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It is famously said – The fastest way to get somewhere is to ask someone who is there already!

"Gu" means dark and "Ru" means light. "Guru" can be roughly translated as darkness to light, or possibly one who leads from darkness to light. The Guru is a teacher who guides the Shishya's (student’s) life, who leads the shishya from blindness or ignorance to bliss, wisdom, and enlightenment.

In a nutshell, mentorship is a lot of things. For some, wisdom shows up in different places. And for some, it is the age-old culture of the ‘Guru-Shishya’ Parampara. It is the tradition of spiritual relationship and mentoring where teachings are transmitted from a guru “teacher” (गुरु) to a śiṣya (शिष्य, disciple).

Why is Mentorship important in UPSC?

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. A character well-known and loved throughout the world. Little did J.K Rowling know that when she was writing the character of Dumbledore, she would end up creating one of the best mentors the fiction world could ask for…

“It Matters Not What Someone Is Born, But What They Grow To Be!”

If there’s one theme that the Harry Potter books have, it’s that choices are more important than where you’re born. To whom you are born. In what situation you were in? What is the current situation…?

No matter what the circumstances are, it is your choice – to be a good person. To work hard.

To make sure that you take benefit of each opportunity to become a server to your countrymen.

If it would not for the mentorship of Professor Dumbledore, do you think Harry would have had the guts and knowledge and the passed-on experiences to defeat Lord Voldemort?

The point is that the task is never going to be easy; it is that when you have a mentor, your journey becomes more vision-led, disciplined and consistent. Your approach undergoes a transformation.

Right from the way your preparation would begin till the day you end up in your IAS training, your mentor will guide you to make this journey an ultimate one for you!

UPSC Preparation is like a ‘Marathon’ and not a ‘100 Meters Sprint’. If you try to go too fast, you will run out of fuel. The idea is to be consistent. It becomes the responsibility of your mentor to channel your energy and harness your efforts.

"It Is Our Choices, Harry. That Show What We Truly Are, Far More Than Our Abilities."

Knowledge to begin, wisdom to keep moving

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” When you start out with your preparation for UPSC-CSE, you will have a vague idea about the demands that this exam might have from you. Even vaguer will be what you want out of this exam.

With a mentor by your side, you will not be on the right footing right from the beginning but will tap into a wealth of knowledge that will get you up to speed faster and shorten that learning curve. Right from the approach to the mindset, UPSC’s journey is full of thorns, and a few happy moments. Your mentor plays a key role in the setting up of it, right at the beginning.

Mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It's the only way we grow.

And he noted correctly.

They will be honest in their feedback and pack in their years of experience (UPSC) in helping you ride on the route that is most suitable for you. A mentor also sets various goals and watches your progress from a distance to see how these projects help you to improve. Motivation is very important to make UPSC aspirants stay on track.

Mentors will be that GPS on your journey towards the finishing line of UPSC-CSE journey.

Tough love, but love nonetheless

Mentors are disciplinarians that create necessary boundaries that we cannot set for ourselves. You will experience a lot of tough love from your mentor. All because they understand the journey that you are on, and know that at times it will become challenging when it comes to self-motivation and self-discipline. This will end up solidifying your work ethic, sharpening your focus, and setting your priorities in a way that will surely take you steps closer to your goals.

Not just the motivational aspect, but topics like how to read, how to learn, the best way to present an answer in the Mains, the elimination method application in the Prelims, and your personal presentation during the Interview stage undergoes a deep transformation with a mentor by your side.

Drivers of Success

Your mentor is your driver for success. In this relationship, money acts as merely a monetary exchange. The real energy exchange is the mentorship by the mentor and implementation by the mentee. A mentor will not do this simply for money.

They will do it for YOU.

Not with what works with everyone, but what especially works with you. A mentor enhances one’s strengths and works on transforming the weaknesses. Right from time management to answer writing skills, revision skills, and newspaper reading skills, a mentor ensures that your performance keeps getting optimized at each stage.

Pioneering Mentorship as part of ‘Guru-Shishya’ Parampara for UPSC-CSE in India

At IASbaba, we realized the missing puzzle of the piece for UPSC-CSE aspirants and since then have been pioneers in implementing it for aspirants. This year, once again, we are gearing up to take personal mentorship for cracking UPSC-CSE to another level.

When we started this initiative, we were very sure that the process will be liked by the students, and most importantly it will become the most result-oriented program in the history of UPSC/IAS coaching. The result of the first batch exceeded our own expectations!

Ranks out of 50 Students
0 %
Success rate in Prelims
0 %
Success rate in Mains


We are going to redefine the relationship between the teacher and the students to ensure that the UPSC aspirants get an opportunity to prepare in a highly focussed environment, under the close guidance of a Guru.

Although it would be unfair to expect the same level of dedication and discipline in today’s modern times, in terms of its overall essence and objectives, we can always make an honest attempt to create a milieu where the benefits of Guru-Shishya parampara can be reaped in a modern avatar.


Above & Beyond Regular Coaching..!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Gurukul Foundation is for aspirants who have 0% knowledge about the syllabus but are dedicated and sincere to achieving their goal of clearing the exam in the very 1st attempt.
  • Gurukul Foundation is open for all subject to a screening test.
  • Students are selected after a screening test which consists of a basic aptitude test and an Interview.
  • Please note that no prior UPSC Syllabus knowledge is required. The screening test is in place to weed out non-sincere aspirants and to have a top-quality peer group.


A Rigorous, Intensive Tests & Mentorship Based Programme

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only a limited number of students who are highly dedicated will be selected through multiple rounds of scrutiny. Seats are limited as one on one mentorship is possible only with a limited number of students.
  • The selection process will be similar to UPSC standards, comprising of one Prelims Test (50 MCQ’s – 100 marks; Syllabus will include current affairs of last one year and static GS topics + Objective CSAT questions), one Mains Test – 150 marks (it will include an essay based on Current Issues and case studies of Ethics to check the approach of candidates) and a Personality Test (it will be conducted to check the dedication of candidates and their level of understanding of Current Issues).


You can call us on 91691 91888 or mail us at

Or visit our centers:

Delhi: Plot 22-B, 3rd floor, Pusa Road, Bada Bazar Marg, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi- 110060 Landmark: Above Dominos

Bengaluru: No.38, 3rd Cross, 1st Phase, 2nd Stage, 60 Feet Main Road, Chandra Layout, Attiguppe, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040 Landmark: opposite to BBMP Building

Lucknow: B-1/66, Sector J, Aliganj, Lucknow – 226024 Landmark: Near Mr Brown / Opp to Sahu Studio

We hope you make the right choice!

All the best!

Team IASbaba

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