IASbaba’s Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2018 and All India Prelims Test Series (ONLINE & OFFLINE Tests – GS and CSAT in English & Hindi)

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Dear Friends,

So the wait is over friends! It is only our 3rd edition of ILP (by the way, we couldn’t celebrate our 2nd anniversary on 18th June as it coincided with prelims!) but the kind of anticipation that we have witnessed in the past few days has been simply unprecedented. We have received hundreds of queries about the launch, structure and features of ILP this year.

For Civil Services aspirants, the launch of ILP every year brings in new energy and motivation. More than anyone else, the aspirants residing in the remotest parts of the country now feel that they have a chance. IASbaba feels proud to have played a part in building this confidence. The reach of ILP and as a result the points of success has crossed the boundaries of coaching hubs of India. The success of aspirants like Saumya Pandey (Rank 4) and Dinesh Kumar (Rank 6) and others in the final list bear testimony to this fact. We hope that this year too, ILP plays an even better role in the success of aspirants. For us, ILP is empowerment!

We were blessed with a hit ratio of 68 + in UPSC Prelims 2017, 70+ hit ratio in UPSC Prelims 2016. One of the few unprecedented things in UPSC learning!!! You can call it beginner’s luck. We want to believe it our GOOD KARMA. Even 70% adherence to our ILP program had people clearing UPSC prelims easily.

Testimonials :

2017 ILP Students 

The feedback of ILP 2016 has steepened our learning curve–


The sheer amount of planning that goes into finalising the micro-plan, preparing the value added notes (VAN) and framing the tests is enormous. At the same time, your participation and stories of successful followers of this unique initiative inspires us to work and plan even better.

What follows now is detailed account of ILP, its structure, features and modalities. Go through these details carefully and feel free to ask questions.


You need to remember that this is not only a PRELIMS TEST SERIES. It is a complete package which will enable/guide you qualitatively/quantitatively through the process of Civil Services Examination.

When you subscribe to our ILP-2018 programme, you will have huge expectations on us. On the similar lines, we too have a few expectations like

  1. Complete Dedication
  2. Consistency
  3. Courage to “walk that extra mile”
  4. Faith in our program

Components of ILP-2018 Programme:

  • ILP 2018 is an integrated programme that will run from 31st July 2017 to 30th September 2018 (14 months).
  • ILP will cover Prelims and Mains in an integrated manner. 
  • Block Wise Learning– Each Block of 10 Days with sources/topics to cover for both Prelims and Mains. In a month- 3 Blocks
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS FROM BABAPEDIA- Current Affairs will be updated on daily basis on Babapedia. One has to cover daily target and then learn/make notes of current affairs from Babapedia.
  • 35 TESTS for Prelims: Block Wise (depending on topics-70-80 or 100) + Revision Tests (100 Questions) + Subject Wise (100 Questions) + Full Mocks (100 Questions)- A total of 35 Prelims High Quality Tests
  • MAINS MOCK and SYNOPSIS– Before Prelims, we will try to cover most of the topics of Mains with each block. End of every month (Every three Blocks)- there will be a Full Mock for Mains followed by guided synopsis for the same. 
  • Post Prelims (Mains)- There will be dedicated plan for post prelims phase- Left out topics Value Adds will be provided here and as per the plan there will be regular Mains Mock/Synopsis
  • VALUE ADD NOTES and Mind Maps/Infographs- Regular Value Add notes/mind maps/infographs will be provided for both Prelims and Mains.

Special Feature:

  • BABAPEDIA– For Current Affairs – It will cover all important issues of the day from sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB among others.
  • FORUM – Connect with Peers; Co-Learn; people with similar Optionals can form a group, share notes, docs etc.
  • QUESTION & ANSWER- Section for Discussions, Peer group interaction

NOTE: One can join All India Test Series for more and more practice. But do not join it in the initial days. Be regular, follow ILP consistently and before few months of Prelims, can join it for practice and assessment. 


  • The ILP programme will start from 31st July, 2017
  • A new platform will be provided for the subscribed users. This Platform will be activated 1 week before the programme starts.
  • All India Test Series (AITS) is NOT included in ILP-2018. ILP program has its own Guided-Test Series (35 Tests)!
  • Plan is prepared such that sufficient time is given for Mains and your Optional (Self preparation)
  • You have to simultaneously prepare notes from the content updated on Babapedia. This is to ensure your consistency and regularity with the plan.
  • Economic Survey and India Year Book will be covered in Tests and important issues from them in the respective Value Adds too.
  • We will provide most of the Value Add for Mains well before Prelims and the remaining Value Add will be given post Prelims accordingly.


DEADLINE : There is no deadline for ILP 2018 and All India Test Series


For ILP Connect (wherein you can connect with your mentors over phone from IASbaba Team) the deadline is 25th July, 2017. Aspirants who are interested in ILP Connect (once the payment is done for ILP 2018 Colearn (9999 rs)) can REGISTER HERE

ILP Connect- It is not available for all joining ILP 2018. It is selective in nature based on the basis of form filled by you. Those selected will be personally informed in the last week of August. Kindly do not email us asking for it again and again and please read the details carefully.

Common mistakes by an aspirant

  • Irregularity in following the plan
  • Aspirants download the test and keep it for future (least productive)
  • Irregularity in making notes
  • Missing out on current affairs updates
  • Least revision in between the plan

Structure of the Program -ILP 2018:

  • The complete program is divided into BLOCKS and each block consists of 10 Days. In each block, sufficient time is provided to focus on Optional and Mains in parallel.
  • ILP 2018 has been designed considering “WORKING PROFESSIONALS” as well.
  • At the end of each Block there will be an objective test with easy to moderate questions, which will help you judge your understanding of the topics covered.
  • As the number of BLOCK increases, the sources and topics will intensify and will require complete dedication, sincerity and concentration from your side.

You can check the ILP 2017 Interface Here- Click


Sample for ILP 2018


Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2018- 3 Months SAMPLE PLAN!


Click on the image to see complete File


Click to Download


Click to Download

IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-005 IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-006


Click to Download


Click to Download



ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2018 in Hindi and English

There has been a huge demand to start Prelims Only Test Series (Both OFFLINE & ONLINE) on the lines of quality of 60 Day Programme from aspirants especially non-fresher’s.

When we started our website,  we used to provide content in Hindi too (Daily Current Affairs, TLP, Quiz etc.) keeping the interests of our fellow Hindi medium aspirants. But then, we had to stop mid-way, because of lack of resources. Ever since then, we were getting many mails to start of atleast Test Series in Hindi.

Though CSAT is a qualifying examination but many are finding it difficult to qualify due to lack of practice. We intend to provide sufficient qualitative tests to prepare you well enough to qualify it. It will be included in the test series.

So here we are with new Programme catering to the demand of CSAT, Offline Test Series and Hindi Medium aspirants.


    • Total 41 Tests inclusive of GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II.
    • Full Length Test- GS Paper I (31 Tests – inclusive of Subject-wise and Mock test) and CSAT Paper II (10 Full Length Tests)
    • CSAT Tests will start from January 2018–  Two Tests Per Month
    • Topic Wise Syllabus for each Test with detailed Solutions and sources to follow
    • Medium of the Test, both in ENGLISH and HINDI
    • The Tests will be held both ONLINE and OFFLINE (Classroom)

Note- Please note that OFFLINE Test will be held in Bangalore only!

Check out the Quality and Nature of Prelims Test Series and Solution- Click Here



Here we present you the FULL PLAN of All India Prelims Test Series 2018 starting on 10th August 2017. 


