[INTERVIEW INITIATIVE] Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) for UPSC/IAS 2021 Personality Test!

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  • February 1, 2022
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Dear Friends,

However cliched it may sound, self reflection is important for success. When preparing for the civil services examination, aspirants get lost in their books and daily routine. The drive to get into an elite group of few hundred successful candidates is so intense that many aspirants give up their social and interpersonal lives and prefer to prepare hard in solitude. 

The problem arises when they have to appear in the personality test. Accustomed to fill bubbles in the OMR sheet and write answers in the QCA booklet, the very idea of talking to a board of distinguished civil servants and academicians give nightmares to many aspirants. It is natural and we understand the predicament of hundreds of aspirants who are scared to appear in front of the interview board. We also understand that one can’t prepare for the personality test by only attending mock interviews. 

What aspirants need is a period of self reflection and practice to get over the awkwardness and fear that comes with months of isolated preparation and lack of social interaction. We intend to help the aspirants through our Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) initiative.

The TRP is one of its kind program to prepare for the personality test. We firmly believe that to be confident about one’s views on various issues and subjects, one must be confident about his/her own self. When the members of the interview board pose questions, they are scanning through your personality to under you as a person and your beliefs, values, and ideologies. But the question is do you know your values? What is your ideology as a citizen? What ideas do you believe in? The thing is what you write in your Main exam are essentially views imported from newspapers and books. They are not your own. But the interview board is interested to know you as a person. You as an individual are not a synopsis of what you have studied during your preparation. You are much more than that. The TRP initiative is an attempt to bring the purest version of yourself. 

The initiative has two parts. In the first part, we ask probing questions about your personality. You don’t have to answer them on the website. These questions are meant for your own self reflection. Once you see the questions, you will realise that there are many things that you don’t know about yourself. In a matter of 10-15 days, you will start developing a sense of your personality and be confident as an individual. It will help you in shaping your ideas about the world around you. You will be consistent about your values and beliefs and you will hardly contradict yourself, a virtue so important for success in the personality test. 

The second part of the initiative asks your views on a range of current affairs. The questions probe your thoughts as an independent thinker. They try to sync your views with your personality and beliefs being shaped in the first part of the initiative. Once you answer 10-15 current issues, you will be on track to succeed in the real interview. We expect you to use a mirror to say your answers. You can also post your answers on the forum to have engaging discussions with your peers. 

TRP can be the most important element for your interview preparation. Are you ready?

Please fill up the Google form given below. Students who fill the form will be added to a telegram group so that there can be healthy discussions with other students who will be appearing for the Interview/Personality Test (UPSC 2021). Also, Mohan sir will be interacting one on one with all the students who will be appearing for the same.


All the Best

IASbaba Team 

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