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February 2017
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Daily archives for February 16th, 2017

IASbaba’s Daily C...

IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs – 16th February, 2017

IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs – 16th February 2017 Archives ELECTORAL REFORM  TOPIC: General Studies 3 Conservation, Environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment Government Budgeting – issues Budget – Reforms on Election Funding Introduction The fundamental of a vibrant democracy is periodic elections. Elections to be meaningful should be conducted free and fair with a […]

IASbaba Daily Cur...

IASbaba Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 122]

IASbaba Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 122] Click here to get all the Tests– Archives Q.1) Consider the following statements about ‘Composite Floor Testing’ If there is more than one person staking claim to form the government and the majority is not clear the governor may call for a special session to see who has […]

IASbaba’s MINDMAP...

IASbaba’s MINDMAP : Issue – Jobless Growth

IASbaba’s MINDMAP : Issue – Jobless Growth Archives P.S- Right Click on the image and open it in new tab. From there you can save it in your system.   Reference –  Link 

Interview Discuss...

Interview Discussion- Day 14

Interview Discussion- Day 14  ARCHIVES To Know More about the Initiative -> Click Here   Important Guidelines In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same […]

IASbaba’s T...

IASbaba’s TLP 2017 [16th February]: Day 24

IASbaba’s TLP 2017 [16th February]: Day 24  ARCHIVES To Know More about the Initiative -> Click Here Note: Click on the links and then answer on respective questions!   Welcome to Day 24 of TLP Phase I. Please understand that the next 12 weeks are not meant to test your knowledge. Most of you are […]

5. What is GRIHA ...

5. What is GRIHA code? Why is there a need to make constructions compliant to such codes? Discuss.

4. What is Surajk...

4. What is Surajkund festival? Is having such festivals at regular intervals good for Indian tourism? Discuss its pros and cons. You can also draw parallels with the Art of Living festival that created so much controversy in India.

3. Discuss the di...

3. Discuss the differences between the fauna of Australia with that of the world. Why such stark differences are there? Discuss.

2. Discuss the si...

2. Discuss the significance of polar ice caps. Why are they receding? What would be its consequences? Examine.

1. Why do earthqu...

1. Why do earthquakes occur? Which regions of the world are highly prone to earthquakes and why? Analyse.