PAYMENT or ENROLLMENT for ILP 2018 & All India Prelims Test Series


  • Integrated Learning Program (ILP) 2018 – Prelims, Mains, Interview – 9999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • ONLINE  (ENGLISH) – All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)    – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • ONLINE (HINDI) -All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • OFFLINE (ENGLISH) Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • OFFLINE (HINDI) -Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests)   – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)



For ILP Connect (wherein you can connect with your mentors over phone from IASbaba Team) the deadline is 25th July, 2017. Aspirants who are interested in ILP Connect (once the payment is done for ILP 2018 Colearn (9999 rs)) can REGISTER HERE


Note- Please note that OFFLINE Test will be held in Bangalore only!

Online Payment – To make the Online PaymentClick Here

NOTE: After the successful payment, please check you email (SPAM and JUNK FOLDERS TOO). You will receive an acknowledgment for the fees paid. Also you can Download the PDF after successful payment, it contains your ID and Password.

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected]if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

For those who subscribe to ILP-2018 or All India Prelims Test Series and Pay the Fee:

  • ID and Password will be generated automatically
  • Login platform will be activated 1 week before the program starts (the programme starts from 31st July)
  • Complete Plan will be available on the platform

For any query related to ILP 2018  and Prelims Test Series contact us at [email protected]

If you restrict yourself to one source and stick to a plan with full effort and trust- You will clear it in a single attempt and won’t have to repeat the process.

Yes, this we say with full confidence for our ILP program. Because it is a pedagogic program which is integrated and holistic in nature.

On an ending note, we reiterate our AIM

“to help an aspirant preparing in the remotest part of the country to secure Rank 1”

We are the ship and you are the sailor.  We will make sure that the ship is strongly built to sail you through all the up’s and down’s in the journey. But finally it is YOU, the sailor who has to manoeuvre and reach your destination!

Come let’s start our journey together!

READ THE  FAQs related to ILP and Test Series HERE


All the Best 🙂

IASbaba Team

  • kaps545

    Thank you baba

  • kaps545

    Was waiting since morning

  • CBG

    Thank you baba!!! Waiting for this program from remotest part of the country(sopo, arunachal pradesh).😍

  • Abhijeet upadhyay

    hii baba ji.. i want to know if I join your prelim test series then will you provide notes pertain to prelim only ?

    and if I join your ILP online course then will you provide full notes pertain to prelim and mains ? Pl clarify this .

    • Ankit Kishore

      ya same query. @iasbaba please reply

    • Test Series won’t include Prelims notes.
      ILP will include Prelims + Mains notes.

      • Abhijeet upadhyay

        thanks for your prompt response on my query .you have cleared my doubt .

        one last query , if I join your ILP will you also provide babapedia( including current affairs , pib etc) apart from notes for prelim and mains ? pl clarify this

  • Mukul Shukla

    Thanks you sir, was eagerly waiting since morning .finally its there.:)

  • Minisha Srivastava

    Baba, is there any last date for registration to this programme????

  • yuyutsu-curious to fight

    Babaji… I am Old ILP follower, if I join PT online test series then babapedia will be available or not? If not then plz give babapedia access to PT subscribers.

    • Babapedia is part of ILP only.

      • himanshu srivastava

        baba ji when will the 2017 ILP{ Post Prelims: Mains Block Wise Plan} will start which was scheduled on 25th june ??

        • Do not worry. We will start posting the VAN within 2 days

      • Balaji

        baba,,i am ur ilp-2017 member,,is there any discount for ilp -2018???

  • priyadarsi samal

    Sir i have some queries…pls suggest..
    1-is there any option for optional??
    2-are you going to check mains answers.
    3-is there any option for ethics paper?

  • k.s

    babaji ILP 2018 contains csat test also??????

  • Abhi

    Sir , One of my eye has v/A of 6/24 and other eye of 6/6 .
    i wanted will this be eligible for reservation of low vision


    This my prescription

    Indian standards for low vision


    Sir where do i fall in the following category

    This is after all corrected with glass

    • DiamondMagnolia

      I don’t think you will get any reservation. I’ve seen people with worse eyesight write this exam normally. My own brother has much much worse vision, -10 sph and -2 cyl in one eye and color blind and he doesn’t come under any low vision category.
      Like seriously. Grow up. People have disabilities that cannot even be corrected and you are trying to gain advantages.

  • Suhas Patre

    Dear Sir,

    I have made payment of Rs. 9545/- towards ILP 2018.

    However, I just got a mail from IASbaba that a new link for ILP 2018 has been activated. And the revised fees is Rs. 9999/-

    Sir, I am now confused whether I will get the required login id and password since the fees paid is less.

    I would also like to know whether both the programs are same??

    I had also visited the office today morning and met Yeshwant sir.

    I had enquired regarding Offline classes, but later I decided to join only ILP 2018 as I will be left with less time for self study if I join offline classes.

    Sir, please clarify regarding the payment made by me.

    • Suhas Patre

      I have also sent a mail regarding same.

    • Have patience. We will let you know what to do next. You will be part of ILP 2018 for sure

  • Sasikanth Penumala

    Hi sir
    This year I ll be writing mains
    So if I join ILP..I may follow it from Oct only .is there a chance of me lagging behind.please suggest me what should I do

  • Bean Babu

    Babaji hope there will not be any limit on no of ILP subscribers. And one more request- Please provide COMMENT section in Babapedia as it will be useful to discuss among peers.

    Just for curiosity I am asking as a previous ILP student-What are the changes in this year’s ILP as compared to last year? Will the VAN be same or it will be different from last year?

    • VAN and Babapedia will be more refined this year.

    • <3 KH <3

      ILP is online intiative ??

      • Bean Babu

        yes it’s fully online initiative.

        • <3 KH <3

          Thnx bro … Sorry for disturb…
          Every Lower Middle class problem 🙂

  • Vamsi Yvc

    If i pay for ilp 2018, does that mean test series is included or should i pay separately for that ?

  • prasad Tlns

    As a previous ILP student-What are the changes in this year’s ILP as compared to last year? Will the VAN be same or it will be different from last year?

  • Ajay Kumar N

    Ok, so if we are regular and through with ILP, then no need for Prelims Test Series right? Prelims Test Series is for the veterans?

    • Bean Babu

      By end of ILP you will become veteran if you follow religiously

  • manas ranjan pradhan

    as i will write prelims for the first time in 2018.should i join the ILP course??

  • Ankit Kishore

    is there no prelims test in ilp 2018? confused please clarify

  • Meghna

    I have a doubt..when i will take the ilp prog 2018 which is of rs 9999and in thisall India test series is not included then how we practice the questions..And what ILP prog consist of??
    Please clear this as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  • ILP has its own GUIDED Prelims Test Series (35 Tests) along with MAINS Mock & Synopsis, which is different from All India Test Series (31 GS+ 10 CSAT Tests)

  • Rahul Kanase

    Will be the babapedia and VAN in printable or pdf form?

    • Babapedia is read only.
      VAN will be in a printable format.

      • Prince

        IASbaba, if someone wants to copy-paste it and even if you have disabled it, there is always a way on internet. So, it is better if people are allowed to use ctrl c+ctrl v if it saves time for aspirant? You can surely keep pdf disabled 🙂

        • Prince

          The intention is not to save our content but force you to prepare personal notes on daily basis at least for current affairs that we provide through babapedia. Last year also many complained in the initial days but sent thank you emails as the day progressed.

      • Rahul Kanase

        except Babapedia everything available in printable form. is it like that?

  • deepak

    first comment on iasbaba please reply
    some queries pertaining to ILP-2108
    1.about those topics which are not formed the part of prelims syllabus.i mean how will you cover world history ,disaster management,ethics etc.
    2.what is going with essay

    • It will be covered through VAN and Mains Mock.
      Nothing for Essay as such.

