[INTERVIEW INITIATIVE] Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) for UPSC/IAS 2022 Personality Test!

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  • November 7, 2022
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Interview Discussion-Think Rethink & Perform (TRP)
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[INTERVIEW INITIATIVE] Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) for UPSC/IAS Personality Test

In a few months, the Civil Services Examination (CSE) will enter its final stage. Although the Mains results aren’t yet out, you must prepare for the last battle regardless.

Through the Preliminary and Main examinations, UPSC has already tested you on a number of parameters. One final test will be the personality test or the interview. What are your plans for preparing for the last stage? Will you consider this just another examination day or have you planned something different? You may have thought about revising your current affairs and optional. Perhaps you could prepare your DAF simultaneously. What if that isn’t enough? Is that even a good strategy? In order to answer that question, you must understand the demands of UPSC interviews.

The UPSC is not really interested in evaluating your academic depth on the personality test. It has already done so in Prelims and Mains. This time, UPSC wants to evaluate YOU – what you are, what you can become, and who you are. Do you possess a personality that is informed but unaffected by perception? When faced with a situation, do you react or respond? Are you easily shaken up? How well do you handle crisis situations? There is a common theme to all of these questions. While your academic background can be useful in certain situations, what really matters are the traits you possess as a person.

UPSC wants to judge you, not over and above but besides the Prelims and the Mains examination. As for what is left and cannot be ascertained with pen and paper, UPSC tests it in the interview. As a result, you can succeed despite your lack of information as well as fail despite your superior intellect.

In preparation for the Mains examination, aspirants gain clarity of thought on various topics. In spite of this, opinions are often skewed by the continuous inflow of information from numerous sources, many of which might be highly critical or partisan. A student should, therefore, develop his/her own critical thinking based on his/her own moral compass.

However, this is easier said than done. It is best to think back on what one has already read or learned. It is then crucial to rethink those learnings through one’s own critical moral prism and to produce an ethical, balanced, and unbiased response.

This is exactly what the Think, Learn, and Perform (TRP) initiative aims to accomplish. For a duration of almost two months, your intellectual and moral leanings will be tested by the questions posed by IASbaba. It will be a highly deliberative process and the questions will cover a range of topics relevant to the Personality Test.

In return, we expect you to spend half an hour a day trying to frame responses to these issues. Consider all the vintage points possible so your vision doesn’t narrow, but reaches 360 degrees of an issue’s evolution. Discuss and debate with your peers, learn and teach, and realize the beauty of intellectual engagement with others.

As part of the fifth year of this initiative, we will post questions regularly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for eight to nine weeks. With the help of questions framed for self-awareness, you will prepare for this year’s interview in 25 days.

The initiative will commence today. Engage in discussion, deliberate, and come out with a better understanding of yourself and the world.

Those who have appeared for UPSC Mains 2022, fill up the Google form given below. Students who fill out the form will be added to a telegram group so that there can be healthy discussions with other students who will be appearing for the Interview/Personality Test. Also, Mohan sir, Bureaucrats, and Ex-Bureaucrats will be interacting one on one with all the students who will be appearing for the same.



All the best!

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