Interview Discussion- Day 11

Interview Discussion- Day 11


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Important Guidelines

  • In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay
  • Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same will happen in interview.
  • Counter questions will help in better expression as well as expose to various aspects one may have missed while writing. It will lead to better understanding of the issue.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

If you have followed the world affairs in the past few months, you must have noticed certain changes that are unprecedented. Regimes have changed, drive towards globalization has reversed, the notion of diversity as a strength has diluted and so many other changes have occurred.

What is your take on these transformations? Are we heading towards more uncertainty and chaos? Will our kids inherit a more dangerous world to live in? Are we preparing to go back to our silos and remain confined within our boundaries? Is democracy losing its sheen? Give your reasoned opinion.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    yes we can say that recent uncertain rapidly occuring changes! and unprecedent greed for power and control is surely taking us toward undefined mode of chaos!. we have failed ourselves to change with a matching speed of differences that world is creating everyday! we are grinding under the concocted oppressive thoughts of mean powers!. we are observing changes in the way we live but not in the way we should live, while we are violating our terms our obligations and our responsibilities! and we see it as moving forward leaving trail of damages behind. In worst case scenarios if there comes a chance of choosing between probabilities, we may hardly left with many options as future generation has lend this world to us only to take back in future.

    • Sudhanshu Shekhar

      I think you should provide instances to back your opinion. Secondly, try to be optimistic at least in the end.

      • Gaurav Sharma

        well its just a starter to pull out more in interview! I guess you are analysing it like an mains attempt 😀 as everything is asked in question itself!

        • Sudhanshu Shekhar

          mains pre or the real life, I think positivity has equal importance. Just a suggestion. Rest is up to you.

          • Gaurav Sharma

            Thankyou! Positivity word enlightened me! There should have been h positive conclusion at last!
            Aye aye captain?

  • Sri Ram

    Sir, It reminds me, Good economics is Good politics and also Bad economics will lead to Bad politics. Globalization has benefited the Western world immensely, but there are other problems also brought by it. Such as growing inequality in developed world, unemployment due to technological advancements and automation, also refugee crisis, immigration , Islamic terror. As the govts could do little about these problems, there is anti establishment resentment simmering. So, the right wing in those countries tried to capitalize on such resentment among middle class, by magnifying the various phobias like radical islam, loss of jobs due to immigration etc. Rise of trump and Brexit shows the pattern.
    So amid these developments, lot of uncertainty clouded the global scenario. Rise of protectionism is not good for world economy especially developing countries suffer. But this also not appreciated by corporate sector in america , as they are the huge beneficieries of it.
    Also fight on radical islamic terror and ban on muslims of 7 countries entering US, all increase instability and conflict in west asia.
    Also protectionism and anti immigration mindset will all affect pluralistic notions , democracy, human rights. there are chances of rise in racist tendencies.
    Overall, the events show that coming days are full of uncertainities. military interventions in west asia and bad economics like global financial crisis 2008, slow down in global economy, eurozone crisis are to blame for these

  • brajesh mudgal

    sir,it is quite clear from the present economic and political stand of the world’s leading countries that the very next ‘hand of years’ is going to be highly concernable matter for the authorities as well as the respective ‘little people’ of our world (i mean people like normal one) regarding this continuous rate of intolerant nature (increasing) among the so called ‘super powers’ of the world.well,the thing is damn simple”one can grow prosperously by lifting others” , it is a on time demand of the world to be addressed by some more peace acquiring platforms and governed with the same leaders who understand the need of tranquil environment only then we could follow the sustainable form of development, the need is to realise -“HOW MUCH WE ARE PAYING ,JUST TO GET DEVELOPED IN A SINGLE CONTEXT viz DOMINANT”.
    Actually i am new to this and have started prep.few days ago.#learner


    well yes the world affairs are slight on unprecedented different polls, the flip in American Politics, Brexit, so called Islam Terror in west asia and ramification on rest of the world. these developments has induced 1st fear in minds and made them little conservative, additionally the world economy has not recovered from 2008 crisis. So the political aim is very nature protecting their people and restoring economy but means could be questioned. this is the time when the so called super powers have to play more responsible role. Uncertainty and chaos can come but it will not take us back to our silos. with presence of multi power pole, The world power is now on common plane so any “chaos or conflict” will be dealt on table not on field. intact democracy will be proved to be more valuable and meaningful than ever.

