IASbaba’s TLP MAINS 2017 OFFLINE PROGRAMME- Inclusive of 30 FREE Seats+Library and Study Centre for 150 Students!

Dear Friends,

We thank you for the countless “Thank you” we have received for the success in UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2016 and performance in Prelims 2017.

Please forgive us if we are not able to reply to each one of you as we are very pressed on time and lot of important issues waiting to happen.

Now that we have got you through prelims it falls upon us to see that you get through the next stage.

Last year we have had countless stories from our TLP Offline (MAINS)  Programme 

Naveen Bhat (Rank 37) , Priyanka (IAS) , Ajay Bidari (IRS), Nimishambha (IRS) , Rutvik Malaviya(IRS) and numerous others passing out successfully.

We are sharing the testimonials from our Mains 2016 Offline Student

Rank 425, Sharath Chandra:

Shourya Sharma: 

Score Card before Joining our Offline Class

Score Card after Joining our Offline Class


And the BIG SURPRISE this year is that 30 SEATS in TLP (Offline) will be completely free for General Studies!

Others will be charged a very nominal fee.

We would have 20 classroom tests , 10 take home tests and 18 power packed classes.

These classes will be in transformational in nature.

For example : Our strategy for ethics would probably help you optimize the subject in mere 2 classes.

We expect that one who is well versed in basics to enroll with us. We will add the topping on the desert you would cherish to become.

Kindly REGISTER Only if you are interested in joining our Offline Mains Programme- Click Here 


You can directly come over to office and enroll for the Programme 

Our Official Address– No 220, First Floor, 28th Cross, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru-560010, Land Mark- Near KLE College, Navarang

Email ID- [email protected]

Phone Numbers- 9035077800/8602242429 (Between 10 AM to 5 PM)

Classes will begin by first week of July and finish off by  last week of September.

Regarding OPTIONALS – We will provide Test Series for Geography and Anthropology Optional and Guidance for Public Administration, Sociology and Kannada Literature

We understand it is that time of the year when the heat is unbearable. But look at the irony of UPSC; even in this scorching heat, you are supposed to heat up even further!

Gosh! Its tough, isn’t it?

But then, the reward is lucrative. Imagine yourself listening to the President of India in no other than the Rashtrapati Bhawan itself! Or think about the fun that you will have when going on Bharat Darshan! Also think about all the power that you will command by simply cracking one examination! Sounds exciting?

There are many articles, talks, blogs and videos on what it takes to crack the coveted Civil Services Examination (CSE). In all those narratives, you will find one common theme and that is determination. And that is true to a large extent. Imagine a mason having all the tools, materials and skills to build a house. But what if he doesn’t have the will or determination to work? What if he detests hard labour? Will the house ever get built? Of course not.

Somewhere, most of you suffer from the same syndrome. Many of the candidates fail to succeed only because they lack determination or they keep procrastinating. This approach only creates panic and depression when the time approaches fast. Moreover, opportunities are shrinking but competition is ever intensifying. You have to be on your toes and that’s the bare minimum.

IASbaba has always tried to keep you on your toes through its online and offline programs. The flagship TLP Online and Offline initiatives are hugely popular across our followers and this time also we are proud to announce the commencement of TLP Offline and Online for Civil Services Mains, 2017.

Come join us and create history!

Another surprise : IASbaba to open a library and study centre for more than 150 people.

And yes it is completely free for our students. 

Important Note: Details about ONLINE TLP MAINS 2017 will be announced in a day or two 

All the Best

IASbaba Team

  • I know that I know nothing.

    Please consider online students also who are only having your support.

    • Kindly read the last Note

      • Bean Babu

        Babaji I am ILP student and edge species in terms prelims cut off and qualifying for mains. Is there any offline test series only to come and give test in your classroom? My intention is to write test in real test environment if I manage to clear prelims this time. Pls suggest.

        • Bean

          Not an exclusive test series as such. We give emphasis to discussions also. Writing test only without developing perspective and right approach won’t suffice.

          • Bean Babu

            The intention of mains offline TLP I understood. But I am hanging between 98-104 marks (general category)in prelims from different key answers. I am in dilemma whether to join offline TLP before the prelims results are announced or I can manage with online TLP and ILP mains initiatives if I am lucky enough to clear prelims. I am first timer .

