TLP CONNECT 2021 (Prelims + Mains+ Interview) INTEGRATED Mentorship Based Programme and TLP PLUS(+) 2021 MAINS Mentorship Based Programme (OFFLINE and ONLINE)- ADMISSIONS OPEN!

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Hello Friends,  

To have an outstanding performance at any competitive event, one needs to stand out from the crowd. To stand out, one needs to achieve some degree of excellence. To achieve that degree of excellence, one requires right guidance throughout the journey on a consistent basis. A few sparks of excellence can’t sustain the light of outstanding capabilities.

But why are we telling this to you? Are civil services such a big deal? Do you really need to have capabilities par excellence to crack this examination?

The answer for all these questions is simple and straight – YES. With each passing year, UPSC is reducing the number of seats. However, the candidates appearing in the civil services examination is steadily growing. The end result is the cut-throat competition. Above-average is never adequate for this examination process. Candidates are working their hearts out to make their names appear in the coveted list. But is that the solution? Can hard work alone lead to success in this examination? Well, without undermining the significance of hard work, we want to convey a simple message – in the age of social media and internet revolution, you have to be SMART. Smartness should be understood as a way of life. It can also be understood as one’s ability to think and act out of the box, achieve goals faster and reduce one’s cost to benefit ratio.

We at IASbaba have always believed in the philosophy of smartness. From Day 1, we have come out with initiatives that are smart, efficient and outcome – oriented. This belief has earned us lakhs of followers and their faith and love. The same faith and love have motivated us to come with better planning, better initiatives and more focused strategies to let us help you write your own success story.

You are all aware of the quality of TLP which in many ways has become one of our identity brands. The quality of questions, synopsis and feedback in TLP and TLP Plus has been praised by a number of toppers. Rank 1, Rank 4 and many other successful candidates of last year (2018-19) have strongly recommended TLP for answer writing practice.

“Answer writing is an art which cannot be mastered in one day. It is similar to any other art form, you might be gifted, but until and unless you learn and practice and practice more to achieve that refinement in your art, you can’t master it. You may think that it is easy to play a cover drive like Dravid while watching him on TV, but it is a totally different ball game when you yourself are standing on a pitch and facing a ball from Brett Lee. The need of practice cannot be emphasised more.”

Hitting the bull’s eye year after year: IASbaba’s journey so far

In the last four years, TLP has been bang on target with a hit ratio of more than 82%, a figure remarkably high keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of UPSC. With a knack of getting it right, TLP has become a reliable name:

AIR - 1 Kanashik Kataria's Words About The Programme

In UPSC 2019, 150+ (from ILP and TLP ONLY) students from IASbaba got an Interview call. It’s a Proud moment!  All Credit goes to the efforts of our students put in the right direction! 

100+ Ranks UPSC CSE 2019 Topper’s from IASbaba – 5 in Top 20 Ranks makes it even more Special! -> CLICK HERE

Going by the success of last year, we are re-launching both the versions of Think Learn Perform (TLP) Programme.

  • TLP PLUS (+) 2021 (Available in BOTH OFFLINE and ONLINE)
  • TLP CONNECT 2021 (Available in BOTH OFFLINE and ONLINE)


Last Date to Register 9th October, 2020

Like other initiatives of IASbaba, a scholarship test to select Super 50 will be conducted. The top 25 students will be given 100% fee waiver and the next 25 students will be given 50% discount.

Details of Super 50 Test:

  • All the students will be eligible for the test. No pre-conditionsFREE Registration !! (Please find the registration link below)
  • An ESSAY and ETHICS TEST will be conducted on 10th October, 2020.
  • Test will consist of 2 Case Studies (Ethics)- 40 Marks and an Essay – 120 Marks. Total 160 Marks. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Interested aspirants, kindly fill the above form. Selected candidates will be intimated through email. Please do not call us or mail us.
  • Discretion lies with IASBaba on admission to this program.

Please Note that, All the students who have enrolled/paid for the TLP Plus / TLP Connect 2021 course will also be eligible for the scholarship test. If you qualify, complete fee amount will be refunded!!


Students of BOTH the programs – TLP Connect & TLP+ 2021, who will be clearing UPSC Prelims 2020:

  • TLP Phase 2 (3 months Mentorship Based Mains Test Series) – FREE!
  • Post Mains Result, Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) will be given FREE (both for Online and Offline students)!!

