[MOST TRUSTED] TLP (Phase II)- ONLINE FREE Initiative for UPSC Mains 2021 – Daily Mains Answer Writing Programme- Starting from 18th October!

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  • October 16, 2021
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What if we told you that devoting 30 minutes to a daily ritual can transform your fate in the civil services exam? Sounds like a fabulous deal, right?

But wait. What if we also told you that it takes a lot more dedication and willpower to put aside 30 minutes for a daily ritual? It sounds really easy to carve out a small portion of your routine but in practice, it is really challenging.

Since you are really smart, you must have gotten the idea that we are talking about one of IASbaba’s most popular initiatives- the Think, Learn and Perform (TLP).

While this initiative is free of cost, it does demand your time and attention. The building block is really simple. We post 5 questions each day and expect you to write the answers in 30 minutes. 30 minutes, is what we feel, can ensure that you develop the skills to finish the real paper within time- accurately and efficiently.

The significance of answer writing can’t be overemphasized for the Mains examination. It hardly matters that you have covered everything in the syllabus or you have read hundreds of books in your civil services preparation. Without a solid backing of at least 50 hours of answer writing practice, your thoughts won’t come out easy in the real exam. You will feel friction while attempting your answers.

The cure is again those 30 minutes that we ask you to devote to TLP. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you would know that your weight lifting exercise starts from the smaller weights. You can’t lift the heavier ones without months of practice. Consider the Mains exam as that weight lifting exercise. You can’t excel unless you have a history of regular practice behind you.

You already know the features of TLP. Just to reiterate briefly, in the TLP initiative, we post 5 questions daily for a certain number of weeks (11 for this one). We follow a micro plan that is designed to give you daily targets. The questions are from the day’s syllabus and also from current affairs and you are expected to write the answers and post them on the portal. You also get access to hundreds of other answers written by your fellow aspirants. We encourage peer-to-peer feedback for mutual learning and personal enrichment. We post high-quality synopsis also to provide a ready reference for your future use. We try our best to provide feedback to the answers written by our students to make them understand their mistakes and possible areas of improvement. The idea of TLP is to develop a community of sincere candidates who come together to learn and grow with each other. While civil services is a competitive exam, you can gain tremendously if you have a community of like-minded individuals who are sincere and dedicated to the process.

That TLP has been an integral ingredient of success for many toppers is no secret. In the ‘must do’ list for the civil services exam, TLP is by far the most popular initiative. The popularity stems from the unparalleled quality of questions and synopsis posted in TLP. We strive hard to ensure that you get the real feel of UPSC standard before you write the Mains.

This year onwards TLP will have a Dedicated Portal for Focused Preparation (tlpmains.iasbaba.com). There will be a separate dedicated portal similar to (RaRe Series) which students loved and appreciated. The Portal will help you stay focused and keep your preparation streamlined. The Registration link for the dedicated portal is given at the end of the post.

We are charging a token amount of 10/- for registration to the dedicated portal. We are doing it because we want to create a community of sincere aspirants who are focused and motivated till the Mains Examination. Please don’t take it otherwise. It is our honest effort to give you the best and at the same time expect students to come with the same energy and dedication to the dedicated platform specially designed for YOU!

Join our bandwagon, you won’t regret it. UPSC 2022 Aspirants are encouraged to participate as well.

(P.S: If you have issues regarding login/registering to the program, please mail us on ilp@iasbaba.com)

All the Best

IASbaba Team 

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