          • Bean

            If not so sure, you may continue with ILP and TLP Online. TLP Online update will come tomorrow

          • Bean Babu

            Thanks Babaji

      • Mukesh

        Yes baba waiting for online TLP plan like last year

      • ias

        @iasbaba i would like to join offline anthropology test series what could be the fee or only those clearing prelims will be considered
        Or is there tlp for optional in online mode will be there for 2017
        Please asap Babaji replay

        • vivek s.

          Hello u have any idea about other online test series which r good? like Sosin mam

      • I know that I know nothing.

        Thanks sir

  • ias

    Babaji i would like to join offline anthropology test series what could be the fee for it or you are taking only those students who are get through prelims this year 2017 please help.. thanks

    • If you are sure of clearing can join. How can we know who will clear? 🙂 It should come from you and those who have appeared.

  • sk

    What is the fee structure for this mains 2017 course alone for the students applying now

    • W0n’t be more than 10k for Offline Mains

  • thevagabond85

    those already offline are going online …. and those started online are going offline … what?

    • Mukesh

      If output is good does that matter?

    • Kanchanasharma

      seems like. have you joined any online test series for mains?

  • madan kumar k j

    Baba getting 108-116……116 according to u.. .. can I join……I’m working as well

    • Yes madan. You will clear hopefully!

  • H K A

    @iasbaba:disqus Thanks for the heads up on TLP online. I was just about to mail you to ask about the same 🙂
    Please share the schedule at the earliest. I am eagerly waiting for TLP to begin 🙂

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Babaji do you have any arrangement for TLP Mains offline in Delhi NCR? I desperately want to join the offline program so as to crack the exam this year.

    • mayank agarwal

      see if this is helping you. im in a similar situation http://exam.aikyatha.in

      • Gurpreet Singh

        Thanks for your suggestion brother. I will look forward to it. Thanks once again.

    • Singh

      Not as of now. We will have TLP Online coming soon

      • Gurpreet Singh

        No problem babaji, I will try to utilise the TLP online to the fullest.

      • Sachin Kumar

        please tell when ur programe for TLP Online coming.
        please give the date.

  • “Yoga_/_”

    Babaji for Geography optional test-series , you will provide separate registration link or same registration will be valid as you are asking about the optional also while registering? OTHER question which I have is suppose I will get enroll for this course and unfortunately I will not clear prelims (as I am on border , getting 108 to 113 marks) in that case I can continue the course or I have to leave it.

    • Same for even Geography. You can continue if wish to. You will clear but 🙂


    Hello sir,
    First of all thanx to you for ur continuous help and support to the students.
    What ,I want to ask is that, ILP-2018 Online is only for GS subjects as u have mentioned. But what about our optionals ? Please clarify us on dis…!! 🙂
    My optional is Sociology.
    Thanx in advance for your positive reply…!! 🙂

    • Kabira
      ILP is GS only. We do not have anything paid for Optional because there are many and quality support has to be sustainable which is not available as of now

  • Madhavi Yadav

    Baba ji., One query. will you give online test series too,for gs n geography? It will b very helpful:)

    • A-KSHAR

      wiconman se baat hui kya ..where he is

      • Madhavi Yadav

        Nana…Koi idea nai..I asked abt the prelims bt koi reply nai aya. :/

        • Piyush Bhardwaj

          Arey ye paper2 k liye sabse reliable key kaunsi hai??? Ek key ne to 64 marks par hi lataka diya hai mujhe.

          • Madhavi Yadav

            Yaar mujhe idea nai hai…meine check nai kiya..mujhe passage wale options yaad nai the ..tick bi nai kiya tha…so upsc walo pe chor Diya paper 2…key dekhke fayda nai hai…tum bi padai shuru kar do mains ki…n leave the prelims key n all..

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Shankar IAS ki key se 70 marks aa rahe hai. Itni baar exam me border par reh chuka hu ki kabhi kabhi sochta hu ki army me hona chahiye tha, upsc ki preparation me galti kar di aakar.
            How u are going to do preparation for mains??? Abhi to me optional start karuga aaj se. Aur babaji ki monthly magazine.

