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  • IAS baba
  • August 28, 2022
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Enjoying the Mystery of Life:

Everything in existence is constantly reminding us that we are in an ever changing dreamland, but somehow we don’t want to accept this. Logic, reasoning and structured thinking has completely taken away the mystery of life. We have become too organized in our heads to look at existence just the way it is, and enjoy its pure mystery and magic. We have created innumerable ideas and concepts to cover up the fact that we are in a mysterious world.

Think about it – Every morning the sun rises and dances in front of our eyes, reminding us that it is not as fixed as it appears to be. It moves from east to west, mysteriously waving and playing with our moods. But we in return look at this marvelous phenomenon of life and say, “Ah! There is nothing mysterious about the sun. We all know what the sun is. It is a giant ball fixed in the sky, converting hydrogen to helium and emitting heat and light in return.”

Well, all this might be true conceptually, but in reality what exactly is the sun? No one knows, and that is its mysterious quality. The clouds move in the vast expanse of the sky, constantly changing in shape, size, color and beauty. They remind us of the dreamy, mystical nature of our existence. How do we explain this phenomenon? By conceptualizing that clouds are nothing but water vapor gathered by the sun’s heat which will eventually come down as rain.

Again, all this might be true in the way we like to understand things using logic, but why should this theoretical understanding stop us from pausing and looking at the clouds for the mystery they represent? It is far better to enjoy the constantly changing nature of existence and change with it, instead of bringing our fixed ideas to strip down the beauty and mystery of life, to only replace it with some dry and lifeless textbook logic.

Why is it so difficult to have both a logical as well as a mystical explanation of things? Why is it not possible to have both a scientific as well as a mystical approach to life? It is the sense of mystery that makes life interesting, without it, life would easily become a boring, monotonous routine of things. As human beings, we get anxious, bored, worried, and disappointed very easily because we are yet to embrace the mystery of life fully. Amidst all the logic, reasoning, and structured thinking, if we can also allow space for the unknown – the mystery, life becomes a truly enjoyable experience.

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