Interview Discussion- Day 10

Interview Discussion- Day 10


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Important Guidelines

  • In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay
  • Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same will happen in interview.
  • Counter questions will help in better expression as well as expose to various aspects one may have missed while writing. It will lead to better understanding of the issue.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

The question that we are going to pose today will have different answers. There won’t be anything to debate as such. Such questions are usually asked by the interview board. Think for about a minute or two before you give your answers.

If you are given a chance to improve three things in your home city/ town/ village, what would those be? Why? Substantiate. Will they have any multiplier effect? What is so enterprising about your thoughts?

  • MSM

    I would improve following three in my home city;
    1. Swatch: Garden city is becoming garbage city hence I will take measures to clean the garbage i.e., effective implantation of segregation of waste at the source it self as the same is causing many menace in the city, making open defecation free.
    the problems due this are many like unscientific disposal is leading to contamination of ground water, soil, increase of stray dogs, foul smell etc.

    2.Reduction in vehicular pollution:
    by encouraging car pooling, odd and even policy, encouraging public to use public transports like metro, other transport services by increasing their frequencies and strict implantation of traffic rules as these will reduce in pollution of the city and road accidents.

    3.collection of taxes: as per the recent survey it was found the property tax collected is the lowest in spite having the richest people in the city. so that the same revenue can be used for implantation of above two.

    • Vladimir

      Bengaluru ?

      You have suggested to encourage car pooling, but recently the state govt. has banned Uber pool and ola share, what is your opinion on it?

      • MSM

        yes Bengaluru,
        My opinion reg the uber and ola car pooling is govt must give permission to them to combat traffic and pollution. by doing so my advantages to govt like
        1. Saving of Fuel.
        2. Reduce of traffic congestion there by reduce in Travel time.
        3. Encouragement for protecting environment,recently the GREeen peace has reported that there is an increase in AQI of the capital city. A bit contribution to saving of Environment.

  • cuyi.

    3 things-
    1. sanitation- garbage in and around homes water bodies causes breeding of mosquitoes causing diseases like dengue malaria . so to prevent this i wnt to improve sanitation . plus people doing urination in open especially men and poor people in parks needs to be stopped. for this putting strict laws and punishments like fine or jail, making public toilets more convinent to these people will be done. incentives will be provided to household to keep their surrounding clean. hospital sanitation too needs a big check.

    2. pollution especially noise pollution and air pollution. eg use of odd even formula , use of public trnsport , use of cng cars and getg off with old diesal cars etc. noise pollution by horns and use of bullet bikes needs to be stopped. so fine must be imloosed and bullet biikes needs to be banned. cracker buring also needs to be stopped especiall during diwali and if elecions re won by any party or there is some marriages etc.

    3. road accidents – traffic rules follow up, proper red lights , cctv cameras , alchocol drinkg chckups and truck drivers chckup while drivg to prevent road accients especiually 2 wheeler bikes accidents.

  • PRH


    If given an opportunity, I would concern myself with the following three things,

    1. Enforce the guidelines on source segregation of solid waste, ensure their effective collection, scientific disposal, recycling and recovery wherever possible and give impetus to the waste-to-energy component. This would ensure that the solid waste doesnt find its way indiscriminately to the landfills affecting not just the environment and the habitations around them, but also to an extent would address the energy security concern in my city.

    2. Enforcement of the guidelines on construction activities along with strict penal provisions for the offenders to check the encroachment of wetlands and buffer-zones by property developers which has resulted in urban flooding. Also, I would give equal importance to the enforcement of regulations and guidelines concerning the handling of construction debris that is a major source of PM pollution besides vehicular pollution.

    3. Determine ways and means so as to ensure a smooth flow of traffic to overcome the present scenario of congestion at crucial junctions and reorganise the schedules of the existing urban public transport system so that the means of transport do not get overburdened on busy routes and those on not so busy routes do not run near empty.

  • madhu

    As I am personally from a village if I get such an opportunity my focus would be on 3 things. They are improving road connectivity, to make it open defecation free, to develop profitable market avenues for the farm produce in the same village.
    1.Roads are precondition for the overall development of the village. So physical connectivity is essential.
    2.This is very unfortunate to say that inspite of having government constructed toilets large number of people are still reluctant to use them because of various age old practices and socially ill conceived notions.For this attitudinal change is a must.
    3.My village is located in a fertile godavari delta. There are very good prospects for higher production and productivity mainly in paddy. Coconut and other horticulture. So accessible market place can give farmers good returns which inturn can be invested which will have a multiplier affect. With the support of ICT e-nam can be a good option.