Please Note: This 2nd Phase and 3rd Phase of the Programme will be Free, only if you are a part of TLP Connect/Plus 2021 and have cleared UPSC Prelims 2021.

One-Stop Destination for All your Current Affairs needs covering both Prelims & Mains.

Please Note: This is ONLY for students who have enrolled for TLP CONNECT


Now, let us give you a brief idea on what is the difference between TLP Connect and TLP+

Please Note: Both TLP Connect and TLP+ Programs are available OFFLINE & ONLINE. But given the present conditions you can take the programme ONLINE and when conditions are back to normal you can change to OFFLINE Mode.


    1. INTEGRATED PROGRAMME Covering Prelims, Mains, Interview.
    2. One-One MENTORSHIP and top notch feedback.
    3. It is an INCENTIVE-BASED PROGRAMME, which runs in 3 phases. Total Duration 15 Months (1 Year 3 months) (Check the details below)
    4. BABAPEDIA – One-Stop Destination of Current Affairs Preparation
      • MAINSPEDIA (MAINS DATAHUB) – (GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 & Essay)
      • PRELIMSPEDIA – Prelims Current Affairs

      • 24 SECTIONAL TESTS(GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4)
      • 8 ESSAY TESTS
    7. A few highly specialised sessions under the SERIES OF INTERACTIVE LECTURES (SOIL) to help you grow your analytical ability in areas like Essay and General Strategy, Ethics, International Relations, Internal Security among others will be taken by People in Services and Toppers on Pro-bono basis.
      • 43 GS (Paper -1) PRELIMS TESTS
      • 10 CSAT (Paper -2) PRELIMS TESTS
    10. Available both OFFLINE (Bangalore, Delhi (Depending on lockdown situation)) and ONLINE Mode
    11. PRACTICAL PLANNING maintaining quantity and quality.
    12. TESTS are FLEXIBLE

Price:  Rs.30,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.35,400/-

TLP PLUS (+) 2021

    2. One-One MENTORSHIP and top notch feedback.
    3. It is an INCENTIVE-BASED PROGRAMME. (Check the details below)

      • 24 SECTIONAL TESTS(GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4)
      • 8 ESSAY TESTS
    6. A few highly specialised sessions under the SERIES OF INTERACTIVE LECTURES (SOIL) to help you grow your analytical ability in areas like Essay and General Strategy, Ethics, International Relations, Internal Security among others will be taken by People in Services and Toppers on Pro-bono basis.
    7. Available both OFFLINE (Bangalore, Delhi (Depending on lockdown situation)) and ONLINE Mode
    8. PRACTICAL PLANNING maintaining quantity and quality.
    9. TESTS are FLEXIBLE.

Price:  Rs.22,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.25,960/-





  1. CONNECT WITH IASBABA (TLP – Connect):Prelims + Mains + Interview Mentorship Based Programme. Available both OFFLINE and ONLINE Mode. The Programme will be conducted BOTH at Delhi and Bengaluru Centers. 
  2. MENTORSHIP BASED PROGRAMME, AVAILABLE FOR BOTH ONLINE (ON-CALL) AND OFFLINE the most important component of the initiative. A highly trained & dedicated mentor shall be assigned to all the candidates registering for this programme. The mentors would be constantly guiding the aspirants, giving them feedback on their performance in the tests, clarifying their doubts, giving tips to improve the quality and structuring of answers and supplying the regular dose of motivation. This is for both Online and Offline. 
  3. DURATION: It is an INCENTIVE-BASED PROGRAMME, which runs in 3 phases. In Total 15 Months (1 Year 3 months) Programme.

Phase 1: October 2020 – June 2021 [9 Months] – Common to all students.

Phase 2: July 2021 – September 2021 [3 Months] – If you are clearing UPSC PRELIMS 2021, then 2nd Phase will be completely FREE!!

Phase 3Post Mains Results – Interview Mentorship Programme (IMP) -if you are clearing UPSC MAINS 2021, then 3rd Phase will be completely FREE!!

The programme starts on 17th October (Saturday) with Prelims Test followed by Mains Test on 18th October (Sunday).


We understand that covering current affairs is going to be a real challenge for many aspirants. Given the huge sources to refer to, n’ number of materials flooded in the market, most of the times students are confused about which sources to refer to? what to read? what not to read? to what depth to read?

