Sickle cell disease (SCD)

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  • February 7, 2023
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Context: Finance Minister recently announced government’s plan to launch a mission to eliminate sickle cell anaemia by 2047.

  • It is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders.
  • In someone who has SCD, the hemoglobin is abnormal, which causes the red blood cells to become hard and sticky and look like a C-shaped farm tool called a “sickle.”
  • The sickle cells die early, which causes a constant shortage of red blood cells.
  • Also, when they travel through small blood vessels, they get stuck and clog the blood flow.
  • This can cause pain and other serious complications (health problems) such as infection, acute chest syndrome and stroke.
  • SCD is a genetic condition that is present at birth.
  • It is inherited when a child receives two genes—one from each parent—that code for abnormal hemoglobin.
  • A blood test can determine whether you have SCD or sickle cell trait.
  • SCD can also be diagnosed before a baby is born.
  • SCD can only be cured by bone marrow or stem cell transplantation.

Source: Indian Express

Previous Year Questions

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Which of the statements given above is/are correct? (2022)

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