  • Mahi

    Sir given a chance I would like to ensure reverse migration to my village
    As people are leaving for cities the village is losing its importance.
    It is turning into jungle and tigers are roaming around the Village posing direct threat to those remaining there.

    Also migration has caused lot of wastage of agricultural land as no agricultural activity is carried out now.

    So I want to ensure that there is quality education , productive employment , better health care facilities in rural hilly areas .
    Digital revolution can be leveraged here …what we require is political will

    Reviving agriculture in hilly areas can be done by using small scientific tractors and other latest technology…farmers must be given incentives and potential of rural youths from hill areas can be used in sports also….

  • RUb!k

    I have always been a resident of capital city ‘Delhi’. If I were given the chance to improve the condition of capital city I will always be in. To my mind or to my knowledge, one of the biggest problem in city is women security as Delhi is said to be a ‘rape capital’ of the world. If women are given safe environment to work it will be very good for economy of the country and will enhance the image of India globally.
    Secondly, I will be concerned about the slums of the city which is on unauthorised land and in respect the unauthorised slums corresponding the problems of crime, unemployment, sewage etc breaching the very model of city.
    Last but not the least is the problem of Air pollution. Air pollution in city encroaching the normal levels of air quality which considerably pollutes environment and harmful for residents health. Delhi is among the most polluted cities of the world. Curbing all the farm products burning in neighbouring states, check on vehicle emissions and stringent laws could be the way forward.

  • Harnoor singh

    I feel..government and society have combined to effect many positive changes in the society..swachh bharat abhiyaan can be taken as one .
    Regarding my own proclivities..i would like following three things..
    1.improving…inter caste relations…..whether educated dwelling or a ruralite..caste is a deep rooted factor..within our society…so..i would like to initiate a campaign where through interactive sessions and meetings..caste barriers..can be undone..inter caste marriages..can be promoted..and a historic mistake can be corrected.
    2..ensuring playgrounds for the children cities..spare semi parks and playgrounds are beinh converted to community centres..parking spaces..etc..children are being deprived of the opportunity of playing outdoors..
    Increasing addiction towards mobile phones is making things worse..and this may psychologically..ruining the children
    3.animal welfare …being a philozoic..i am apalled to see the egregious condition of the animals.esp..the ones which are slaughtered..
    In line with the supreme .court ‘s directive of providing relative free space for the would be ensured that the conditions of the animals e.g.chickens..goats..pigs etc..would be improved..
    Their dwelling units would be kept neat and clean..and overcrowding in cages..would be checked.
    We can atleast ensure..that the animals are not killed..more than once..(meant for food).
    There are many be tackled but..i would..give priority to..these issues

  • naveen

    Sir/ mam
    I would like to approach it in three varied dimensions:
    Firstly, clean environment and waste disposal would be my priority- if I am allowed to make some policy corrections at the local level. I would ensure that the household segregation and collection of waste be practiced in my city. It will benefit cities in short and long term both

    Secondly,as my city is a famous tourist spot so I would make an effort to organize periodic skill training camps and orientation programmers for the local tourist guides/ city auto, bus and taxi drivers / local shop keepers and eating joints so as to engage them in progressional tourist services and soft skill acquisition

    Thirdly, I would like to make some changes at municipal level by bringing in more progressionals like planners, geographers, architectures etc who could steer growth of city sprawl by planning it in a systematized way

  • Billie Jean

    The three things i would improve in city of pearls are

    1) Traffic management
    As Hyd is fast catching up with its competitors like bangalore, its facing certain externalities like highly congested roads leading to wastage of crucial man hours
    Reasons : a) delayed road widening measures due to religious,cultural roadblocks which i would like to address through negotiations and consensus based approach
    b) faster completion of metro lines which are getting delayed beyond the estimated target dates( construction of metro lines is also causing huge traffic jams)

    2) drinking water supply

    Due to increasing population and declining levels of underground water and low rainfall leading to lower levels in manjira and krishna rivers that provide water to Hyd.
    Building of resorvoirs should come in handy and should be built at ideal loactions so that it reaches thise households that are most in need
    Hyderabad metro water works and sewerage board(HMWS&SB) should reconsider the priorities

    3) pollution

    This is related to traffic management and re suspension of dust from the damaged roads, increasing urbanisation etc

    Hyd should consider delhi type odd-even policy, faster completion of metro and if possible laying restrictions on the movement of heavy diesel vehicles which are old

    • Vladimir

      Has the bifurcation of state created any specific problems for Hyderabad?