Here comes Babapedia to your rescue. Babapedia is divided into Prelimspedia and Mainspedia for both your prelims and mains preparation. It is one of its kind compendium of current affairs.

Prelimspedia gets updated on a daily basis. You will never be required to do the drudgery of note making for current affairs. The only thing required of you is to log into your ILP account every morning and go through the precise and crisp current affairs notes updated daily on Babapedia! Isn’t that awesome?

Mainspedia (Mains Datahub) – One of its kind platform (another Unique feature of ILP) for Mains Answer Writing Skills; best data organisation and usage for examination. This is updated on a weekly basis. It is arranged and organized into various subtopics for all the contemporary aspects related to Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4. Under each topic, various subsections will be created and it will be updated regularly for you to have the best material/data at one place. You can keep making your own notes taking inputs from the data updated in Mainspedia on a regular basis. Mainspedia will have inputs from all possible contemporary issues and from all possible resources like Newspapers (The Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times), PIB, PRS, RSTV, and important Government Websites. Refer to the sample document section above.

Please Note: You will get unlimited access to Current Affairs content since the year 2016-2020. Babapedia is categorized Day-wise, Month-wise and Subject-wise, to make it very user-friendly and easily accessible!

    • 24 SECTIONAL TESTS(GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4)

Each test to have UPSC standard high-quality questions with a focus to let you develop the ability to answer any question asked by UPSC in the stipulated time frame while maintaining the quality of answers. Each test shall be complemented by a high quality of synopsis for easy reference and revision.

The Standard of Questions – In the initial phase of the programme Out of 14 Questions in the 2 hour Test, 6Q will be checking your basic knowledge/conceptual understanding and 8Q will be of analytical nature where you have to link statically with dynamic.

    • Approach paper – Each test shall be preceded by an approach paper detailing the sources, focus areas, and the overall strategy to approach the subject. (Refer to Sample Documents Above)
    • Discussion– Each test will be followed by a Detailed Discussion in the Offline mode and the same will be available in the Online Mode. The post-test discussions shall be taken by the expert faculties of IASbaba. You need not worry about the coverage of the tests and guidance pertaining to relevant content and structuring of the answers. The post-test discussions followed with the synopsis would impart 360-degree preparedness. A few highly specialised sessions under the Series of Interactive Lectures (SOIL) to help you grow your analytical ability in areas like Essay and General Strategy, Ethics, International Relations, Internal Security among others will be taken by People in Services and Toppers on Pro-bono basis.
    • Synopsis – Our synopsis for each test is prepared after extensive research and discussions among the Mentors. It ensures that the best quality content in the most lucid fashion reaches you, which acts as easy reference and revision. (Refer to Sample Documents Above)
    • Evaluation and Ranking – Evaluations are done by subject experts and not by novices having 4-5 months of experience as content creators. The marking and feedback that our subject experts give are based on real experience and visible expertise. If the answer scripts are uploaded (online) or written in the IASbaba’s exam centre (offline) within 24 hours of the scheduled test time, then the copies will be evaluated before the next test date (i.e, within 4-5 days). However, if test copies are uploaded later then it will be evaluated within 8-10 working days.
    •  Evaluation, marking and ranking to be done and list to be published for both Online and Offline Combined. After the weekly test, when the evaluation is done, you can have one – one session with your mentor. These sessions are meant to personally groom your skills, polish the rough edges of your preparation, point out your areas of strength and weaknesses and make sure that with each passing test, your intellect and understanding grows.