      • deepak

        one more question
        how will i get my mains mock test answers evaluated(will your faculty checked it)

  • DashBro

    sir, will ILP contain CSAT tests ??

    • CSAT is not included in ILP

      • DashBro

        thank you for your reply sir.

    • Rashi Gupta


  • Abhiram Krishnan

    Is it advisable to join ILP and Test series ?
    I am a tyro to the UPSC preparation.
    So should I join ILP only for the time being and follow it religiously or join both !
    I believe the former would be better. You must be flooded with queries.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


      quoting from above it might help you “NOTE: One can join All India Test Series for more and more practice. But do not join it in the initial days. Be regular, follow ILP consistently and before few months of Prelims, can join it for practice and assessment.”

      • Abhiram Krishnan

        Thank you 🙂

    • Abhiram

      One can join All India Test Series for more and more practice. But do not join it in the initial days. Be regular, follow ILP consistently and before few months of Prelims, can join it for practice and assessment.”

      • Abhiram Krishnan

        Thank You, Sir 🙂

  • rishi

    hi, baba, is the test series going to start from July or is it before 2 months of Prelims 2018??

  • Prashasth Baliga

    Hi Baba,
    I paid for the ILP through UPI mode, but I did not receive any acknowledgement for the 9999 amount paid yet. Can you please look into the issue ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6986905ddc69aca992cd6a06d4e3e4cd1132899828179d6f4935e765d568587a.jpg

    • Prashasth Baliga

      Would be waiting for your comment 🙂

      • manas ranjan pradhan

        a jayega wait karo 5 minute

        • Prashasth Baliga

          Waiting 🙂 10K ki baat hain 😛 so thoda tension hota hain 😉

    • Ajay Kumar N

      Same here, UPI payment page didnot show any movement, but amount was debited.

    • Prashasth Baliga

      Now got confirmation from Instamojo that amount is sent to IASBABA. I am sure we will get the confirmation soon through mail from IASBABA. It takes some time 🙂


  • Dhruv Rawal

    What is the difference btwn ILP Colearn and ILP Connect please clarify ? @Baba

  • Prince

    I have not been able to differentiate between ILP’s own test series and All India Test Series. Will questions be repeated in both? i am asking because i was thinking of taking both but now in doubt. let me know. thanks 🙂 Also, can you please show the whole prelims plan for sake of transparency and better decision making? Thank you 🙂

    • Parwez Akhtar

      No. Both will be different. Different questions altogether.

    • Parwez Akhtar

      No. Both will be different. Different questions altogether.


      ILP is for BEGINNER/FRESHER and ALL india test series who has already learn basic ( veteran or senior aspirants or non-fresher’) , a Fresher can start with ILP and after he got command over basics may join all India test series later few month before prelims 2018 if he think , he needs more practice , ALL india test series will cover CSAT as well 35 vs 41 TEST

    • Prince

      Clearly written both are different it means questions will be different dear.

      Whole plan will only be available to Subscribers. Full Test Series Plan will be put here in a week though

      • Prince


    • Rashi Gupta
  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    Baba ji
    How essay and CSAT will be cover after joining ILP ??

  • shivani

    sir, please throw more light on mains end of the month test ? how many question it will have and will there be separate tests for gs1, gs2 ,gs3 and gs4

    • It will be from overlapping topics of previous Blocks and other topics/Current Affairs of Paper 2 and 3 topics in Plan

  • Fiza Khan

    Hello.babaji..Do your VAN of ILP are available for each and every topic that are covered in syllabus…please clarify

    • Fiza

      VAN is only for quality enhancement not to rely or spoon feed. We provide VAN for all important topics that needs better understanding and coverage. Standard texts has to be there in your preparation journey

      • Fiza Khan

        Thank you babaji… One more query..what are the difference between ILP connect and ILP. Fees and strategy of both are same?

        • Neil R

          ILP is online test and van and babapedia stuff

          in connect you will have mentor who will be in touch with u in whole process …and whatever issue can be discussed and solved with guidance…

          fees is little added on for connect and plan is ilp block plan only nothing different ….. and yes in connect you get selected from many application it is not like you paid and u are selected….. you get selected and then you have to pay some extra …..

          • Fiza Khan

            Thanks… OK first I have to subscribe for ILP and after that I have to give application for ILP connect before 25 July.. Am I right

          • Neil R

            yes …..u got it right fizajeee……. ilp then before 25t apply…..

          • Fiza Khan

            Thank you

    • Rashi Gupta
  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    Sociology optional aspirants please share ur stratergy ???

    • Prep Master

      i am going through the NCERTs of socio at the moment, what about you ?

      • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

        same here
        class 11th nd 12th ..

        • Prep Master

          i am from engineering background, was initially confused bw geography and socio so now reading ncerts to see the comfort level

          • 2018 , JAI HIND !!


    • Sherlock

      After NCERT, start reading IGNOU material according to syllabus
      Then go for Vajiram’s Mahapatra sir notes or Mukerjee Nagar Upendra sir’s notes
      Club both and make notes.. Then lets start answering TLP qns of socio

      • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

        okkk sherlock 🙂 thanKsss!!

        • Sherlock

          Are u fresher?

          • Prep Master

            hey sherlock, after going through some part of ncert, it feels like the syllabus is easy to understand but the questions asked are on a completely different level .. how to tackle this ? did u took any coaching ?

          • Sherlock

            Yes Master, I did from Vajiram Mahapatra sir
            It is important to analyze previous year qn papers and prepare accordingly.. We have to add up things from different books..
            I am referring Haralombus, Ritzer, Nagla, Ghurye and Ram Ahuja
            Also Upendra sir notes along with Mahapatra
            I am afraid whether I can complete everything for this mains.. I would like some people to team up with me.. Let us prepare notes and share among us..

          • Prep Master

            That would be great sherlock, i would like to impart once em ready with the basics of socio, i am planning to follow nice ias and vikash ranjan sirs notes, will try to keep the resource list concise..
            how was your Pre ?

          • Sherlock

            Heard lot about Vikas Ranjan notes.. Let me know how it is.. I will create a telegram channel.. Daily we shall take 1 topic from syllabus and pool in good points with regard to it..
            Will share telegram channel link tomoro.. Even I don’t want to experiment with too many books or sources.. Lets keep it simple and concise

          • Prep Master

            roger that!!!

          • Sherlock
          • I.A.S

            Hi, sherlock ………include me also… sociology optional in telegram……do you know which coaching is good for sociology optional….online only. have you heard about upsc pathshala

          • Pradeep

            HI IAS, I have gone thru their videos recently. Looks good.cost wise expensive compared to Indiancivils though. Also a new player !!

          • Pradeep

            But i’m interested in their course, Can you share ur email, will ping you in hangouts to discuss more about the course.

          • I.A.S
          • Pradeep

            Have pinged you there, thanks 🙂

          • I.A.S

            earlier i contacted them, they told fee is 20,000 ,they provide whole one year support along with answer writing guidance

          • Pradeep

            OK IAS..But now they have mentioned fee as 25K..Lets see..But whatever has to done asap to complete optional early.

          • I.A.S
          • Pradeep

            Hi Sherlock, I’m preparing myself without any coaching or even notes of any famous coaching center. Pl add me in if you create any group.

          • Sherlock
          • Prep Master

            hey sherlock, you not replying on telegram ?

          • Sherlock

            I have replied
            Check out

          • BinHIM

            Good idea to form a group with Sociology optional. I am also a fresher. Started reading IGNOU material. Did you guys order Upendra & Mahapatra notes online or purchased from the market?

          • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

            just given 2017 prelims aftr studying just for 1 month .

        • BinHIM

          Same strategy.
          Any idea about Sindhuri mam’s notes?

          • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

            i havnt read sindhuri’s Maam notes yet!!

      • Poonam Jaglan

        how can i get sociology notes of Mahapatra sir if i hv no such ‘urban contact’?
        please help if anyone hv……

        • Prep Master

          you can get that on flavido poonam, have you gone through the ncerts already ?

          • Poonam Jaglan

            yes…. ncerts r already done

  • Ajay Kumar N
  • Ajay Kumar N

    Till the ILP starts, what should be our approach? Shall we focus on our Optional?

    • Ajay

      Pick NCERT’s from class 6th to 12th and try to at least cover all once. Along with the same, solve previous years UPSC prelims papers. And your Optional 🙂

  • Ashutosh Pandey

    baba or insights …friends any suggestion plz

  • Durgaprasad

    Sir i want to join your offline classes…can you please help me finding fee details and link to learn more about offline classes…

  • Rehan Husain
    • Kindar

      Mine is management

      • Rehan Husain

        drop a mail on my id.
        we will have talk there..

      • Rehan Husain

        mail me on my id we can have discussion.

  • Chandra Dev Singh

    What does it mean by this “All India Test Series is NOT included in ILP-2018”
    What is the complete component and fee of ILP-18.

  • Poonam Jaglan

    Baba Ji….. Please throw more light on Mains and optional paper
    My optional paper is Sociology………. is there any plan baba ji have for sociology optional?
    If yes then please throw some rough plan idea in reply section at least, please

    • Sherlock

      Yes Babaji plz provide TLP sociology
      Also provide us with some plan how to score good marks in this Mains and also what plan should we adopt for next year mains (if in case we dont crack prelims this year)

  • Shashi Ranjan

    How to prepare for geography optional effectively??

  • हर्षल

    Babaji….. few queries
    will there be one mock test every month for Mains and will it have complete syllabus of the last 1 month?
    also these mains mock questions will be different from daily questions posted by you people?
    also the third test of the month related to prelims will coincide with your mains test…. i think it can create some issues in planning and studying for the tests together on the same day

    also can you help me with any such kind of test series for my optional ANTHROPOLOGY….. even if not on similar lines some way or the other can do

    also I have one suggestion sirji,
    If possible please take the tests every 8 days i.e. every sunday,

    please resolve my queries and do the needful regarding my suggestion if it feels okay for you sir

    Thanks in advance

    • हर्षल

      @IASbaba waiting for your reply sirji

    • DiamondMagnolia

      Look at baba’s anthropology TLP and shashidthakur’s wordpress site for free anthropology materials.

      • हर्षल

        thank you Sirji

        • DiamondMagnolia

          Why you all automatically assume everyone here will be sir yo?

          • हर्षल

            actually one guiding me is nothing less than a teacher
            Correct me if i am wrong

          • DiamondMagnolia

            LOL that’s not it. I am a mam not a sir

          • हर्षल

            thaught to be one

          • हर्षल

            aapka bhi optional anthro hai kya
            will you please guide me so

          • DiamondMagnolia

            What do you want to know? I am studying on my own, so I don’t know much but I could tell what I know

          • हर्षल

            okay great
            just one querry…
            Is sticking to Karthick sir notes is enough for anthro

          • DiamondMagnolia

            No, it is not. It is better to read some online articles and some textbooks along with it. Concepts must be clear and Karthik notes are not enough for that. See http://www.insightsonindia.com/2017/06/08/toppers-strategy-sharath-chandra-arroju-air-425-doctor-mbbs-anthropology-optional-strategy-motivation/
            Get the materials that are common to both of these toppers, not all the books and notes they used. I have read Ember and its very good for paper 1 topics, but some people don’t find it necessary.
            Also for genetics part, you can look at Shomu’s biology on YouTube selectively.

          • हर्षल

            Thank you
            will go thr it
            and if there is anything for me to ask you will let u knw

  • Mukesh

    People criticizing and hating you are your biggest followers 😛

    Henced proved when I saw others plan when everything was copied from ILP. I remember them bad mouthing about ILP when you started. But sir how to copy the quality and hard work? 😀

    Guys agree with me or not?

  • Simplex

    Thanks baba..
    was waiting for it.
    2017 pre didnt go well. Sorry 🙁

    This time help me sail the whole journey.

    • Piyush Bhardwaj

      Hey how are u??? After a long time.☺☺

      • Simplex

        Hey piyush bhai..just recovered from disastrous prelims. :/

        • Piyush Bhardwaj

          Haan bhai iss baar ka prelims to bas aisa lag raha tha ki upsc k saath KBC khel rahe hain, mostly ques me 2 options me se ek correct choose karna tha.


      have a doubt, is the link same for ILP connect and ILP 2018 registration ?

    • Rashi Gupta
  • The best takes take time!


    Before you start reading and get down to a knee jerk conclusion:

    Insight Bhakts, please don’t consider me of someone worthy of defection

    Baba Bhakts don’t take me for granted, I am an aspirant like all of you, this is just an expression of what I felt after following Inisghts


    I am a follower of many of its (Insights’ )initiatives, have got benefited from many

    If Plagiarism would have been a conscious stricken offense, Insights would have gone into hibernation. ILP 2018’s program was reflected in its Time Table yet again. That’s not a crime to emulate, critiques may argue, I accept that. I am not pointing to its emulation. I wished some changes in Insights’ schedule, was awaiting, was highly disappointed. With the only incorporation being ” Mini test” ( subject to interpretation, no Constitutional definition). Last year too, it was more or less same. The reflection of IAS Baba’s pattern!

    With no personal grudge, I wish there were a slight variation, in its schedule. At least, people could have got a chance to meticulously analyse the course of their future actions and decide accordingly. Same Plan, no changes, Mundane scheduling. I have been follower of Insights since 2 years. This time I wasn’t prepared in the last month, yet IAS Baba’s 60 days helped me a lot, unlike solving 3000 questions from Insights. It was illusionary- Scoring 120+, then at the end realising your true potential on the D-Day. To the utter surprise, few days post prelims one finds the real game of manipulation- The key word manipulation, questions- from tests, concepts, blah!, blah!, Blah! ) appeared from the programme.

    To all my brothers and Sisters, you never clear exam for someone else, you clear exam coz of your own potential. Guidance becomes an important factor, which IAS baba would provide (I Presume this bcoz I started using 60 days prelims exclusive for the 1st time; to whatever questions I asked, I was replied to from the team, the same day which I didn’t find wrt Insights. For me, the targets wrt Insights’ TT were like SDGs, highly ambitious! (This is not a propaganda, this is what I realised, may help who are looking for a comparative analysis).

    I post this, coz I believe most of my first timers friends would be in a dilemma to choose between the two, I wont ask you to go for IAS Baba either, for that would be a propaganda, and IAS baba isn’t paying me :P, all I would like to say is Choose something that is really doable, sustainable in the long run. I find IAS Baba scoring over Insights on my target areas:

    a. Level of question: more of conceptual, unlike copy pasted from sources (Copy Paste is what UPSC does as well, but, that has been a convention, not a rule).

    b. Doable Targets: Inclusive, a working professional, full time aspirant could follow.

    c. Pricing: is little more, it is worth it, for the quantity, quality we get.

    d. Communication: Most important, for any Guru- Shishya Relationship.

    e. Sources: Minimum Sources, Maximum revision. (that’s what I believe, choices are relative, you may have your own course, no offense; Respect!)