  • Axi Tak

    Globalization has two major agendas inclusiveness and sustainable development and the recent changes:
    1. America’s ban on 7 Islamic nations.
    2. Brexit
    3. Situation of Rohingyas (no one speaking up for them)
    4. Syrian civil war and other Islamic terrorist activities all over the world
    5. Growing protectionism in America

    these are hampering the years of global hard work done by all countries to achieve inclusiveness and sustainable development.

    There is chaos and confusion but that doesn’t mean that it will shake up the strong hold of all nations towards a more global world.
    Whenever things change for good or for bad there is always chaos and confusion as some accept and some reject. Major thing to notice here is majority of nations are against these moves so we are on the right track. The peace making agendas are on its peak. We are moving towards a new global era and certain road barriers are not going to change anything but make us that more stronger and resilient.

  • sbt57

    Sir,I think you are referring to Brexit and weakening of EU and Mr. Trump’s protectionist policies.I think that this transformation is a consequence of desperation of working class which felt left out due globalization-loosing jobs due to outsourcing or influx of immigrants,rising inequality and so on.

    Since established norms are being questioned and we are entering into post truth era according to some scholars,it is indeed uncertain time.But it would be early to say that we are in a chaotic situation.

    I think democracy hasn’t lost its sheen.This is evident from demonstrations against Trump in US and other countries.The counter forces are also active and still powerful.

    I don’t think globalisation can retreat.US protectionist policies may affect it but there are other players in the world economy like China,India and so on.Possibly,US retreat will reduce its economic prowess and someone else may take its place.

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar

    Sir, in the recent times there has been change in regimes and dominant ideology. The Brexit and election of Donald Trump are a case in point. Further right leaning thoughts are gaining ground in France. But Sir, In think these are not of permanence. They are an immediate reaction to certain passing difficulties. The economic slowdown has made people in USA think that people from abroad are snatching their jobs but in reality they have contributed towards the booming USA economy.
    Similar is the situation in Britain. Further the recent ban on 7 Islamic nations is also inspired from a populist belief and won’t survive for too long.
    Sir, I think that with betterment in global economy and coordinated action in the security scenario such as FATF we can leave a better world for our future generations.

  • PModi

    1. Sir I beleive you are referrring to decision taking in Britain over wthdrawl from EU and recent election of Trump as US President who seems to favours isolationist policies and have a worldview quite different from what world expects from US – leader of free trade, openness and democracies
    2. Take on Transformation : The world order established after WW 2 was formed and maintained by Western cuntries predominantely US, now with rise of Asia as economic and political powerhouse; things are changing at US and european countries, change is always difficult, manufacturing jobs have gone and population are ageing, thei concenr is legitimate
    3. Uncertainty and Chaos in future – we are going to face formidable challenges in futrure – rsource depletion and climate change and ageing western countries – so yes some chaos is going to happen. But I don’t think a danger of tradewards and nuclear war is going to happen as all people acknowledge that the cost of such things will be too high; the world peoblems need consensus which is going to take some time and wont be easy – but we are taking steps – paris climate agreement,
    4. Silos – not possible, globalisation, trade and exchanges are as long as human civilization
    5. Democracies losing sheen – no, just because they is an uproar over status quo doesn’t mean democracies are threatened – in fact democracies is teh only political system which can absorb the shock that we are ging to see in the future. As seen in syria and arab cuntries – totalatarian states cannot control pople for long in bad situations

  • Brar MS

    Sir, Stephen hawkin once said, 21 century will be the century of complexity. Britain, USA have favoured a proctectionist stand due to regime change. I believe it is the tendency of the universe to move toward chaos and it is the responsibilty of national and supra-national bodies to contain it and channelise it.

    Based, on present day occurings like rise of IS, Boko haram, taliban, Increasing tension between US, Russia , US and China etc, CLimate change one may conclude that our children may inherit a more dangerous world, But we should not underestimate the power of human will power, UN and diplomacy has prevented WWIII, Montreal protocol has curbed the problem associated with Ozone depletion etc.

    Mr Trump and Post-brexit may lead usto conclude that protectionism is increasing but I believe that it is may continue to persist till next 4 years. Mr. Trump’s approval ratings are already down and change in regime will bring in democrats that are more liberal to globalisation.

    As, far as a democracy losing its sheen is concerned, I feel democracy has its own cycles. People may commit a mistake by electing a particular regime, they learn from their mistakes and bring in a more democratic and egalitarian state.

