[PRELIMS 2022 STRATEGY] Subject-wise Strategies to Crack UPSC Prelims 2022

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  • February 13, 2022
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Important Updates, Prelims Exclusive Programme (PEP)
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Dear Students

At this very moment, when each aspirant is burning the midnight oil, there will just be TWO things that will make an aspirant stand out in the results – first being the single-focused approach, and second, being the strategy with which you move ahead on this journey.

We are sure that this close to the examination, your focus and perseverance must have become stronger. To help you with the second aspect – we have curated subject-specific strategy videos that can help you up-level the state of your preparation. Excited?

Of course, this requires dedication and honesty to oneself because more than hard work, you will be pushed to implement some smart work. Only an aspirant who is single-mindedly focussed on cracking this exam can really really benefit from this.

If you are reading this, we believe that “YOU” definitely are that person.

Preliminary examination, though the first stage, is not easy to pass. This is the time to sit down, evaluate, understand where you stand, and relook into a strategy that can help you take that leap.


“Nearly 20 Questions come from Polity every year in Prelims. Revising Laxmikanth & some Current Affairs material before the exam is a classic & cliched way of preparation in which your strategy may go wrong.”

In this video, Sudeep sir takes you through PYQ Trends, Sources to refer Polity other than Laxmikanth & Preparation Strategy for Prelims 2022.

Go through it & Improve your Polity game


“There is a sudden spike 📈 of Questions (11) asked from Geography in Prelims 2021 from a usual 5 or 6 questions.”

  • What type of Questions are being asked in Geography?
  • From which Topics are the most questions being asked?
  • Should you read NCERTs from 6th – 12th as advised by many or is it just a myth?
  • What are the Sources & How to Handle Map-based Questions?

Atyab sir has answered most of your queries for UPSC Prelims 2022.

Do watch the video & adjust your Geography Strategy accordingly


If there is one subject that is causing sleepless nights to students, it is History. Questions are being asked completely out of the box!

Atyab sir simplifies History Strategy/Approach for UPSC Prelims 2022 – watch it here


In this Video, Adesh Sir gives a detailed Strategy for the Environment – Prelims 2022.

  • PYQ Trends & Analysis
  • How to Prepare “National Parks & Sanctuaries”
  • How do Questions come from Websites such as IPCC, WWF, UNDP etc., & How to tackle them?
  • Answer Questions related to Terminologies like Fertigation, Permaculture, Social Cost of Carbon etc.,
  • Current Affairs and many more..

Watch the Strategy here

Science and Technology 

“Everytime you are neglecting Science & Tech part, you lose 15-20 Marks in Prelims which is a huge decider in your Success”

In this 15 minute video Adesh Sir takes you through

  • Trends & Strategy
  • Science NCERTs for Prelims – Booklist & How to Read,
  • Important Concepts for Prelims 2022
  • Guessing strategies etc.,

Watch it here


“15-20 questions are asked directly from Economics part every year in Prelims. It’s ironic that students aren’t aware how to tackle this simple part.”

In this 15 minute video Shubham Sir takes you through

  • Trends & Strategy of Economics for Prelims 2022.
  • Economics NCERTs – Booklist.
  • Important Concepts for Prelims 2022.
  • How to Read Economic Survey, Budget, Yojana & Kurukshetra.
  • Economy Current Affairs, Note making & Revision Strategy.

Watch it here


Even though CSAT is just a qualifying paper & only 33% is required to clear it, every year increasing number of students are being eliminated ruthlessly using CSAT paper. Don’t fall prey to the increasing toughness (Aptitude) & vagueness (English Comprehension).

CSAT Expert, Manjunath Sir takes you through Smart Strategy and Important & Repeated Topics in CSAT Paper.

Watch it here

We hope that these videos will be your guiding light.

The 2nd Batch for Prelims Exclusive Program (PEP) begins on 21st February.

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