    Aapney “Chandni Chowk to China” toh dekheyn hongey:

    ” Humari shaolin mein ek kahawat hey, mujhey in 1000 moves se khatra nahin jo tune ek baar ki hey, mujhey us ek move sey khatra hey jo tune 1000 baar ki hey”

    Wish you all the best my friends.

    At the end of the day, decision is yours!

    Good luck!
    Take care!

    • Mukesh

      O Bhains ki Ankh. Bhai Essay me layega tu number 😛

      Two cents from my side. Baba to direct claim ko bhi direct likhe nhi Aur Yahan Sala content me key word ane se logo ko orgasm ho raha h. 😛
      Jao bhai kro join. Someone said on their claim ki insights rise above hi-fi books.. Nasa website and international newspapers to cover irrelevant things and then fool us with such posts of claim. You will do better.

      Baba start mains online Jaldi se. Ye kya 10 july tak ka wait krwa Diya apne. Also start sociology optional reviews Pls Pls it’s a request

      • abhiFrickinShek

        Ditto the request.

      • The best takes take time!

        Ha.. Ha. Nope. Was purely unintentional, if that as stretched(I know it has!), but that apart, I wrote what exactly I realised.

        Thanks for establishing your point of view.

        Good luck brother.
        Take care!

    • I.A.S

      good analysis……….GREAT

      • The best takes take time!

        Was straight from My experiments with truth!
        Rest, upto you, You guys are beauties with brain!

        Good luck!

    • Even I found the schedule of Insights quite hectic. I followed it last year but could not cope up with it and left midway. They’ve again more or less presented the same schedule, devised a bit smartly so to be in limelight. Few days back, I charted out my own plan and surprisingly, the IAS BABA’s plan seems more or less analogous to mine. I’ve wasted a year and don’t want to risk another. I need your advise, if you can!

      • The best takes take time!

        I see. Thank you for replying, may help others to decide.
        Good luck!

    • DiamondMagnolia

      Thanks for this detailed viewpoint. I personally don’t like the bookwise approach much so I’m opting for baba this time. Baba’s test series is lest costly than Insights anyway.

      • The best takes take time!

        Wish you luck!
        Take care.

  • AKB


    I paid for ILP 2018 using the link below which I think is not valid anymore…How should I request for refund and pay using the link provided above. Please help urgently.


    • Rohan Sharma

      I did the same mistake bhai. If there are any updates please let me know as well. I mailed the IASBaba team and they asked me to wait for some time. Please provide me the info of you have contacted them.

      • AKB

        I created a case with Instamojo as well sent an email to IASBABA Payments team and ilp team. Hope they will help with this matter!

        • Any updates regarding the issue?

          • AKB

            The team replied asking me to pay the balance amount. So problem solved. I am initiating the transaction now.

          • AKB

            Yes Ashish…I received an email from the team to send the differential amount to their account which I did and sent the confirmation.

    • Rashi Gupta
  • lokesh shukla

    Baba ji, if i opt out all india test series after few months from starting ILP 2018, will i have to pay the same Fee(6999) or less and numbers of all india test will remain 31 or less…plzzzz tell…!!!

    • Same amount and same number of tests

      • हर्षल

        @IASbaba sirji please reply to my querry too

        Thank you

      • lokesh shukla

        Tnxx Babaji…looking forward to ILP 2018. Hope it will be a great decision that i have ever taken for my preparation…”-)

  • Priya

    What about ILP mains 2017 when will it start for paid users ?

    • abhiFrickinShek

      If you find the link to 2017 Mains schedule please do share.

      • Priya

        Sure …. 2017 ilp mains is not spoken much I guess… 2018 ilp is frequent in posts

  • Priya

    Anybody with Tamil optional please ping me


    I have a doubt. In ILP 2018, You mentioned there will be 35 tests. How many questions will be there in this tests ? Is it full length 100 questions or 50 questions ? Please reply in this regard

  • Anurag

    Will All india test series (31+10) will have rankings & analysis like ILP 2016 and also will it be flexible with timings ?

  • anchal

    thank you ias baba team .i will join ilp 2018

  • Farook Tzr

    Is there any deadline for epayment and joining in to ILP

  • Neil R

    sahi he …… mene jo mistake ki…. that is in MUST DO of plan……

    if someone is taking ILP(which i personally say i will if i was new comer like last year i was confused , i took iasbaba )


    i did do but i did in end end….so lacked revision part…hence paid welll in prelims……

    Baki…….VAN….test…or babapedia are too good…..one will falll in love with some bacis learning tricks of babaji VAN ……

    keep revisiing , donot keep it for last moment…..one has to pay for it…..not even last month….

    • I.A.S

      you are right……. i also committed same mistake………. but 2018 we work as hard as Ias baba team is doing for us…..

  • none

    plz clarify in ilp test will be conducted on everyday or one test for one block..

  • बजरंग

    Babaji will you be providing the test paper PDFs in two columnar format, just like the actual UPSC paper? If not then Pls provide it in that format coz all aren’t comfortable online mode and they can take print and solve the paper. That’ll also give the feeling of actually appearing in UPSC exam. It makes lots of difference as in for the whole year u give ppr in online mode and on D- day u give exam in different mode. It makes lot of psychological difference.

  • Abhiram Krishnan

    Hi Friends,

    Anyone preparing for Political Science as Optional.
    Kindly share the details of books and resources to be followed.
    Seniors kindly help me on this concern. @iasbaba:disqus @disqus_HzyeSEGMQq:[email protected]:disqus
    Mail: [email protected]


    • Neil R

      sorry no pol science as optional ……

      • Abhiram Krishnan

        Okay Thanks for the reply 🙂

    • manoj

      1Political theory@ OPGAUBA
      2Western political thought @ shubratha mukharjee & sushila ramaswamy
      3indian gov and politics @B.L. Fladia
      4 comparative politics@ ignou
      5 world [email protected] heywood
      Others (online sources)@ project syndicate site
      Min of ext affairs ,lectures by former ambassadors
      These were suggested by shubraranjan madem who teaches at vajiram .
      If possible get her class notes.
      Hope this helps you

      • Abhiram Krishnan

        Thanks Manoj 🙂
        Is there any provision to get her class notes online , through Vajiram Site or any other portal ?

        • manoj

          Its not available on vajiram site and i dont know about other sites .Better go for courier service
          Contact kumar book centre or atul photostat

          • sayantan das

            Can you please give me the no of these book center or photostat shop

        • You can get it at XAAM.in

  • Bobde dada
  • Ajay Kumar N

    How to integrate ILP with Daily Initiatives of IASbaba? E.g Daily News Analysis. How to utilize it effectively?

  • Shilpa Agnihotri

    Jai Shree Ganesh !
    Ganpati Bappa Moreya, Mangal Murti Moreya !
    Vakra Tunda Mahakaya, Sooryakoti Samaprabha, Nirvighnam Kurume deva, Sarva Karyeshu, Sarvadha…..

    OOOooommmm ! Namah Shivaaay !
    OOOmmmmmm Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaay !
    Yaa Raheeem ! Mere malik meher kar !
    Hey Ram ! kripa karo !
    Jai mata ki !

    I am going to pay for the I.L.P 2018 program. God ! I will do my best, rest I left over you.

    • IP Singh

      keep this spirit up.

    • Rx.vishal

      meher nahi o rahem hota hai….

  • surya

    baba i took ilp 2018, what is the next???

  • Maverick

    This ILP program will be accessible from the app as well? Or is this a web only platform?

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    please tell me how ILP will help for mains answer writing and interview?

  • Rahul Verma

    I had paid for ILP 2018 during the notification for offline program but have not yet received id and password

    • Hi Rahul

      You’ll get the login credentials before the programme starts.