   43 GS (Paper -1) TESTS and 10 CSAT (Paper -2) TESTS

    • IASbaba is known for its quality coverage and it is a testimony that we have been able to HIT the bull’s eye in Prelims and Mains both over the period of last 4 years. The closeness and exact repetition of Questions from our Tests needs no mention.
    • The Prelims Tests are designed carefully and with a lot of efforts to match the standards set by UPSC. Questions are graded. easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASbaba can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.
    • DETAILED SOLUTIONS will be provided after the tests. Detailed Solution Techniques to Decipher the Correct Answer (Elimination Technique). The solution document is made very exhaustive and revision friendly at the same time. The Detailed Solution itself will act as a Source of learning and Revision.
    • With increasing IMPORTANCE OF CURRENT AFFAIRS (CA) in the exam, we have a separate Current Affairs Test held every month. These Separate CA Tests will help you in quick revision and consolidation.
    • REVISION TESTS AND FULL MOCK TESTS- Tests intended to make the candidates revise the previously covered topics shall be posted on a regular basis along with detailed solutions, scores, and ranking (as per the given Plan).
    • CSAT TESTS-10 FULL MOCKS – CSAT papers are designed on the standard’s, difficulty level and pattern followed by UPSC.
    • DOUBTS RESOLUTION PAGE- We have a comment section for every question in a Test. So this gives you a scope to clear your doubts which are question-specific. All your doubts will be resolved by IASbaba’s team within 48 hours (maximum).
    • ALL INDIA RANKING – the scores and ranks will be displayed after every test, one can clearly monitor his/her progress in a continuous manner. Since our subscriber base is huge, you will not only get to know the real competition but will also bring in seriousness and discipline in your preparation
    • DETAILED ASSESSMENT of your Performance-based on Time-Analytics’ and Subject-wise Analytics’. This will help you gauge your efficiency per question (assist you in time-management) and to introspect your strength and weaknesses in a particular subject.
    • There is no fixed time to take the tests. It’s flexible! But we would advise you to strictly follow the schedule as this will bring in discipline in your preparation and you will cover the syllabus on time.

It is not just about writing too many tests but quality Tests with quality feedback, proper guidance and revision of the same that matters.

It is much more important for you to be part of this programme to avail

    • Timely Feedback before the next test, so that you improve and follow the learnings.
    • Timely and effective sessions with your Mentors to learn required skills and implement it in the very next test.
    • Post Discussions and Synopsis, you should get to learn important aspects to be utilised in the next test.
    • Most important of all, you need time to prepare and write the tests with confidence (If you write Tests after Tests, will you have time to prepare?)

If you have a practical mindset, the preparation will never be a burden on you. You should never get bogged down by the hypes created around it in terms of doing everything.  Think for a while!

It is about Quality-Practicality-Correct Guidance-Revision. Our programme gives you all of these! 

Prelims tests would be conducted on every Saturdays followed by Mains Test on Sundays. The Schedule is prepared such that your preparation has an integrated approach. For instance, if you have History Prelims Test (Art and Culture /Modern History) on Saturday, it would be followed by Mains Test on the same topics on Sunday. So that you can carry forward the same facts and apply it in Mains as per the demand of the question.


This program is for those aspirants who are very confident about cracking prelims on their own and need to focus on mains answer writing practice.



Apart from the Features mentioned above in the Offline mode, the TLP Connect- ONLINE will have a Separate platform designed for this initiative. Tests will be uploaded on this Platform on the day of the exam and you will be given a time-domain to write and upload your answer sheets.

  • Evaluated answer sheets will be uploaded back on your profile before the next scheduled test, provided you are submitting the Answer copies within 24 hoursThis will help us in timely evaluation and publication of Offline + Online Ranking and will also ensure discipline in your preparation.
  • For those who will be submitting the answer copies after 24 hours from the time of the test, you will get your answer copies within 8-10 days.
  • We shall evaluate and upload the answer copy with detailed feedback and comments/improvements on the same platform.
  • You can talk to the MENTOR weekly once if you have any doubts related to the test or having any difficulties with regard to ANSWER WRITING.
  • Though the Tests are flexible, we would advise you to stick to the schedule to ensure discipline in your preparation.
  • If you have joined All India Prelims Tests 2021, you can join TLP Plus 2021 only for Mains Mentorship.
  • If you are a veteran and do not need Prelims Tests or Guidance, you can join TLP Plus 2021 only for Mains Mentorship.


Practical Planning to accommodate both GS (Prelims, Mains) and Optional Preparation.

