[VIDEO] TOPPER’S STRATEGY- RANK 16 ARTH JAIN UPSC CSE 2020 TOPPER, IASbaba’s Prelims Test Series Student!

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  • October 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

UPSC Topper 2020, ARTH JAIN Rank 16IASbaba’s Regular Follower, Baba’s Prelims Test Series Student, and Interview Mentorship Program (IMP) shares his preparation strategy with Mohan Sir.

He cleared the exam in his 2nd Attempt with Mathematics as his optional subject.

Everyone’s Preparation Strategy is Unique!! Here is a Topper, whose entire preparation revolved around ‘Test Series (Prelims + Mains)’. He had a different strategy for Revision.

In this Topper Strategy Video, he has focussed on how to tackle the gray areas like Science & Technology, Environment, Art & Culture, Ancient History, Medieval History, etc.

He has also shared his Strategy for Current Affairs in great detail. He has answered the frequently asked questions like How Many hours to spend on Newspaper reading? Which Newspaper to Read? etc.

He has specially emphasised upon Ethics & Essay Strategy (especially Philosophical Essays).

He talks about staying motivated and be disciplined which is the most important thing to clear this exam.

We recommend every sincere and serious aspirant to watch this video to know how to tackle the UPSC exam.

In the VIDEO, Divya has discussed-

Important Timelines:

01:45 -Mistakes & Learnings from 1st Attempt

04:03 -How to Revise?

04:50 -Prelims Strategy for the Next 10 Days

06:09 -How to Remain Calm During Prelims?

07:30 -Strategy & Sources for Grey Areas in Prelims

08:11 – 1. Science & Technology Strategy

08:46 – 2. Environment Strategy

10:06 – Utility IASbaba’s 60 Day Plan & IASbaba’s Rapid Revision Series (RaRe) Series

10:34 – 3. Art & Culture Strategy

11:30 – 4. Ancient & Medieval History

12:28 -How to Prepare Art & Culture based on ‘Themes’

13:46 -Current Affairs Strategy

14:44 -How Many Hours to Spend on Newspaper Reading? Which Newspaper to Read?

15:48 -Notes Making – Online or Offline? Topic Categorisation

18:39 -Mains Strategy

22:16 -Time Management in Answer Writing

23:48 -Ethics Strategy

24:39 -Essay Strategy – How to Handle Philosophical Essay?

26:20 -Strategy for Personality test

27:41 -How to Choose Optionals? & Mathematics Optional Strategy

29:33 -Do’s & Don’ts in UPSC Preparation – Breaking the Myths!

31:18 -Should you Isolate Yourself During Preparation?

32:04 -Role of Luck in UPSC?

33:09 -Should one Read for 14 hours to Crack this Exam?

33:35 -Is it Possible to Study for more than 10 Hours for 1 Year with the Same Enthusiasm

34:41 -How to Keep Oneself Motivated?

36:00 -What it takes to be a Topper?

36:50 -Role of IASbaba in My Success

37:10– Importance of IASbaba’s Monthly Magazine

37:35 -IASbaba’s 60 Days Plan & Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series

37:52 -IASbaba’s Prelims Test Series

38:01 -Revamped Baba’s Monthly Current Affairs Magazine



Kudos and Salute to his consistent efforts, determination, and hard work which has helped him to achieve Rank 16.

Standing true to its TaglineOne Stop Destination for UPSC/IAS Preparation!! IASbaba has proved time and again how it has played a crucial role in helping one reach the destination.

We will soon launch Baba’s Prelims Test Series (ONLINE & OFFLINE) in all our centres for UPSC 2022.

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