  • monika

    Will 35 tests o consist 100 questions and is there any deadline for ilp because 25 july is given? Wats the diff bw these 35 tests and all india prelims tests bcoz both test dates are coincidin…..plz clarify

  • sudheer p

    Hello Baba
    I am Sudheer pursuing B.tech final year in NIT Agartala ECE background.My life ambition is to become an IAS Officer.I was not interested in any placements of my college.
    I want to start my preparation.I was reading the syllabus daily.I have no basics at all in any subjects of Humanities
    I have not read before any NCERT’s before.
    But I am choosing my optional as Geography because of ample material available to me and as well as it is scoring for Prelims,GS paper I and III.
    Please Clear My Doubts :
    1. .I was born on 23-08-1997.Can I appear for UPSC CSE 2018?If not can I enroll ILP 2018 for UPSC 2019?
    2. I have not read any NCERT’s before and I have no background of Humanities i.e I was zero now.Can ILP 2018 suits me?
    3. Or after studying NCERT’s of all subjects : History , Polity , Economy ,Geography ,Science for one year i.e in my final year and develop a full habit of reading newspaper and then joining your program benefits or joining now it’s self benefits me.Please clear this doubt.

    • sudheer p

      Please anybody in the disqus give me suggestions.

      • Fergus

        1) You cannot appear for 2018
        2) It suits you only if you can give 10 hours daily for studies
        3) Joining a test series is a better way to guage your preparation. Else we keep on procrastinating. So, its better to join.

        • sudheer p

          Shall I join ILP 2018 programme?

          • DiamondMagnolia

            Have you even read the UPSC notification? Please go thro it first for answers on whether you are eligible for UPSC or not. Its very clear and detailed. If you want to be an IAS officer the first quality needed is self-research and common sense. http://www.civilserviceindia.com/civil-services-eligibility.html
            ILP is for fresher’s so if eligible you can join it.
            Don’t choose optional based on how scoring it is, but on whether you re interested. Take geography only if the NCERTS interest you, otherwise look for another one.

          • Fergus

            YES- Even old aspirants keep on procrastinating the targets. You must join & start covering your targets from 1st test. Remember- Well begun is half well done!

          • sudheer p

            I am entering into final year of my B.tech.But when exams of mid-sem and end-sem I will lag the time table which was provided by them.What I have to do then?
            Please give me suggestion for these.

          • Fergus

            The answer you seek is within you.

          • Fergus

            Analyse your situation, if money is not an issue you should join. During mid sem, skip the tests. Prepare those later…

          • sudheer p

            Can you give me your whatsapp number plz?

    • monika

      I think u should first focus on ncerts only and read last year papers to get idea abt optional and other papers then u should should enroll in any prog…hope it helps

  • BinHIM

    Babaji, please release the entire schedule of ILP-2018.

  • Dhananjay Mahale

    Dear @iasbaba:disqus

    What is the key difference between ILP 2018 Tests & All India Prelims Test Series?

    • Dhananjay

      ILP is GS only programme no Optional

      Yes to totally different. Reasons are many. ILP test will be based on building your strong foundation and then moving higher levels.

      ILP is mainly for Freshers. Once the strong foundation is built and you wish to practice more, can surely join our test series. It is a personal choice.

      Anyway people join some other test series. We cannot force not to join but if ILP Students can see the difference in quality of our content and tests, then can surely join ours All India Test Series after few months once feel confident about their preparation.

      It is more about moving in step wise manner with strong base. ILP is designed specifically for Working Professionals and Freshers. That is why such detailed planning and many add on like VAN, Babapedia, Mains Mocks and Synopsis, Separate Platform are included.

      All India Test Series on the lines of 60 Days Plan is introduced mainly because of string demand from our previous ILP users, who loved our ILP tests and wanted to practice more quality questions with more and more analytical stuffs. So we kept it different,

  • Rahul Kumar

    I have question regarding ILP that wiil you provide question and guidelines related optional( psychology).
    whether question of the test of ILP and AITS were totally different ?
    For complete coverage whether we have to join both ILP and AITS ? and what about CSAT for ILP. … thanks

    • Hi Rahul

      ILP is GS only programme no Optional

      Yes to totally different. Reasons are many. ILP test will be based on building your strong foundation and then moving higher levels.

      ILP is mainly for Freshers. Once the strong foundation is built and you wish to practice more, can surely join our test series. It is a personal choice.

      Anyway people join some other test series. We cannot force not to join but if ILP Students can see the difference in quality of our content and tests, then can surely join ours All India Test Series after few months once feel confident about their preparation.

      It is more about moving in step wise manner with strong base. ILP is designed specifically for Working Professionals and Freshers. That is why such detailed planning and many add on like VAN, Babapedia, Mains Mocks and Synopsis, Separate Platform are included.

      All India Test Series on the lines of 60 Days Plan is introduced mainly because of string demand from our previous ILP users, who loved our ILP tests and wanted to practice more quality questions with more and more analytical stuffs. So we kept it different

  • BAT

    will ilp be making us prepared for prelims without all india test series n how will u help us for mains after prelims .if any schedule for mains please

    • Bat

      ILP is mainly for Freshers. Once the strong foundation is built and you wish to practice more, can surely join our test series. It is a personal choice.

      Anyway people join some other test series. We cannot force not to join but if ILP Students can see the difference in quality of our content and tests, then can surely join ours All India Test Series after few months once feel confident about their preparation. It is more about moving in step wise manner with strong base. ILP is designed specifically for Working Professionals and Freshers. That is why such detailed planning and many add on like VAN, Babapedia, Mains Mocks and Synopsis, Separate Platform are included.

  • Manu Manu

    My sister and I both are preparing for 2018. Do we need to enroll separately for ILP 2018? and Will ILP cover optional ?

  • Preethi

    Babaji!! Through ILP, i am able to get the picture that it will guide for prelims. We can prepare for mains through VAN. But, will there be any mock test for mains along with these blocks. Even if we write those test and post, will there be a mentor to give reviews, so that we can improve in answer writing. Please suggest if there are any other platform for answer writing.

    • manoj

      Same query

    • Preethi

      ILP is not Mains Test Series. It is impossible to review thousands of answers if we intend to. That is why we will be providing all quality fillers like Synopsis and VAN. You need not worry about anything else. By ILP, you will be in a position to crack this exam easily. Our TLP online will assist you in answer writing here

  • abhiFrickinShek

    If there’s any Sociology Optional whatsapp group please add 8800985272

    • Pradeep

      if you create one, add me in 🙂

  • DiamondMagnolia

    To all confused aspirants. Please do read the article carefully- its more than clear and answers all queries. You all have to read very carefully for UPSC so you might as well practice with this update from BABA.
    2nd, is anyone here planning to take offline test series? Please reply if yes.

    • Chandan

      I want to join but in Mumbai………..any chance?

  • PradeepKV

    Hi Babaji , @iasbaba:disqus i have joined ILP 2018 through the link which i received for Offline Program. I have mailed the details to [email protected]:disqus .com & [email protected]:disqus .com. I have submitted details for ILP 2018 connect too. 🙂 I hope i have registered correctly babaji 🙂

    • ThePeakyBlinder

      How to submit details for ILP Connect? @disqus_SVQNRM7r1z:disqus

      • ThePeakyBlinder

        Read the post again & found the info 🙂

        • PradeepKV

          Cool Peaky 🙂

  • LoneRunner

    HI, I want to join ILP.Is the portal is still open? THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE

  • santosh kumar

    Hi Babaji,
    Except the detailed daily plan , what are the other benefits does ILP 2018 subscribers get?

