Important Update: Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2018- 3 Months SAMPLE PLAN!

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Hello Friends,

As promised we present 3 Months Sample Plan of upcoming ILP 2018 starting on 31st July 2017. There were many requests to provide a sample plan on how Prelims and Mains preparation will shape up in ILP. Hope this helps in taking an informed decision.

Download the Plan- Click Here

Important Note

  • Full Plan will be available on ILP Platform
  • Similarly Blocks will be covered till Prelims
  • In the Month of April- Subject Wise Sectional Full Length Revision Tests
  • In the Month of May– 3 Full Mocks

Before Prelims

  • Each SET= 3 Blocks in a month- Both Prelims and Mains
  • For Every Block- Proper sources and guidelines are given
  • After every block- followed by a Prelims Test
  • Every Block- Value Add Notes for Prelims and Mains Topics
  • Every Block- Daily Current Affairs from Babapedia
  • After 3 Blocks- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • After every two SETs- REVISION TEST for previous two SETs
  • Sectional Tests- Subject Wise before Prelims
  • Full Mocks- Before Prelims

After Prelims (For Mains)

  • Block Wise Plan for Mains
  • After Every Block- Mains Mock and Synopsis
  • Value Add Notes

Read the compete details of ILP 2018- Click Here

Note: Full Plan of All India Prelims Test SeriesClick Here

  • BAT

    the programme covers from 31 st july …could I know that june n july months ca arenot important …or u it will be covered in ilp

    • We will cover them retrospectively on Babapedia and Tests. Need not worry

      • Aku

        Will you provide mains question for hindi medium also?

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Thnk u thnk u sir

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    do we have to study mains alongwith prelims?

    • Bean Babu

      Yes and optional too.

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        m wrkng

        • Bean Babu

          I am also working. Before start of ILP mug up syllabus copy and scan all the previous year mains question papers. When you are reading certain topic you will be able to relate that topic WRT mains and get an idea on how the question can be asked. Be committed to ILP schedule and do not ignore your optional at any cost. Follow the same approach for that subject also. ATB.

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        also beginner

  • Ani

    There is a mistake in schedule.. August – 31 days.. September – 30 days.. So dates u mentioned should be altered..

  • Bean Babu

    Babaji ,New column to indicate Pointer to Mains static syllabus and CA to be covered is very good. I was breaking my head to map the static mains syllabus with ILP daily plan. Thanks for saving my time and head 😛

  • DrJewa Tripathy

    sir, by when will whole syllabus be completed once ?

    • Reena Palanisamy

      Hi Jewa! glad to see your name here!!
      I’m your follower on unacademy. hope that’s you!!
      May i ask if your optional is Geography , can we form a study group?


      • ashis kar

        Hi Reena, i infer you have geography optional, as i have too , kindly inform me if you form any study group.


        • Reena

          @ ashis_kar
          Thanks for your interest!
          Am a fresher for upsc and just starting to prepare for GS as well as Geography. Looking for a serious study group to start.
          If you are interested , we can start preparing. Let me know.

          • black owl

            me too a new bud. n have geography optional. i also wants to join a serious study group.

      • DrJewa Tripathy

        sorry optional is psychology…but thank you for liking and following for me on unacademy

        • Reena Palanisamy

          That’s alrite ,Jewa ! all the best

        • Abhiram Krishnan

          Me too Completed your Geo course one month back !! 🙂

      • lokesh shukla

        hii Reena …my optional is also geography…
        looking for a serious study grp. If u form or follow any group regarding geography as optional,kindly inform me….i will try to add my notes in that also…Thnxxxx

    • Dr Jewa

      by March.

  • Neha Pal

    Baba will u take mains test also

  • The best takes take time!

    Thank u @IASbaba

    Incissive and to the point, On Dot!

    Couldnt have been better. Will be forming a group. Interested people may respond. We could plan accordingly. Else, if anyother group exists, please let me know.

    God bless!


    @iasbaba:disqus ; Is reading Hindu optional or compulsory? Haven’t seen mentioning about reading Hindu in the plan. Please clear this. Thanks

    • yuyutsu-curious to fight

      Reading and analyzing The Hindu news paper must for UPSC aspirants,its should be our habit, read only relevent news and editorials.
      At the end of day IASBABA portal provide us daily current affairs in which 2 major topics widely covered on regular basis and important news article’s web links are given, Its free and open for all.
      ILP is different platform(paid).
      ILP will provide BABAPEDIA which contain daily crisp current affairs from relevant news sources like PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Live Mint, Economic Times etc.
      Hope I answered your query.

