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  • IAS baba
  • February 5, 2023
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The Simplicity of Being:

Spirituality is not about climbing Mount Everest. It’s about recognizing that normal walk; that normal process of walking that we are going through every day, on firm ground. It is to recognize the natural rhythm and flow of life.

That is what we do in life; we don’t want to be too different from others, so we keep on trying to do the same things. That is a normal state of living. Spirituality is realizing that we are walking and that is life. It is not to do something totally different. The biggest challenge in doing something so simple is when you are first introduced to that idea.

Because it is not part of your regular thought process, it seems extraordinarily different. It seems like something that only a few people can accomplish, and almost impossible to achieve. Think about it: The idea of sitting quietly and watching your breath – can there be anything simpler that you can do? Anything else is more complicated.

The simplest of things you can do is sit quietly and just keep your focus on your breath. That’s meditation – the basics of meditation. Everything else moves from there. You can watch your breath and then you can watch your thought process. You can listen to music and meditate, you can move around and meditate, you can walk and meditate. You can find meditation in yoga, you can find meditation in art, and you can find meditation in some creative endeavors, but the basic foundation of meditation is the ability to sit still. 

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