    • Santosh

      Read the post carefully again. everything is clearly mentioned

  • santosh kumar

    Hi Aspirants, Is there a group created for PubAd optional.If so, please add me.

    • MISSION 2018

      please add me too

  • Gagan GN

    Sir, when will the details of offline program be announced?

    • Gagan

      Offline is already out. Offline classes will start from August (1st week). If interested can join. Visit office for any doubt

  • ThePeakyBlinder

    How should we subscribe for ILP Connect How is it different from ILP? @iasbaba:disqus

    • ThePeakyBlinder

      Read the post again and found the info 🙂


    @iasbaba:disqus ; What are the books that we need to have with us before the commencement of program. i.e, before July 31. Please add the book list we need to have in the post. or reply here. Thanks !:)

    • AKB

      I think We should be reading the NCERTs which will build the foundation and also give us more time for revision during the course.


        What about the books after the commencement of program?

        • AKB

          Let us refer it as Sources….The sources will be mentioned against the study plan. I think I answered your question. If not, please elaborate what you are asking 🙂

          • VAMSI KRISHNA

            For example, see the Block 1 in sample plan, it is given there that we should read from Laxmikant and 11th NCERT books. Similarly, what are the books we need to have to follow the whole program so that we can order thyose books in advance?

          • Vamsi

            Everything will be there when you login to ILP 2018 Platform. And trust us, there won’t be something very fancy out of your reach. Why not focus on sample plan and start your preparation. There are lot to do like going through previous years papers, completing the sample plan and other ncerts before the commencement so that you have upper hand

          • VAMSI KRISHNA

            Yeah 🙂 Thanks. I’m a fresher. So, some basic doubts!

          • AKB

            I am assuming you already have the standard books like Lakshmikanth, Ramesh singh for Economics, Shankar for Environment etc… Even if you don’t, the plan will be posted well ahead so you can buy the books accordingly. VAN is also a fantastic initiative from IAS BABA so that will also help.

  • VJ


    Integrated package covers prelims test series also or do we need to subscribe it separately ?

  • darkknight

    Sir if possible, pls start tlp for anthropology optional. Thanks.

  • Sharad Sharma

    will ilp be enough for preparation or i should join separate all india test series

    • Sharad

      Read the featured comment above

  • Fiza Khan

    hello…anybody here from urdu literature

  • $@(#!N

    Is this possible to join ILP-18, with out GUIDED Prelims Test Series (35 Tests), i.e. only access to VALUE ADD for Prelims and Mains, Babapedia for Current Affairs, MAINS Mock & Synopsis.

  • deepak

    Can anybody tell me how our mains mock test will be evaluated

    • Mains Mock and Synopsis no evaluation, it is not a test series of mains.

      • deepak

        i have just paid through online payment method.its generates me a id and password which kept secure.
        so do i need to do anything else related to registration

        • Login platform will be given one week before the start of the programme. So stay calm and start with your preparation 🙂

          • deepak

            all queries are done baba ji
            thanx for constant reply

      • deepak

        one more baabji
        will you provide any standard answers for main mock and synopsis

        • We will give a platform for all of you to write and peer review/discuss. Will try to provide best answer if proper participation is there among all

      • deepak

        and thanx for your constant reply

  • Siddharth

    I’ve already failed in two prelims. Will the ILP be useful for people like me who have failed in 1 or more previous attempts?

    • deepak

      yes,it will if follow it regularly

    • Siddharth

      Promise if you follow it sincerely there is no looking back

  • jatin batra

    sir will this program cover the whole syllabus of all four GS Papers?
    will u provide the material for all subjects for GS MAINS like world history,post indep consolidation,DM,IS,society etc.?
    will it also cover essay paper??

    please reply

  • Chirag Aggarwal

    Any guidelines on how to cover maps while preparing geography.. I think if you could add how to do maps while simultaneously following block 2 plan it will be helpful..

    • Thats not the full plan dear. We will cover everything and full plan will be available on ILP platform

      • Chirag Aggarwal

        Thanks Baba.. Just 1 more doubt…. Will it be fine if I start with current affairs the day ILP begins

        • That will be fine but better you cover May to July so as to be aware about issues running

  • Abhishek prakash

    Any one have mechanical optional

  • Narinder singh

    Baba ji app ne toh deadline 25july di hai .. Lekin maine ilp oct2018 mein join krni hai .. Kya main oct month me join kr skta hoon ilp2018 course .. Due to some reasons mein aug se continue nahi kr skta sir .. Plz clr my doubt about deadline ..

    • Rajkumar Kanakam

      25th july is for ilp connect. there is no deadline for ilp 2018.

    • There is no deadline for ILP 2018. That is for ILP Connect

      • Narinder singh

        Thnks alot baba ji

  • Sanchana Shetty

    @iasbaba:disqus I have joined ILP 2018 and haven’t received any ID or password. What’s the procedure for appearing fro the scholarship test which is going to be held on July 2?

    • Sanchana

      If you have paid for ST test, will receive ID details on 30th June or 1st july with time of the test

  • ronak kothari

    Anything on offline classes

    • Ronak

      Offline classes registration is on. You can come to office and join

  • Bean Babu

    Babaji plz start daily quiz for 2018.

  • Gautham

    Dear babaji,
    Please solve my queries.
    1.Does ILP2018 include all ncerts(6-12),since i saw the sample timetable in which the program directly starts with 11th ncert?

    2.Can you tell me the number of enrollments in last year ILP2017?
    so that i will know about the competition.

    3.And the ranks will be given in the guided tests in ILP also as it is done in all india test series?

    4.How many 200questions length tests will be available in ILP2018?

    please reply me babaji asap as i have to join the program.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi

      1. Only those NCERT’s which are relevant not all. You do not need to mug all NCERTs. Further we also provide Value Add notes so that one doesn’t need everything to cover. That 11th Class is for Polity. One do not need to go through previous ncerts for polity. Important things will be covered in our VAN also

      2. Number of enrollment- Will you disclose you bank details on public forum? 😛

      You should focus on quality learning not numbers. As far as competition is concerned, you will be competing with the best of minds which will be thousands in numbers.

      3. Yes ranks will be given

      4. 200 Questions 😀 😀 When did UPSC change its pattern from 100?

      • Gautham

        lol sry 200 marks 😛
        thanks babaji _/_

  • Prince

    Hope you release the whole timetable soon in public. Thanks

    • For ILP it won’t be. For All India Test Series- It will be within 10 Days

  • Atul Pundir

    sir please provide complete book list or source to follow during exam.

    • Atul

      For now, get hands on NCERT’s class 6th to 12th
      Lakshmikanth- Polity

      We won’t scare you with loads and loads of books. There will be very few standard sources to cover and you will be able to manage and reach to the quality learning despite being fresher

      • Atul Pundir

        Thank you sir. But 6 to 12 all ncert?

        • Try as much as you can. Honestly till class 10th there is not much to read they are very thin books

  • harsha reddy

    sir…how many …mains tests in ILP …in a year along with the csat tests …i am pretty much intrested to join ..please reply me .

    • Harsha

      Before Prelims- Depending on topics covered for Mains. Mock Test for mains will consist of 20 questions each along with synopsis for all

      After Prelims also- we will have mains plan- Mock and Synopsis.

      CSAT is part of All India Prelims Test Series not ILP

    • Rashi Gupta

      @[email protected]_yB3HQOiXBe:disqus check this http://www.ias4sure.com/ias4sure-prelims-guarantee-program-2018/

  • AKB

    Hi Babaji@@iasbaba:disqus Please let me know where I can download the past 10 years prelims and mains question papers. I tried multiple sources but couldn’t find.