          • Madhavi Yadav

            Koi Na…daro mat…sab acha hoga..all this efforts of ur will bring laurels ..have faith in urself 🙂
            Meine abi selected question’s answer writing practice from insight+forum+civil 360.bt refraining from posting answers..optional kar ri huun n ..saath mei test series ki prep…mujhe sept to Sept apne notes banana hai to woh bi shuru karungi ekad din mei 🙂

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Accha plan hai lage raho phir👍👍👍👌👌👌

          • Mission 2017

            Same mera bhi 70 in paper 2…and 103 in paper1…border pe….both d papers..😂😂

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Lagta hai border par rehkar hi pre clear hone wala hai iss baar.😂😂😂😂 isliye previous year pre clear nhi hua kyoki tab csat me border par nhi tha, ab combination fit hua hai😁😁😁

          • Mission 2017

            Haha..ho joyega is baar..mains ki tayyari karo…

          • Mission 2017

            Wh z ur optional???

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Geography, 12th me pcm subject hote hue bhi geography hons se graduation isiliye to kiya tha.☺

          • Mission 2017

            Haha..sahi hain..

          • Mission 2017

            Wts ur schedule fr mains…am nt gettng any idea…

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Haven’t made any schedule. Just have started reading world history for paper1 and trying to complete the syllabus of paper1 as much as I can before the start of TLP.
            For geography I m starting from geomorphology and climatology.

          • Mission 2017

            Ok…n gs ke liye kaunsa test series join kiye ho

          • Piyush Bhardwaj

            Koi bhi nhi. Mujhe mains ka overall syllabus bhi study karna hai isliye Bas TLP par answer writing practice karunga, baki mains test series k liye time nikal pana thoda muskil hai.
            Vision test series k questions mene dekhe nhi hai, isliye Usk baare me pata nhi mujhe.

          • Mission 2017

            Thikh hain..ty☺

          • Piyush Bhardwaj


          • Mission 2017

            Hws vision test series

    • A-KSHAR

      yaar i feeling ver low and its a lot of fear … kuchh samjha nahi aa raha hai .. i have done mechanical engineering .. left gate and college placement and direct came here .. after analysing 2015/ 2014 pre , mains .. questionpapers .. but now upsc playing a smart game .. now each and every stage its going to be a lot of uncertainity and unpredectability .. from last 2016 pre to mains 2016 i had to change my way of reading but its seems to be not enough .. ..

      • A-KSHAR

        please help me madhavi wheather should i quit for this exam or continue ..

        “”the questions were in tune with the recommendations of the Alagh Committee, which observed that “the standard of testing should be raised incrementally and the questions should be designed to test a broad spectrum of knowledge””” just 5 days ago the hindu … said this .. about recommendation….. this years mains also going to be very new and with alot of surprises ………… right now nothing comes in my mind …….. hey baba bacha le

        • Piyush Bhardwaj

          Bhai ye upsc hai isme ghusna easy hai Lekin yaha se nikalna bhut muskil. Ek baar aap aa gye iss field me to ya to aap rank lekar nikloge yaa phir apne sabhi attempt isi me laga doge. Isliye there always should be some back up plan for that.
          WO cricket wala advertisement to dekha hoga aapne ye mohh naa choote, u will always be tempted to give this exam either u are doing job or not.

      • Madhavi Yadav

        Yaar ..I can understand dear.. I too left my job for this exam 🙂
        sabki woi haal hai..no on knows upsc fully…yeh socho tumhe nai Pata..bt tumhre saath wale ko nai Pata..mains n prelims mei saare sincere candidates ke paas nearly same level of knowledge hota hai..it’s important how u. Keep urself calm n Jo ata hai Usse ache se karo..bcz if u r feeling heat person sitting next to u is also feeling the heat… 🙂
        Meine socha hai ki I will go through the summary of previous 2 year economic survey too.. baaki to current +static + test series..
        Be calm n Study

        • A-KSHAR

          but how to be a calm and composed ..while knowing ……. i am committed to give my 100 % but there are alot of uncertainity about the outcome ..

          • Madhavi Yadav

            Dekho..try to b logical most of the tym…thing that is uncertain..u cannot control it by being anxious or Kuch bi.. by being anxious u can only harm urself..bt being calm can make u winner in uncertainty.u need to develop it to make urself ahead 🙂 100 prcnt calm is difficult..we all are humans..bt 80-90 prcnt try kar sakte hai
            Don’t think about outcome..bcz u can’t control it..just do wat is in ur hand I.e hard work n a strategy which has higher chances of success..n thn stick to it..forget results n all..just do ur work 🙂

            In case u still don’t feel calm..u can go meditation..there is nothing to feel shy in it..if something helps us we should try 🙂

