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  • IAS baba
  • January 22, 2023
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Being quiet and still is the purpose:

Meditation cannot begin with a casual purpose. You will never have the intensity, courage, or willpower to pursue meditation if you don’t see how much you need it. If knowledge is power, without meditation we are totally powerless. We have zero power – zero. We are simply living someone else’s dreams, desires, and ideologies. We are living in the past. If we are to live in the present, we need to acquire knowledge: knowledge of the Self, of the body, and of the mind.

That’s what meditation is. Beyond this – how it works – is all a deep process. As you begin to walk the path, as you begin to inquire, to start questioning, learning, reading, and exploring, start finding people who can teach you meditation.

Don’t worry too much about what meditation is, because the more you ask What are the benefits of meditation? What is meditation? your mind will be looking for an answer that it doesn’t like so it can say, “Okay, it will not work for me”. But if there is a strong desire, it doesn’t matter: I don’t need any benefits. People have been talking about meditation since the beginning of time.

Somewhere I see a common connection; every culture has spoken about meditation. What is this thing? Let me give it a try. Who cares about benefits? Maybe that word itself comes from some external purpose. For myself, there is really no benefit. It is about a deeper experience of life. Maybe the purpose of meditation is not to read about it, but to be in meditation; to simply sit quietly, take a break, rest, relax, and experience life. Maybe meditation is just a way of saying that I am going to stop running and I’m going to experience life. At least for that one hour, at least for those couple of hours. 

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