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  • February 16, 2022
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How to Beat Procrastination during IAS/UPSC Preparation?

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”

Olin Miller

It’s true 100%. Starting is always easy. But most of us, end up taking this simple step for granted.

I have a theory for this: We take this step for granted understanding how easy it is. We do so because we also understand how difficult each step will become one after another. And so since Step 8 is going to be difficult, I will not even come down on Ground zero.

My counter argument is: If you knew Step 8 will be difficult, you must be willing to complete the first set of steps to move past Step 8 too so that your dreams keep becoming achievable at every step. So this means, either that is not what you want with your whole heart or you have no clue whatsoever what are you up to really.

If you are reading this, I hope (with all my heart) that with you it is just the case of procrastination and not the ill-fated ‘lazy person meets a famous desire’ instance.

And if it is, Welcome to Baba ka Gyaan 🥁🥁

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What does an act of procrastination look like for a UPSC-CSE Aspirant?

“I had to also cover Chapter 4 today. Will do it tomorrow.”

“Oh God, I have a test on this particular section tomorrow.mmmm….. enrolled for an online test series. Will take this entire week to revise and sit for the test over the weekend.” (Well, this didn’t go as per planned for obvious reasons)

“Don’t feel like going through the current affairs today. Will do it tomorrow.”

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What makes Procrastination happen?

We believe that there are three major contributing factors to it –

1) Lack of Clarity

With this exam, there’s just one vision – to crack the UPSC-CSE. But there are various ways to do it. And this is where you need the most clarity. Right from the approach to the strategy, it requires a clear set of points/milestones that you need to do/achieve.

In the race to achieve everything as fast as possible, we start off with top speed but with no clarity that speed is not sustainable to maintain. And we trip. And then we fall, rather badly.

2) The greed for ‘too many’

Too many notes. Too many test series. Too many classes. Too many expectations.

Have you heard – ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’?

This is the EXACT scenario that plays out with lakhs of students. Even those who could not clear in their first attempt. They just do not understand that it will not be ‘all the notes/strategies/books/notes/test series’ that will help one crack this exam.

It will be clarity and guidance from a single point that will really help you. This means focus on the limited number of everything so that whatever you do study, you are 100% through it.

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3) Absence of a True Guide or Mentor
​Both the factors we spoke above are crucial but that is attainable only if you are lucky enough to have a mentor in your life – your true north star. This mentor makes sure that you stick to your goals and focus on what will really fuel your growth both as an aspirant and as a future civil servant of the country.

All the above factors combined ultimately leaves no scope for the act of procrastination on your part.



Can you Beat Procrastination if it puts up a fight?

Well, the good news is – YES! YOU CAN!

  • Find yourself a good mentor who knows where you are at as well as where you want to arrive.
  • Tune out from all other suggestions. Focus on what your mentor is saying and follow through each task.
  • Commit to the task. Keep your focus on doing, not avoiding.
  • Have an accountability partner (only 1) who can add value as well as help you stay focused and on track.
  • Rephrase your internal dialog. Move from phrases like “should” “have to” to “I choose to”… This will keep your determination in check and make you feel more empowered.
  • Minimize distractions.
  • Enjoy breaks.


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