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  • July 11, 2022
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In News: The states are being onboarded for real-time project coordination and collective decision-making in Pm Gati Shakti scheme.

  • With the states being onboarded aim is to reduce the time taken to plan and award a project by at least a third.
  • Recently, at the meeting chaired by Prime Minister and state chief secretaries, all state governments are learnt to have agreed to support the project.
  • The focus is on reducing the time taken to award a project — starting from preparation of a detailed project report (DPR) till the project is assigned.
  • While the process usually takes about 16-18 months, it is estimated that it could take just five-six months under the Gati Shakti scheme if a coordinated, real-time approach is implemented.

PM Gati Shakti

  • PM Gati Shakti plan envisages a centralised portal to unite the infrastructural initiatives planned and initiated by as many as 16 central ministries and departments.
  • GatiShakti targets to cut logistic costs, increase cargo handling capacity and reduce the turnaround time.
  • It is a campaign to lend more speed (Gati) and power (Shakti) to projects by connecting all concerned departments on one platform.
  • This way, the infrastructure schemes of various ministries and state governments will be designed and executed with a common vision.

Pillars of Gati Shakti:


  • It will include all the existing and planned initiatives of various Ministries and Departments with one centralized portal.
  • Each and every Department will now have visibility of each other’s activities providing critical data while planning & execution of projects in a comprehensive manner.


  • Through this, different Departments will be able to prioritize their projects through cross-—sectoral interactions.


  • The National Master Plan will assist different ministries in planning for projects after identification of critical gaps.
  • For the transportation of the goods from one place to another, the plan will help in selecting the most optimum route in terms of time and cost.


  • PM GatiShakti will help in synchronizing the activities of each department, as well as of different layers of governance, in a holistic manner by ensuring coordination of work between them.


  • The plan will provide the entire data at one place with GIS based spatial planning and analytical tools having 200+ layers, enabling better visibility to the executing agency.


  • All Ministries and Departments will now be able to visualize, review and monitor the progress of cross-sectoral projects, through the GIS platform, as the satellite imagery will give on-ground progress periodically and progress of the projects will be updated on a regular basis on the portal.
  • It will help in identifying the vital interventions for enhancing and updating the master plan.

Source: Indian Express

Previous Year Question

Q.1) Which of the following is/are the aim/aims of “Digital India” Plan of the Government of India? (2018)

  1. Formation of India’s own Internet companies like China did.
  2. Establish a policy framework to encourage overseas multinational corporations that collect Big Data to build their large data centres within our national geographical boundaries.
  3. Connect many of our villages to the Internet and bring Wi-Fi to many of our schools, public places and major tourist centres.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

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