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  • October 30, 2022
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Smart Vs Hard Work:

We are familiar with the idea that hard work leads to success, but rarely we define what hard work really means. If working hard alone were to lead to success then most people would have succeeded. A majority of us do work hard, and yet why is it that only a few attain to what they are desiring?

The reason why success is elusive even while one is working as hard as they can is because, hard work is nearly not as important as smart work. It is not just effort that leads to success, but smart effort.

Being smart about something requires a lot more than just working hard. It takes intelligence, awareness, courage, and creative thinking. An individual who can creatively apply his mind to find new solutions to old problems usually finds a way to success.

Success does not come just by copying others. Firstly it is impossible to copy someone exactly, and even if you manage to copy someone, you can only get as good as they did, considering all other things remaining equal. In fact, trying to blindly copy someone is a recipe for disaster. 

Individuality plays a very important role in success. There is something within an individual that separates him from others. That unique spark of individuality that tries to be different in its approach finds a way to success. While hard work is all about imitation, smart work is about creatively applying one’s mind to solve problems. 

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