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  • September 11, 2022
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Art of Focussing:

The idea of focussing is easy to understand – Pick an activity and stick to it till it is completed. But, the actual practice of it is anything but easy. Focussing is one of the most difficult skills to develop, mainly because, it goes against everything the mind is designed to do.

Our minds are designed for distraction. Distraction is the food for the mind – the more distracted you are, the more active the mind is, and the more important it feels. Focussing goes against the very grain of what the mind is designed to do – stay distracted.

This is why one of the most important skills you can develop, which takes longer than you think, takes more effort than you think, is focussing.

In fact, throughout our lives, in everything we do, we are constantly searching for ways to keep our focus without getting too distracted. The whole of life is an art of learning how to focus. When we make a conscious effort to learn how to focus though, it becomes a more directed and dedicated effort leading to much better results.

The single biggest difference between leaving success to chance and gaining control over it, is learning the art of focussing, and it all starts with the ability to stay in the present moment. As simple as this may sound, focussing is impossible when we are not in the present moment. We cannot focus in the past or in the future. We have to be in the present to focus. The more we practice how to be in the present moment, the deeper our ability to focus. 

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