  • Ajinkya

    • Village
    ○ School administration of ZP school. Recently quality of education is degraded noticeably, as a result many are going to schools at nearest town. But this has higher fees, therefore only poor are left in the school in village. Few years ago situation was reverse and that can be established again.

    ○ Rain water harvesting and implementation of Jalyukta shiwar scheme : For last 3 -4 years village is suffering form water shortage, right from the month on October – November. I will solve the problem of drinking water definitely and will also help for irrigation to certain extent.

    ○ Implementation of MGNRGA : Though scheme is in operation for several years but no durable rural asset has been created. It will fulfill the objective of the scheme and also improve the capacity of Gram panchayat.

    • Vladimir

      Can you please mention the name of your village and the state, if an other aspirant shares the same then they can discuss with you.

      Q) How do plan to end the drinking water problem (apart from rain water harvesting, can you suggest other methods?)

      • Ajinkya

        Thank you for suggestion 🙂

  • Vladimir


    Sir/ Maam,

    I belong to the “dynamic city – Bengaluru” although it has the distinction of having a pleasant weather, garden city, pensioners paradise, at the same time it is plagued by many problems, I would like to improve —
    1) Sanitation, waste water treatment and solid waste management – Bengaluru is facing acute drinking water shortage, most of the water supply is met by Kaveri river and individual bore wells. Drought like conditions from the past 3 years and decreasing underground water levels has made the city stand at the brink of a water crisis.
    Thus sanitation, waste water treatment are of utmost importance, small effluent treatment plants installed at block levels, filtering and purification units, sludge removal plants at different stages can be installed. Also biogas and manure will be obtained as by products which can be supplied as cooking fuel, and manure to nearby farms. Solid Waste management is also linked with sanitation and hygiene as the leachate may contaminate the water bodies. WTE plants can be an efficient solution to manage the garbage menace.
    2) Vehicular pollution and traffic management — Increasing traffic and pollution has caused a rise in health problems and loss of valuable time waiting in traffic jams. Bengaluru is notorious for Silk board junction, white field which have become famous for traffic jams. Use of metro trains, BMTC public transport, car pooling, introduction of pod taxis, local trains and changes in infrastructure can be a solution. Alternatively remote work for software professionals can be suggested. It will save time and health, which will benefit the people at large.
    3) Woman safety — The incident of mass molestation at New year party in M.G.Road and series of child molestation incidents from the past year rocked Bengaluru. Ensuring safety by enhancing security, bringing behavioral changes, securing school environment, conditioning of boy’s attitude can be suggested.

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      What about the Mandur issue? That has become a dumpyard for Bengaluru. What has the government done on that and the inhabitants of the area?

      • Vladimir

        Yes Sir, Mandur landfill was used for dumping the solid waste generated in Bengaluru, however it was stopped since last year due to the severe from localities.
        State govt had proposed bio remediation plant at the site, however due to the high costs involved it was shelved. Proposals to set up a golf course at the same site have been made. The local people favour a park rather than a golf course which will cater only to the needs of the elite.
        But a more worrying factor are the health issues created by the landfill among the localities, the government has to provide free medical aid in the nearby district hospitals to the victims, which is lacking as of now.
        (P.S. landfill now shifted to an area near Tumkur, although waste segregation at source has been started the implementation is lax, seems like the govt. has not learnt a lesson)

        • Sudhanshu Shekhar

          Good one.

  • Puja

    Sir/Mam, given the change to improve the standard of living of my village, i would like to work upon on the main three areas such as—

    1. Safe drinking water– my area was under arsenic contamination, though the gravity of the problem has reduced, 100% access to safe drinking water is not yet achieved. Provision of Community drinking water tap could be a faster solution..

    2. Improved Road connectivity/Transport solutions– though the area is fertile for agriculture, due to lack of better road facilities farm products cant nt reach to outer market at time,hence loss. f Moreover people,students face difficulty in attending their works.. A better transport solution can bring multiplier effect on the progress of my area.