          • A-KSHAR

            thankyou madhvi ………

        • A-KSHAR

          yaar tum current kitana prepare karogi .. from 2017 january or before that

          • Madhavi Yadav

            Mein Sept 2016 se..exam se always ek saal pehle 🙂

          • A-KSHAR

            yaar yesterday .. i make list of science / tech question .. more than 80 questions there .. but there will come only 3 …

          • Madhavi Yadav

            Yaar…to prep to karni hai na…u never know woh 3 kaunsi honge.u don’t have to leave loopholes….n everyone has different strategy..just b confident n do wat u feel is right 🙂

        • rohit

          Hi madhavi
          I want to ask you some question regarding your preparation strategy
          Please send a mail at [email protected]
          I want to know which coaching you had taken if any

    • Yes will try our best Dear!

      • Madhavi Yadav

        Thank you baba ji 🙂

    • rohit

      Hi madhavi
      I want to ask you some question regarding your preparation strategy
      Please send a mail at [email protected]

  • Persistent


  • neeraj sharma

    Baba pls provide us a comprehensive schedule for Main (G.S + Optional)


    naveen bhat only given anthropolgy test sries and why claim that u r student

    i think he his taken his coachin from shankar ias chennai


    baba g will u start answer writing practice for public administration.. it would vry helpful for me.. pls rply…. 🙂

  • DuckDuck

    @iasbaba:disqus : Please provide for Anthropology test series in online format as well. It would be difficult for us to now relocate to Bengaluru before Mains.

  • Karthik Naidu

    @[email protected]:disqus First, I would like to thank you for all your initiatives and continuous efforts
    I have been regular (silent) follower from past 1 year+, especially TLP and daily news articles.. In fact that helped to score well in my previous mains but could not qualify.. I was afraid to post my answers and was irregular sometimes (procrastinating)..
    This year again I might be writing Mains (getting around 112) and this offline initiative should help
    Thanks a lot sir
    Please let me know if there is any paid Online Mains test series programme

    • Kanchanasharma

      Vision and Aikyatha are available online..

      • Karthik Naidu

        I had taken optional test series in Vision. Their quality has reduced badly (for Sociology) *my personal opinion
        They promised they will clear doubts and provide guidance regularly, but very poor response.
        Who is this Aikyatha? Never heard of them.

        • Kanchanasharma
          • Karthik Naidu

            Thank you, seems interesting.. But cost is very high for each modules.. How is the quality of essay test series?
            Will they give sample synopsis or answers or they discuss through telephonic conversation?

          • meenameen

            Please give me more details. If its online, can you provide a link

          • Chattu Subha

            what is the course fee?

          • Mohammad Qasim

            5k for 10-essay test series

          • Mohammad Qasim

            hi kanchan. i too decided to join after reading ur comment. thanks so much for sharing. i was wondering where to join

    • Karthik

      For Online we will post TLP Plan tomorrow. Be regular with that 🙂 No need to pay for Online Mains TLP

  • Aspirant

    Team Baba, please provide History optional test series or guidance. Last year I scored very low in optional.

    • Hi

      We do not have resources for History Optional.
      We will try our best to come up with it if possible.

  • Aspirant

    Team Baba, please provide online that you provide offline which will be inclusive

  • Mission 2017

    Sir…thinkng to join offline batch….but is der any criteria lyk 1 mains or interview…or need to atleast qualify dis yrs prelims…!!!???coz am gettng nly around 106…..kindly reply..if possible…thnq sir

    • Hi!

      Please join the offline course only if you are sure of clearing prelims

      • Mission 2017

        Sir thnq fr ur reply….i dnt thnk so i would qualify wid 106…till den i ll follow online tlp…if dis yr i wont qualify….nxt yr i ll join….

  • Rahul Jaiswal

    Babaji,when the 2018 initiatives will start?

    • Will be launching ILP 2018 by the end if this month.

  • lokesh shukla

    Baba ji i am from lucknow uttar pradesh. I wanna join ias baba academy so let me know dat do u provide hostels to the outers also or else i have to do it by myself.?? And if yes what will b the total cost (academy coaching + accomodation)…????

    • Hi Lokesh

      Accommodation has to be arranged by you. There are many PG’s around Rajajinagar/Vijaynagar area. You will get one easily. Search on google and https://www.nestaway.com/

  • DuckDuck

    @iasbaba:disqus :
    Please post the Anthro test series in TLP Mains as well. It would be difficult to move to Bengaluru before Mains for writing Test series.