  • arvind

    Thank you

  • Reena Palanisamy

    I ‘ve enrolled for this ILP 2018 program, curious to know when the syllabus will be completed covered for prelims and mains as per your schedule? say 50% or 80 % of the syllabus.


    • Reena

      Full Prelims for sure before Prelims 🙂

      Mains- Around 80%. But then we focus on practical learning also. If something become un-achievable for you guys, we won’t follow that. Will make it integrated in all possible sense.

      • Reena Palanisamy

        Thank you 🙂

  • हर्षल

    babaji one doubt…….
    will the complete syllabus as given by the commission be completed for
    1. gs and csat of prelims
    2. gs 1,2,3,4 for mains in this plan

    means will i have to carve out my own plan only for optional syllabus
    (mine is Anthropology)

    please do clarify

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Mine also… anthropology

  • Menaka RR

    Sir, How about CSAT? There is no clear indication of Csat in ILP-18 as in the case of prelims Test series.Is it not a part of ILP? Kindly clarify.

    • DashBro

      CSAT is not a part of ILP program.

      • Menaka RR

        Oh, Thank you.

  • ranjani

    Is there an option for CSAT in ILP 2018? Does it cover that?

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Later in January

  • Akriti parameswaran

    BABAJI ,pls give the list of books and materials that we have to be ready with, before starting ILP..
    waiting for your reply

  • Hello Friends

    Go through FAQs regarding ILP 2018 on this link-

    • Anoj

      Babaji.. My optional is Psychology. Is it possible for you to psychology tests online?

      • Anoj

        *to conduct tests for mains

      • Anoj

        AS of now nothing for Optional from our side

  • Rahul Verma

    anyone with psychology optional aiming for 2018 attempt looking for a serious study group ping at +918800837632 whatsapp

  • Rahul Verma

    I have joined ILP 2018 baba!! Excited after looking at the plan

  • Rahul Verma

    babaji i have one doubt how much time must be devoted to optionals on a daily basis?

    • Rahul

      It is not time dependent. Design your timetable based on whether the subject is completely new to you or not. A fresher needs more time to prepare as initial days are given for grasping the requirement of the subject. Divide time judiciously based on your daily routine. Remember that one should always adjust any time table as per their routine as well

  • prajwal

    Norman Lowe doesn’t cover 18th and 19th century (i.e. American Rev., French Rev. and Industrial Revs.)
    Please change the source given in the plan (or just VAN are enough?)

    • Prajwal

      You can refer to Arjun Dev. VAN will also cover it qualitatively.

      • Rahul Jain

        What is VAN?

        • Anand

          Value Added Notes (VAN) which will be provided by the IASbaba team!

      • Arnab Midya

        It seems that u have not prepared the plan seriously. How can u refer a source that does not cover the specific topic ? This will mislead the fresher .

  • Kanika

    The link for downloading the plan is not working. Kindly check.

    • Kanika

      Its working. Check your internet speed

  • Nitesh Raja

    Do we have to complete the mains section in the given week .. I am fully confused with the syllabus .. what we have to study in a week

    • Nitesh

      Yes you have to prepare mains portions as given in the plan. What is there to be confused upon? Please elaborate

  • lokesh shukla

    hii babaji….for ethics u recommend lexicon’s…bt its not available in hindi….so for hindi medium what book i should go through..?? plsss tellll

  • Kumar Rohit

    Hey Baba

    Have gone thru ur sample 3 months ILP 18 plan.
    it tells that cover the Day wise Block schedule via some NCERTs and books. Do we need to purchase them or ur notes will suffice


    • You should have those sources with you. Buy it or download its pdf available on internet. Whatever you like to prepare with. Our Value Add Notes is for filling the gap. no substitution for standard reading of sources.


    any one has pol science hindi medium please contact

  • deep

    hello baba

    i am really confused about notes making…i mean how notes should be like…? after giving test we will write down topic what we have learnt but where should we note daily current affair???can i suppliment daily current affair notes with test papers??means for polity current affair with polity test ques..but this would be work for prelims…what should be the strategy to cover mains topic ??Should i maintain seperate notebook for that???
    plzz do reply baba….plzzz

    • deep

      nd how to cover same topic for prelims nd mains??
      please baba help me out

  • deep

    babapedia would be suffice for current prep…??

    • Yes babapedia and Tests both

  • Siri Polavarapu

    sir, i’m unable to login i payed for ILP 2018 on 30th july, can u help me out !!!

    • Hi

      Had you put email regarding this on [email protected]?

      Is your issue resolved? If not please send an email asap

  • Yogesh Warangule

    i am from aurangabad maharashra can i get all test papers by post

  • shruti

    if i join late will the previous test and material will be available?

  • saurabh khangwal

    sir, will you provide all study material in hindi cuz my language is hindi.

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