    3. Lack of quality educational institution–there is only one govt school in the and that too with poor education quality….so despite having fine literacy rate, less gender inequality in the area, ..students have to travel a lot to take specialized coaching..often parents take decision to migrate to nearest semi-urban areas for the interest of their children’s better education.. Improving the education qualities, encouraging private sector in education can fill the gap n stop out-migration for schools only..

    I believe these steps improve the standard of living of my area in both economically and socially..

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      It would have been easier to relate your answer if you had mentioned your locality.

      • Puja

        Nadia District, West Bengal..

        • Sudhanshu Shekhar

          Do you think your locality has been affected by the illegal immigration from Bangladesh?

          • Puja

            Yes sir.. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh is an issue here, but the scale of problem is much lesser than other bordering districts..

  • Dharavi Writer


    1. TRANSPORT : Mumbai’s famous local trains are running at their maximum capacity and is feeling pressure of population. Govt has planned other transport system like Metro, Mono Rails etc. Hence, my priority will be to complete these projects in stipulated time. This will be coupled with proper maintenance of roads and increase in public buses. This will help in better movement of people and goods.
    2. PLANNED DEVELOPMENT: Mumbai has high real estate rates. Hence the dream to own a house is difficult in city like mumbai. Moreover, it also has dharavi which is one of largest slum. Hence, my priority will be to give house for poor at affordable rates through MHADA and schemes like SLUM REHABILITATION SCHEME. The 26 /7 flood few years back brought the issue of Meethi river in limelight. Hence, meaures will be taken that this development is done balancing environment to make it sustainable
    3. SAFETY : Safety of women and children has become major issue in mumbai. Hence, my major impetus will be to educate them about self defence techniques, behavioral change and recruiting more police. This will help in development of women and fear free environment overall,

  • Simplex

    City: Deoria (U.P), became district in 1946.
    Dispite being a district from past 71 years, it still lags behind certain things which i would like to change.

    1- Education: The state of education is not upto mark in my city. The government schools fails to deliver the level education demanded in todays era. Further, skilling the youth and artisans becomes another branch which stems from education itself.

    2- Health: My city is among few cities to have +1000 females per 1000 males. But the prevalent of diseases such as dengue, kala azar and JE have a regressive effect on such a bright equation.

    3- Infrastructure: Including the basic infrastructure of raods and drainage, the need is of development of Cottage and SME sectors.

    Steps suggested by me can have drastic effect because of few reasons:

    1- Deoria is among highest populous District in UP. Thus a huge Demography is there to be turned into dividend.
    2-Being predominantly a agriculture economy, development of food processing units, sugar mills, cottage industries would be a game changer.

  • Gaurav


    I come from a urban background(Delhi) which has its own set of peculiar problem. I will focus on following issues on priority bases:

    1. Traffic Management: According Delhi Economic Survey, the average traffic speed in Delhi is now 30kmph which will decrease to 10kmph within decade in business as usual case. Clogged roads are now a regular feature. This cause multiple problems like: air pollution, fuel wastage, loss precious man hours, psychological problems and so forth. As said in National Mobility Policy, my aim would be to have smart traffic management, technology upgradation, public fleet management which includes incentivising public transport..

    2. Urban Sprawl: It has been found that Delhi has witnessed unhindered urban sprawl which has compromised with intended master plans. This has lead to unplanned growth of city encroaching upon contiguous land. Hence my priority would be check on this with strict enforcement of master plans which will bring about efficiency in urban growth.

    3. Urban poverty: this is ugly underbelly of urban growth. Due to excessive in migration, many often are not able to get share in urban economy. This leads to build of slums, crime, encroachment, unauthorized construction, etc. In this regard already steps have been taken like skill development, affordable housing schemes. Hence my action would focus on their effective implementation.

  • V Kumar

    Sir/ Madam;
    Three things to improve

    1) Public education: Government schools are not running as were envisaged. Quality of education is very poor. Teachers in most of schools just are coming for attendance filling. Carrier and life of many poor children are hampering.They are not getting healthy midday meal. Strict auditing, surprise visit and peoples scrutiny would be the method to do.

