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Maritime Security

Context: With a coastline of over 7000 KM, maritime security is an important aspect of national security for India. The Government of India is implementing Coastal Security Scheme, in phases, to strengthen security of coastal areas against sea borne threats. 

Need for Maritime Security

The Coastal Security Scheme aims to augment the capabilities of police force of coastal states and UTs for patrolling and surveillance in territorial waters especially shallow waters close to the coast

Measures taken by the Government 

India’s 5-Point Agenda for Enhancing Maritime Cooperation

Key Measures – 

Can you answer the following questions?

  1. What are various key aspects of Maritime Security and what is being done by India to tackle all the challenges in this domain?
  2. The increasing geo-strategic and economic significance of the Indian Ocean realm has necessitated the development of a robust coastal security ecosystem. Do you agree? Substantiate your response. 

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