  • Our focus is not just on the number of tests but on their quality. A sufficient number of tests for Mains will keep you focused on completing the syllabus and also on developing a thought process which is very much essential for building concepts, linking dynamic with static part and tackling analytical nature of the exam – both in Prelims and Mains.
  • Practically speaking, after writing a Test, sufficient time is required for a mentor to evaluate his/her group of students and give you detailed feedback. From a student’s perspective, sufficient time is required to work on feedbacks given by the mentors. There is no point writing tens of tests without investing adequate time on preparation. Moreover, after each test, you need time to recuperate and freshen up before you are ready for the next one. With the quality of questions in TLP, be rest assured that you will be facing the most relevant and standard questions.
  • Our schedule is designed in such a way that the aspirants get ample time to prepare for OPTIONAL subjects and ensure balanced preparation. In a week, there will be 1 Prelims Test and 1 Mains Test, so you get enough time to not only to cover both GS and Optional but also work on the feedback given by your mentors.
  • Some test series available in the market drag the test series till June-July without providing sufficient time for prelims preparation. Out of 4-5 lakhs appearing in the preliminary stage of the exam, only 10-12 thousand will make it to next stage. Due to the increased uncertainty and unpredictability nature, the prelims exam is getting tougher and tougher. 


Why 2 hours duration in 24 Sectional Tests?

  • The beginners would find it difficult to cope up with 3 hours test schedule right from the first test itself, and would often get demotivated. Our tests will train the beginners to acquire a strong foundation and basics. For veterans, it will help them to streamline their preparationwork on their writing speed to complete the paper and maintain consistency. If you are able to complete 14Q in 2 hours, then you can easily complete 20Q in 3 hours.
  • Standard of Questions –Out of 14 Questions in the 2 hour Test, 6Q will be checking your basic knowledge/conceptual understanding and 8Q will be of analytical nature where you have to link statically with dynamic. We believe that there is a learning curve in everybody’s preparation and this is a gradual process. It comes with time, preparation and practice!! So after the first 6 cycles of 2 hours of Test (except for Essay to be 3 hours) which would cover entire GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, you will leap to the next level of comprehensive Test with 3 hours duration.
  • Special Emphasis on Ethics Case Studies and Essay Tests.  In 8 Essay Tests – 3 Tests only on Philosophical Essays, 3 Tests only on Theme Based and 2 Tests (Philosophical + Theme Based). You would be writing 2 Essays per Test=16 Essays in total of 3 hours duration.
  • Each mentor would know you and your strengths closely and customize the feedback and guidance accordingly. Just imagine the impact that a coach would have on your journey!

Please Note: separate Portal will be developed for ONLINE students and Mentorship over phone call will be made available. 


Considering the Comprehensive features, New highlights, Support and Quality of the Programme, we have kept the pricing to as minimum as possible.

Please Note: Both TLP Connect and TLP+ Programs are available OFFLINE & ONLINE. But given the present conditions you can take the programme ONLINE and when conditions are back to normal you can change to OFFLINE Mode.

Price: Rs.30,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.35,400/-

TLP PLUS (+) 2021

Price: Rs.22,000 + 18 % (GST) = Rs.25,960/-

PLEASE NOTE: OFFLINE PAYMENT DETAILS – Please mail us the acknowledgment at tlp@iasbaba.com if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER8418201003836


  • You will receive a Receipt/Mail with Login Details.
  • Do not worry it may take 2-3 hours time since it is automated.
  • You can always mail for any technical issue on given email ID (below)
  • You will be able to login to your TLP account ONLY when the platform is activated. The platform will be activated one week before the start of the Program. The TLP Connect Program will start on 17th October, 2020 and TLP+ from 18th October, 2020.

Go through the TLP 2021 Detailed Course Plan/Schedule Document and Topic Listing Document.

To Know More about ILP Basic, ILP+ & ILP Connect+>CLICK HERE

To Know More about IASbaba’s All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) and AIPTS+ > CLICK HERE

We are the ship and you are the sailor.  We will make sure that the ship is strongly built to sail you through all the up’s and down’s in the journey. But finally it is YOU, the sailor who has to manoeuvre and reach your destination!

So what are you waiting for? Come, join us and let us make you write your success story!

We reiterate our AIM –

“To help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”


You can reach us on

Email id: tlp@iasbaba.com

Mobile No: 63664 56458 / 88829 79568 (Please call between 10 am – 6 pm ONLY)

Office Address:

BANGALORE CENTRE: IASbaba’s TLP Centre – No. 1443/1444, 2nd Floor,  Ganapati Circle, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore 560040.

DELHI CENTRE: IASBABA, 5B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005. Landmark: Just 50m from Karol Bagh Metro Station, GATE No. 8 (Next to Croma Store)

All the Best
IASbaba Team

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