    2) Gram Panchayat functioning:

  • Axi Tak

    Udaipur (Rajasthan)

    2 major changes:

    Education system

    Udaipur is rapidly advancing and it has been selected to be one of the cities to be turned into smart city but the major problem we are dealing with is that we don’t have any major university or college. We have very few universities in name of professional education but they require serious changes. They need to be updated and transformed completely to provide proper education.
    This issue is driving most of the Udaipur locals to go outside the town for higher and professional education. Which simply leads to brain drain.

    Cleanliness of lakes

    Udaipur is a lake city and the biggest source of our economy is tourism but the major problem we are facing is that everyone throws garbage in these lakes. They have turned these beautiful lakes into garbage bins. Soon all kind of mosquitoes, flies prevail around these lakes leading to unhygienic conditions which finally leads to repel tourists.

    Multiplier effects:
    1. Less awareness leads to ignorance.
    2. Unclean lakes is hampering our tourism industry thus many people are loosing there jobs in this sector. Its hampering our city’s economy.

    Our major industry is tourism and that is what drives the growth of our city. The situation needs to be contained soon for overall growth of our city. Plus good education system will not drive Udaipurites out of the city for higher education as we know the value of our city, we can save it way better than anyone.

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      I think the question was about the multiplier effect of the changes you will bring about and not of the problems themselves.

      • Axi Tak

        Thanks a ton, I will edit.

  • VKS

    The three things i would like to improve of my home city would be transportation, stopping river encroachment and tapping full potential of tourism by improving its chain. I have chosen the three because sir i have found that population of Ranchi have increased many fold since it becoming capital of jharkhand and though transportation is being improved but it faces regular heavy traffic jam causing loss of time, creates pollution and economy loss too. Similarly due to land shortage there is rampant encroachment of river bed and as we are witnessing different problems in various cities due to encroachment, we need to act immediately in this regard. On the tourism side, there is vast potential to create gainful employment and it has been not been tapped properly.
    sir, all the three mentioned need immediate attention and will have good multiplier effect in terms of health gain, economy boost and resilient city development.

  • Ravi

    Lucknow, U. P.
    Sir/ ma’m,
    three things that i want to improve in my city of nawabs are:
    1. Cleanliness i.e. implementation of swatch bharat abhiyan at larger scale,
    2. Youth employment with help of Startup India and Standup India schemes and
    3. Tourism i.e. overhauling of city keeping tourism in mind.
    Thank You.

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      What innovative plans do you have for the tourism in your city?

      • Ravi

        Sir, Few innovative plans that i have in my mind for the tourism in my city are as follows:
        1. Overhauling of historical and cultural buildings as lucknow has lot of them and they could be better tourist spots, this way they will prosperity to the local economy. Right now the conditons of these buildings are very bad due to negligence of government,
        2. Development of River banks as both Mighty Ganga and Gomti flow in Lucknow,
        3. Reconstruction and tranformation of city keeping in mind the long history attached to it for e.g. Transformation of Hazratganj by Chief Minister Mayawati Ji,
        4. Organization of cultural functions at weekends and at bigger scale.

        Please let me know if i had missed something. Thanks.

  • Trinetra Kumar

    Agra, U.P.

    Agra is a hub of tourism. So these three things i want to improve in my city.

    1. Clean water & sanitation [Clean Agra-Green Agra]
    2. Quality Education with Equal opportunity
    3. Transport improvement so tourist can visit easily [International Airport, Connecting Agra with major cities]

    • Mani

      Hey! I am also from Agra…

      I agree with 1st and 2nd point of yours, but in 3rd, international airport seems more far fetched…..I think transport improvement within city will be better…what do you think?

  • Sir/Ma’am, my hometown is Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan state. I will improve the PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSTEM, ROADS and SEWERAGE SYSTEM in my city if given a chance. These areas are in dire need of improvement in Jaipur. They will have a multiplier effect on the city’s economy. Except the major roads which are traversed by VIPs, tourists and govt functionaries, all roads are prone to frequent clogging, appearance of ditches, etc. Though Jaipur has a metro rail system, it does not pass thru the major hubs of the city. The Bus Rapid Transit System proved to be a failure and a massive drain on public money.

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      How do you link sewerage to economy?

      • I linked public transit to economy.