    • madan kumar k j

      Same here

  • Peace

    hello babaji.. one request…
    pls provide reliable test series for optional PSIR.
    crave need for answer practice of PSIR… 🙁

    • Hello Peace, we can’t promise a PSIR test series as of now. We will surely notify if we come up with that.

  • Hector

    Hello Baba ji, will there be a TLP online for Geography. Also when is the next ILP starting? Eagerly waiting for that.


    Babaji, is there TLP for Sociology?
    And can we follow TLP online for GS along with the schedule of ILP Mains blocks? Pls reply..

    • Yes Abhishek you will able to follow both the things.

  • Nayak K

    Baba Ji where is the plan for ONLINE module….
    waiting …

  • Vivek

    Babaji when could I know whether I be selected or not for Offline program? Sorry if I’m too impatient.

    • Please come over to the office.

      • rajini rathod

        even if u confirm our tentative selection..we can come to bangalore..coming to bangalore to delhi is costly affair if incase we are not selected..
        please dont mind otherwise..

      • rajini rathod

        HI Baba
        Can U differentiate b/n offline mains batch Vs online tlp mains…..
        Whether daily 5 questions are part of offline mains also…r just we have to write tests…
        .I am from Delhi…I am hesitant to shift to Bangalore as I heard offline mains is just test series and few (20 odd classes?
        pls is dis view..right…PLS CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG
        How many tests are part of ANTHRO test series and what is fees for offline mains + ANTHRO..will it be less than 20k…
        Pls do reply sir…I have to book flight to Bangalore.and look for flat..for ur July offline mains batch

    • Please send an email at [email protected]


    @iasbaba:disqus any plan for PSIR optional in ILP?

  • chanakya

    BABAJI, i am a student of TLP 2017 prelims, Can we have value add material and any advantage in mains for online evaluation of answers. Kindly reply.

  • rajini rathod

    HI Baba
    Can U differentiate b/n offline mains batch Vs online tlp mains…..
    Whether daily 5 questions are part of offline mains also…r just we have to write tests…
    .I am from Delhi…I am hesitant to shift to Bangalore as I heard offline mains is just test series and few (20 odd classes?
    pls is dis view..right…PLS CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG
    How many tests are part of ANTHRO test series and what is fees for offline mains + ANTHRO..will it be less than 20k…
    Pls do reply sir…I have to book flight to Bangalore.and look for flat..for ur July offline mains batch

    • Super Commando Dhruv

      You will have good class room environment, friendly faculty members, and good friends. Regarding questions, many questions may get repeated but you cannot compare writing answers on paper with reading others answers online and feel in heart “oh Main bhi to yahi likhta”. Only solution is (if you do not want to shift) religiously write online answers without reading others answers and than compare with the best.
      All the best

      • rajini rathod

        Hi Dhruv,
        my doubt is are we asked to write answers daily(as per TLP online or given some questions andcan get evaluated ) OR just we have to write TESTS on specified dates as per schedule..
        Thanks in anticipation

  • krish

    BABAJI i have register on the given link above but have not got any confirmation mail .please tell us fee detail of OFFLINE MAINS 2017 programme and confirmation of my admission as i have to shift from Delhi to Bangalore.


    BABAJI muje Hindi Medium me geography optional test series join karna please help me

  • kittu

    sir, kindly help me………
    I resigned my job, prepared for prelims 2017 for 5 months. I got 115 marks.
    I havenot done answer writing for mains, Not prepared for optionals..
    What to do now??
    Friends please provide me guidance………..

    • मोहित मनहास

      u can join babaji’s offline tlp program .if not, u can practice tlp 2017 phase 1(online) and tlp phase 2 will be starting from 10 july .

      • kittu

        hi sir, thnkyou for reply….I dont know what to write, how to write..how to complete mains syllabus etc…please guide me

        • मोहित मनहास

          if u r completely blind about the gs then go smartly becoz u dont have enough time to cover the whole syllabus .first learn the syllabus provided by iasbaba by heart.read daily newspaper and from each topic u read try to connect it with your syllabus and after reading try to write whatever u studied.attemp tlp questions daily and also check questions and answers f tlp online phase 1.
          all the best)

      • kittu

        More over what are the sources to prepare for Mains

  • kittu

    sir, I am eager to join Mains offline 2017….
    what is the fee structure?
    Is it only test series or any classes will be taught on topics?
    will you provide any material?

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