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  • July 26, 2022
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Island of Kyushu

In News: A volcano on Japan’s major western island of Kyushu, called Sakurajima, erupted on July 24.

  • There were reports of volcanic stones raining down at a distance of 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from the volcano.
  • Sakurajima is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes and eruptions of varying levels take place on a regular basis.
  • In 2019 it spewed ash 5.5 km (3.4 miles) high.
  • Most of the city of Kagoshima is across the bay from the volcano but several residential areas within about 3 km (1.9 miles) of the crater have been ordered to evacuate.

Japan Islands

  • The territory of Japan comprises the four large islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and other smaller islands.

Source: The Hindu

Yosemite National Park

  • In News: A fast-moving brush fire near Yosemite National Park exploded in size on Saturday into one of California’s largest wildfires of the year, prompting evacuation orders for thousands of people and shutting off power to more than 2,000 homes and businesses.

Source: The Hindu

Kurung Kumey district, Arunachal Pradesh

  • In News: Seventeen days after they fled a Border Roads Organisation (BRO) construction project in Arunachal Pradesh’s Kurung Kumey district, eight of 19 labourers were rescued recently.
  • They were found near the road construction project, after “wandering in the dense forests for days.
  • The Sarli-Huri road construction project, now nearing completion, is about 90 km from the India-China border.

Source: Indian Express

Previous Year Question

Q.1) Consider the following pairs: (2022)

Regions in News                Country

  1. Anatolia –                 Turkey
  2. Amhara –                 Ethiopia
  3. Cabo Delgado –       Spain
  4. Catalonia –               Italy

How many pairs given above are correctly matched?

  1. Only one pair
  2. Only two pairs
  3. Only three pairs
  4. All four pairs

Q.2) Consider the following pairs: (2018)

Regions sometimes mentioned in the news        Country

  1. Catalonia – Spain
  2. Crimea – Hungary
  3. Mindanao – Philippines
  4. Oromia – Nigeria

Which of the pairs given above are correctly matched?

  1. 1, 2 and 3
  2. 3 and 4 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 2 and 4 only

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