’t at least 20% of your study hours and efforts to answer writing, you are seriously diluting 80% of your chance of having your name in the final list. Can you afford it? We don’t think so.

So to help you hone your answer writing skills, give you the right strategy and guidance, here we come up with this new initiative-

AWARE (Answer Writing REdefined) Series – 7 Steps to Master Answer Writing!

  1. 10 Myths about Answer Writing
  2. How to begin/start/approach Answer Writing?
  3. How to Structure an Answer?
  4. Importance of Presentation
  5. Different strategy for different paper – GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4? Value Additions in each paper
  6. Time Management
  7. How to write a good answer? Importance of Thought-Process & Test Series in one’s Success!

These 7 Steps to Master the Art of Answer Writing taken by Mohan Sir (Founder IASababa) will help you in knowing everything you need to know about answer writing.

Here, is the first video –

In this Video, 10 MYTHS about Answer Writing is discussed.

Important Timelines in the video:

  • 03:12 – Start Answer Writing Answers from Day 1? (Or) Start writing answers only after you finish the complete syllabus
  • 07:55 – Should not write anything against the government, if done I will be penalised
  • 09:16 – Writing in pointwise is better than writing in Paragraphs
  • 11:39 – Always try to give a balanced answer
  • 13:42 – Word Limit does not matter in Answer Writing
  • 15:07 – Vocabulary matters – Good Vocabulary or Flowery language is the key to impress the examiner 17:30 – Using Diagrams/Flowcharts in all Answers (OR) too many facts/data will help you in fetching more marks
  • 20:16 – 15 Best Answers is better than 20 Good Enough Answers
  • 22:19 – Writing More number of Tests or Joining a Test Series in enough to clear mains (OR) Reading from more Sources will help in writing better answers – Quality vs Quantity ?
  • 25:15– Copying the Toppers answers & taking the feedback from multiple mentors is the best strategy to crack Mains

In the coming days, the next set of videos will be published. Stay tuned!

For AWARE ( Answer Writing REdefined) VIDEO Series  -> CLICK HERE


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