Daily archives for March 22nd, 2017

IASbaba’s MINDMAP...

IASbaba’s MINDMAP : Issue – Energy Sector

IASbaba’s MINDMAP : Issue – Energy Sector Archives P.S- Right Click on the image and open it in new tab. From there you can save it in your system.   Reference – Link

IASbaba’s Daily C...

IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs – 22nd March, 2017

IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs – 22nd March 2017 Archives HEALTH CARE TOPIC: General Studies 2 Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health Development processes and the development industry the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups and associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders HIV Bill Introduction HIV is a crucial concern […]

IASbaba Daily Cur...

IASbaba Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 142]

IASbaba Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 142] Click here to get all the Tests– Archives Q.1) Which of the following sea does not have a land boundary? Sargasso Sea Laptev Sea Kara Sea Weddell Sea Q.2) Consider the following statements about Shala Asmita Yojana It is launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development It […]

IASbaba’s T...

IASbaba’s TLP 2017 [22nd March]: Day 47

IASbaba’s TLP 2017 [22nd March]: Day 47  ARCHIVES To Know More about the Initiative -> Click Here Note: Click on the links and then answer on respective questions!   Welcome to Day 47 of TLP Phase I. Please understand that the next 12 weeks are not meant to test your knowledge. Most of you are […]

5. The Indus Wate...

5. The Indus Water Treaty remains a major irritant in Indo-Pak relations. Do you agree? Examine the issue and associated developments in the recent past.

4. What is your a...

4. What is your assessment of the budgetary allocation to the defense sector? Is it adequate? Also give suggestions to streamline the defense sector in India.

3. That technolog...

3. That technology can empower is a well established fact. However, the penetration of technology into the agricultural sector is an unfinished agenda. Do you agree? Examine.

2. Do you think r...

2. Do you think replacing the existing public distribution system and other benefits for the BPL families with a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be a fiscally prudent decision? Critically analyse.

1. Agricultural s...

1. Agricultural subsidies not only distort the market but also have serious implications for the environment. Examine.

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