Thwaites Glacier/ Doomsday Glacier

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  • February 20, 2023
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Context: Scientists studying Antarctica’s vast Thwaites Glacier say warm water is seeping into its weak spots, worsening melting caused by rising temperatures.

About Thwaites Glacier/ Doomsday Glacier:

  • Thwaites Glacier, nicknamed the Doomsday Glacier, is a broad and vast Antarctic glacier flowing into Pine Island Bay.
  • It is part of the Amundsen Sea.
  • It represents more than half a metre of global sea level rise potential, and could destabilise neighbouring glaciers that have the potential to cause a further three-meter rise.

International Thwaites Collaboration:

  • As part of the International Thwaites Glacier collaboration, a team of 13 U.S. and British scientists monitored the glacier using an underwater robot vehicle known as Ice fin.
  • It was established in 2018.
  • Thwaites Glacier is closely monitored for its potential to raise sea levels.
  • Along with the Pine Island Glacier, it has been described as part of the “weak underbelly” of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Source:  The Hindu

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