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  • February 13, 2022
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Nature of the Mind:

The Sanskrit word “man” pronounced “mun”, means “mind”. This is the root word from which the English words “man” and “woman” are derived. The ancient Hindus believed that mind is a vast, limitless and transcendental phenomenon. Unlike the modern understanding which says that mind is generated in the brain, they believed that the body itself is a manifestation of the mind. In reality, mind is not a product of the body, rather the body itself is a product of the mind. Ancient civilizations believed in the fact that there is some higher creative force that is governing the human mind. Hindus called both existence and Creator as “Brahman” or “The Vast Mind”.

The Hindus are not saying that the Creator is a person sitting in heaven, designing everything like an engineer. What they are saying is that your mind itself is the Creator. In one way, they are saying that you are the Creator because you possess the mind. Through your process of perceiving, learning, and watching, you are manifesting and creating. Everything is your mind. Every sound, every color, every texture, and every desire is your mind. The mind is not a component of the physical reality; rather, the physical reality is a component of the mind.

There’s a rainbow, and you look at the colors. Can you see the colors of the rainbow without your mind? You look at the trees. Can you see the green of the trees without your mind? You have a body, you have thoughts, and desires. Can any of these happen without the mind? Without the mind, there is no perception, no experience, and no human journey – there is nothing. Without the mind, nothing will make any sense. If you take the mind out of the equation, then what is the purpose of existence? It all seems meaningless. So ask this question: “What is not the mind?” You’ll be surprised.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Nirvana Foundation and IASBABA.”

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