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  • IAS baba
  • August 29, 2021
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Take Control:

When we dig a little deeper, we see the reality that we have no control over our lives. It is the mental noise, the voice in our mind that is controlling us, and we have no control over what we tell ourselves. That’s the scary part! Can you consciously dream? No. Dreams happen and you acknowledge it.

Can you consciously generate a thought process and hold on to it? You can trigger a thought process, but you can never decide its course. If you think about it, it’s like you have a different range of emotions – happiness, sadness – and let’s say all these emotions have different colors in the form of different colored liquids. What you can do with your mind is simply pour that liquid into the grooves of your mind.

The mind has ridges, it has grooves which have been created over days and months and years of continuous conversation. When you pour that, the mind will decide in which direction it should take that liquid; you have no control over it. The mind will move that liquid in the veins of the mind that are already created.

The only thing you can control is the trigger; that is if you’re fully conscious, if you’re fully aware of what’s happening around you, you will be able to say, “Now this is creating anger in me. This can lead to happiness. This can lead to confusion. This thought process is leading me into uncertainty.” You can acknowledge it, but once it happens in your mind, you are a victim of its processes. Why? Because you don’t have control over your mind.

We can predict nature, we can predict the weather, how animals act, the movement of the planets, our solar system – everything to a certain degree of certainty. You cannot predict what a human being will do in the next moment, because we are totally unpredictable. We are being driven, not by some central ‘all-important force’ that knows what we want, we are actually driven by our language. We are driven by the conversation in our minds.

I’m not saying that there is no such central force; in fact, there is. The whole effort of meditation is trying to get to the central force which is responsible for positively controlling our lives; responsible for all the best of things that we are searching for. Instead, we are actually listening to the conversation in our head which has no purpose, no meaning, it is just a repetitive habit. To go beyond the noise and listen to your inner voice is the hardest and the most rewarding of things.

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