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  • July 24, 2022
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The Power of Awakening:

In every experience of life, you are searching for the bliss of Awakening, without knowing it. This is why no object of your desire in the external world can fully satisfy you. Your fulfilled desires prove one thing; your thirst has not been quenched. This is why you keep on desiring for different experiences of life.

You think that working hard and accomplishing a goal will satisfy you, so you go on working all your life, accomplishing different things. You think that love and relationships will fulfill you, so you keep on searching for that perfect person who can complete you.

You think that if only you can become successful and famous, you will be satisfied. Very rarely do you go deeper and inquire into the actual reason for your desires. Although different experiences appear to satisfy different desires, at the root of it all there is one fundamental desire that is driving you.

What you are searching for is an experience of undivided internal bliss which can only happen through spiritual Awakening. If you drop the desire to find this internal bliss, you are condemning yourself to a life of unfulfilled desires.

You need to strive for Awakening because your thirst is real, and not because there is someone trying to persuade you to move toward it. Every day when you get out of bed, even without knowing, you are searching for Awakening.

Since you are deeply attached to the language of the world, this fundamental spiritual desire manifests itself as a worldly desire. How often have you asked yourself, “Can my life be something more than this? Will I ever find the happiness I’m searching for? Why am I in so much pain and frustration?”

All these questions are different ways of saying the same thing – “I need Awakening, I need Enlightenment.” The language of spiritual Awakening is not a part of your daily life, because in your daily life you are not surrounded by Enlightened people who want to Awaken you. You are surrounded by people who want something from you.

Most of the time, you are pursuing desires, not for yourself, but for people around you. Just pause and ask yourself this question: How much time do you spend every day purely for your own happiness and satisfaction, and how much time do you spend every day to keep someone else satisfied? You can keep on ignoring your existential desire to Awaken, but you can never escape it. At some point in time, you have to come to the realization that what you are searching for is not on the outside, but within you.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Nirvana Foundation and IASBABA.

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