Teesta River

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  • February 14, 2023
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Context: Teesta river water conflict between India and Bangladesh.

About Teesta River: 

  • Teesta river is a major right bank tributary of the Brahmaputra (known as Jamuna in Bangladesh), flowing through India and Bangladesh.
  • It originates in the Himalayas near the Tso Lhamo Lake, in Sikkim and flows to the south through West Bengal before entering Bangladesh.
  • Source: Pahurni glacier, Khangse glacier and ChhoLhamo Lake are also considered the sources of the Teesta River.
  • River basin Distribution:  The major portion of the river basin lies in India and only 17% of it is in Bangladesh. 
  • The river joins the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh before it flows into the Bay of Bengal after meeting with the Ganges and the Meghna.
  • Two major large barrages constructed on Teesta
    • Gajoldoba in West Bengal, India
    • Duani in Bangladesh.

Major Tributaries of Teesta River

  • Left-bank Tributaries: Lachung Chhu, Chakung Chhu, Dik Chhu, Rani Khola and Rangpo Chhu.
  • Right-bank Tributaries: Zemu Chhu, Rangyong Chhu and Rangit River.

Source: DTE

Previous Year Questions

Q.1) Gandikota canyon of South India was created by which one of the following rivers? (2022)

  1. Cauvery
  2. Manjira
  3. Pennar
  4. Tungabhadra

Q.2) Consider the following pairs:

Reservoirs        :     States

  1. Ghataprabha :     Telangana
  2. Gandhi Sagar :     Madhya Pradesh
  3. Indira Sagar :     Andhra Pradesh
  4. Maithon :     Chhattisgarh

How many pairs given above are not correctly matched? (2022)

  1. Only one pair
  2. Only two pairs
  3. Only three pairs
  4. All four pairs


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