  • RUb!k

    Transformations in US and Britain which are moving towards the conservative conceptions will effect the conerned countries and the world fiercely. The very concept of globalisation started from the time immemorial. Initially countries produced their goods and sell it to its population which denied the fact of progressing. So connecting to the world was the way forward and catering its populations with the better and cost effective means.
    If the scenario remains same this century, it would be very difficult for diplomacy and sorting out the disputes relating to the countries. Reduction in people to people contact and more emphasis will be given to nationalism and disturb the world’s stability.
    Democracy refers to the government which is elected through population, In my opinion it is not loosing its sheen in every respect. People are free to express their opinion but the mistake they are committing by following a regime which is anti social will effect them in the long term.

  • Ram

    Our economies are so interdependent that complete reversal may not be feasible. threat to globalization may only be used as bargaining chips to influence the process to benefit the dominant country. Protectionism, conservatism can only selectively applied. Even if multilateral trading regimes fail, bilateral negotiations would continue. The present events may alter the path of globalization but may not substitute it.

  • Preamble

    Madam/ sir , in my opinion the chaos prevailing is about expression to protectcism and less about democracy. The nation’s are taking protective stand because they observe the kind of terrorism is going to hamper their future . But this will not lead to unprotected , unstable transfer to democracy. The whole world has witnessed benefits of democracy.

  • soccer

    Madam/sir, The discrimination on the basis of nationality subordinating human values and the sense of uniqueness only due to the believe that they cause prevailing terrorist activities and unemployment to the natives as in the case of “USA and Europian union” is totally unjust. It does not only develop a sense of conservatism but restricts the cross cultural engagement which is not beneficial for harmony and social prosperity among people across the world.There can be an obvious reason behind that, they are protecting the interest of their national values but the question is at the cost of what? Is it right for the whole world as a society? or what kind of impression are we putting on to our upcoming generations. our history witnessed how the technology transformed the world when it traveled to its origin to the various parts of the world who was unaware of it. how the raw material from one nation helped to convert it into final goods especially to those nations who are not rich in resources. so In my opinion there is always a huge responsibility on our leaders so their power should be used wisely.

    • Sagar


  • V Kumar

    Sir/ Madam;

    America is world most powerful nation and her polices has huge impact worldwide in sentiment and ideology. Newly elected American president Donald trump policies and vision towards world and internal affair has raised question on Globalization, diversity, liberalism, etc.

    Donald Trump conservative and extreme nationalistic policies with vision of making American again great, is being criticized world wide. USA which is seen as most liberal and adoptive countries are fearing with Muslim and passing discriminatory polices against particular religion. If powerful nations will herself adopt such policies how can they curb and resolve world wide injustice?

    USA was one of the most proponent of trade liberalization. However in current regime she is talking about imposing import tarriff to regulate trade and building walls on boarder to control and curb migration. She is also talking about reviewing different trade negotiations like NAFTA. etc.

    There is also news that Russia has helped in winning of Donald Trump with cyber network campaign. This raised question on sovereignty and democracy of any nation. This will create fear in weak nations about influence of dominating nation in elections. This fear need to eliminated to build trust in worldwide national integration and trade liberalization.

    • Keshav Melnad

      @vinaythecr87:disqus So, what do you think which should be given more priority, national security or globalization?

      • V Kumar

        Certainly there is need to balance both. However, Question is arises on new President policy because earlier policy was liberal towards all religions. Also, It was not threat to security as perceived by new government. Further, Just by banning certain country nationals, security threat could not be eliminated. Today world is connected with internet and financial market and banking system depend on cyber space. Terrorist could enter in cyber space from unknown places in world and can irreparable damage. If new Government feels that there is security threat, He could strengthen it by increasing intelligence etc rather than banning certain religion people.

        • Keshav Melnad

          Properly justified. Thumbs up.

          • Raman

            bro if u really want it , contact me then…mail id?

  • Chestnut

    Being self sufficient and self reliant in ALL the aspects is near impossible. Thats why the interdependence on each other started flourishing at the first place. Diversity is a truth of nature and if humans are not smart enough to use it as a strength, then consequences too have to be faced by us only. Fear of alien culture, people may be justified but we can’t continue to live in this morbid fear forever. With national borders given so much of emphasis it has become easy to forget that we all are first humans with innate quality of compassion.

  • VKS

    there has been many changes in regime and world affairs like Brexit gives pessimistic note of reverse globalization.. but i think the reason behind is more of temporary nature like 2008 global crisis etc. It can lead to uncertainity in short term like european union future or trade war etc.. but we cannot overlook power of globalisation and world have integrated very deeply.. therfore i donot think that reverse globalisation will be long term phenomenon.. and ultimately democratic forces will drive it through..

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