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar

    Sir, I come from Palam, New Delhi.
    I would try to change the following things:
    1. Better management of vehicle parking. It leads to undue hassle in the transport and also presents a bad picture of the locality. This can be done by sensitizing people about the parking sense.
    2. The locality I belong to has a huge scarcity of greenery. I would want to incentivize the people to take up plantation and home grown vegetation.
    3. Betterment of roads especially for the rainy season as it gets flooded in my locality during the monsoons.

    I think these are the issues that a normal citizen form my locality daily faces. It reduces his productivity and increases frustration. Thus I think it would be immensely helpful for smart living.

    • Vladimir

      New Delhi is synonymous with pollution, strange that you have not mentioned it, what suggestions do you give to tackle air pollution. Has odd even been effective?

      • Sudhanshu Shekhar

        Sir, I wanted to mention problems specific to my locality. I live in a residential area where pollution is not as big a problem as in some busy areas.
        I agree that Delhi has become synonymous with pollution. To tackle this we need to identify the sources of pollution and strike at the roots:
        1. The construction activity makes up a huge chunk of pollution and PM 2.5. This can be controlled by regulation on construction norms.
        2. The Delhi Government has developed a Swacch Delhi App, with which common citizen can send the pics of the polluted areas and get the authorities to act. Such measures of citizen participation can help as the citizens themselves are the biggest sufferers.
        3. Promoting public transport usage and cab pooling can also reduce vehicle density on the roads.
        4. Heaps of garbage have come up at the areas such as bypass. Waste to electricity generation can be contemplated in this regard.

        • Vladimir

          Awesome, thanks.

  • sunita

    Sir, I come from a village in Andhra Pradesh .

    I want to improve
    1.Road conditions & Transport

    bcz, Road conditions are not at all good ,there is a fear among the pregnant women if they travel on this road their delivery pains will start in the travelling itself..moreover no bus facility ,most of the people used to travel in Autos or some ppl using their 2 wheelers.
    It became never ending struggle for a child to go to schools in near by town and comeback in the evening.

    It will have a multiflier effect on trade,safe commute-> so better human capital, more business opportunities etc

    2.Drinking water supply
    No piped drinking water supply,people used to fetch from far off wells. people who can afford buying mineral water ,they buy water cans. Rest use well water -> increased diseases ,health affected.

    No proper sanitation measures implemented here. panchayat officials became irresponsible and unaccountable one can question them…
    waste is left on the roads,no drainage facility- sludge will be on the road itself —> it all leads to easy spread of communicable diseases

    by improving drinking water facilities and sanitation -> will have a multiflier affect on their health ->so better tomorrow,better youth, better human capital ->development of the nation

    • Jyothi Gopinath

      Hi Sunita as your becoming a bureaucrat you should not critise the govt and officials it un becoming a civil servant cut short your answer and you should provide solutions to problems just not mentioning the problems

      • sunita

        okay..Thanks Gopinath ,Will try to improve upon..:)

  • Preamble

    Sir , I come from a draught affected region where farmers suicide are highest. If I get a chance
    My priority will be
    1) agriculture improvement through management of irrigation, encouraging mixed cropping , disputes resolution between farmers etc.
    2) tackle malnutrition especially in child & women
    3) improvement in health facilities through primary & communities health cares
    4) improvement in primary & secondary education
    Currently we have schemes but looking reality we should need more strategic implementation which I will do.

  • Sir, I hails from Jaipur. I would like to improve following aspects.
    1. Tourism : the city have numerous historical places that calls large number of visitors. But that too is currently not as high as we can expect from it. With proper facilities like accommodation, transportation, etc.
    2. Road and safety: even being the pink city of India, the city needs a. It improvement in terms of roads and safety.
    3. Environmental protection: the city is being covered with flats, houses in place of angriculture field. It needs a green belt . The initiative to add a green belt aside of khatipura railway track is a good start.

  • Jyothi Gopinath

    Sir, I came from a town earlier represented by Our Chief Minister YSR, So, we already have good infrastructure but we don’t have enough industries generation of employment, so I work for establishing Industries, especially agro based industries in our town it adds value to farm produce and also bring better returns.
    Promotion of good qualityeducation in schools and colleges with emphasis on skilling to provide best workforce for industries.
    Promotion of greenery and water conversation programs due to semi arid nature of climate we have.

    • sunita

      Good attempt yarr….may be few more points could be added on multiplier effect.

  • Nisha Mishra

    good one thankx

    few insightful editorials may help in interview –

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