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    M working in bank. I have hardly 5-6 hours to study. Will it be beneficial for me?

    • Hi

      Yes because you do not have to worry about quality content or waste time researching things. Just need to blindly follow and revise everything. I think that won’e be an issue 🙂

  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    Hello Baba ji !!
    What is the difference btw IPL and TLP ??
    Whenever u will launch TLP for 2018, it will be free or chargeable ??
    If you will not review are MAINS answers , then how we will get to know are mistakes ??
    Will be provide stratergy for optional or not ??

    • hi
      First of all ILP 2018 is not a Mains Test Series as such. People pay more than 20k only for Mains Test Series but here in ILP where we provide so many things in 10k, they are not satisfied.

      TLP is Free online answer writing practice programme- Read it here http://iasbaba.com/think-learn-perform-tlp-upsc-general-studies-mains-answer-writing-2017/

      • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

        ok baba ji ,
        tell me 1 thing , in TLP program will you review answers or not ??
        will u provide some content for sociology optional ???

        • Yes we do provide reviews as well as synopsis in TLP. We will have sociology optional TLP for mains but no reviews

          • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

            ok baba ji
            thanku so much
            i will join ILP By monday or Max tuesday ….!!

  • Pramod

    Hello Babaji,

    Could you please share the full detailed plan for ILP 2018? So that we can get better idea about what are the sources to refer and what all things will be covered in the ILP program etc.

    Because in the above shared sample plan we get to know about plan for Polity and Geography only. We want to know how other topics like Environment, Economics, Art and Culture, History, Science and Technology etc will be covered. Or Let us know when will the full plan for ILP 2018 will be available.

    Thank you

    • Pramod

      Full Plan of ILP 2018 will only be available to registered users on the ILP 2018 Platform. For better idea we have given so many samples in the above article.

      Decision should be made based on quality not details of plan and its length and breadth. You can discuss with previous ILP users also

      All India Test Series full plan will be updated within 10 Days

      • Pramod

        Thank you for replying Babaji. There is no doubt about your quality. But just wanted to know about sources and coverage. So please clarify whether the sources for ILP and All India test series are same?

        Anyhow as per your suggestion I will check with previous ILP users and join your program at the earliest.

        • Pramod


          If someone has attended previous ILP (ILP 2017), please share full details of the plan, sources and coverage here so that most of our doubts will be clarified.

          Thanks in advance.

          • Blossom

            hello as a previous ILP user I am sharing the sources.I am posting just prelims sources..hope it helps 🙂
            Polity- NCERT Class XI,Laxmikanth
            Geography- NCERT Class VI -XII, G C Leong
            Economy- NCERT Class XI,XII, Ramesh Singh
            History- T.N Class XI and XII, NCERTs (Old and New)
            Science- NCERT Class VI-X
            Environment-NCRT Class XII Biology (selected chapters), Shankar IAS
            Art and Culture-NCERT Class XI, CCRT
            And you will get quality notes on important topics

          • Pramod

            Thank you for quick reply.

          • BAT

            is ILP ENOUGH for prelims or do we need to also join in all india test series……to gain confidence for prelims….why this parts like ilp ,allindia testseries.

        • Sources will be minimum because our job is to minimize your effort and that is why we will provide maximum assistance. Standard texts like NCERT’s, Lakshmikanth for Polity etc will be there for sure but we won’t be having high-fi sources to scare you. We believe that through our VAN,Babapedia and tests, Mocks and Synopsis you will be best prepared to qualify this exam.

          • Pramod

            Thank you Babaji. I will soon join ILP 2018.

  • Narinder singh

    Baba ji .. Poltical sci and int reltn optional k leye bhi prgrm strt krdo .. Paid prgrme he krdo strt ilp2018 k jaise but plzz krdo .. Requst aa optnl k leye baba ji app se.. Thnkuu

  • Saurabh Kukreti

    sir I want to take economics as the optional subject and this is my first attempt in CSE.
    please suggest me a way so that I can smoothly and comprehensively cover it for prelims and mains.
    P.S. I am from science background and don’t know much about economics.


    will fees structure change after implementation of gst?

    • No. It is inclusive and less than last years Fee if minus GST 🙂

  • Surya Nayakd

    hi babaji, i have paid the amount 999/- for ilp2018, i recieved username and password, when i register the page it asking that ilp reference id, from where i will get this ref.. id please help me ……

    • Surya

      ILP 2018 login platform is not given to anyone now. We clearly mentioned that program starts on 31st July and login platform will be given one week before the start. Read the details given above carefully

      • Sudheer

        i think his query is regarding that “reference id” you mentioned in registration page.. I think you should read the above carefully.

  • Up

    @IASbaba Can you guys please update the full schedule for Integrated Learning Programme 2018? I will be able to come to concrete decision whether to join or not only after seeing your entire schedule. I would have very much loved to attend classroom atmosphere coaching but I’m a working professional so can’t make hasty decisions without checking the pros n cons. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello

      Full Plan of ILP 2018 will only be available to registered users on the ILP 2018 Platform. For better idea we have given so many samples in the above article including content.

      Decision should be made based on quality not details of plan and its length and breadth. You can discuss with previous ILP users also

      Sources will be minimum because our job is to minimize your effort and that is why we will provide maximum assistance. Standard texts like NCERT’s, Lakshmikanth for Polity etc will be there for sure but we won’t be having high-fi sources to scare you. We believe that through our VAN,Babapedia and tests, Mocks and Synopsis you will be best prepared to qualify this exam.

      There is no course available online that provides you with such coverage and quality assistance. You can cross check. If you are going by some test series only programme then too our test series and its quality can be cross checked by regular users here and also through our programmes like 60 Days and Mocks that we have provided for free. Also go through this once to confirm the quality- http://iasbaba.com/2017/06/68in-upsc-civil-services-prelims-2017-how-iasbaba-helped-one-to-get-mains-call/

      Since you are a working professional, ILP will provide you the best content, planning and tests so that you won’t have to do more and more research yourself and waste time in consolidating your preparation.

      • Up

        Hmm.. I see. Of course it would be wrong on my part to expect a complete giveaway without appreciating your hard work and inputs. Actually I wanted a gist of your schedule to see what books to ready.. which books to start studying before ILP 2018 hits the stands officially. So that I would not be behind schedule in case office hours are hectic or I am losing focus and wasting time etc. But thanks anyway for your detailed reply. I am in high need of quality mentor-ship.

      • Up

        Hmm.. I see. Of course it would be wrong on my part to expect a complete giveaway without appreciating your hard work and inputs. Actually I wanted a gist of your schedule to see what books to ready.. which books to start studying before ILP 2018 hits the stands officially. So that I would not be behind schedule in case office hours are hectic or I am losing focus and wasting time etc.Thanks for your detailed reply. I am in high need of quality mentor-ship.

      • Up

        Hmm.. I see. Of course it would be wrong on my part to expect a complete giveaway without appreciating your hard work and inputs. Actually I wanted a gist of your schedule to see what books to ready.. which books to start studying before ILP 2018 hits the stands officially. So that I would not be behind schedule in case office hours are hectic or I am losing focus and wasting time etc.Thanks for your detailed reply. I am in high need of quality mentor-ship.

  • Remote Upload

    @[email protected]:disqus Daily schedule or Block wise ? Baba please clarify

    • Remote

      One Block consist of roughly 10 Days. As per the given topics, one can self prepare. It should be flexible because some of you can cover the given topic in 2 days and other may take 3–4 days for that also. How can it be universal for all? This flexibility is important. Don’t you think so?

  • Light Only

    what about optional ???

  • Light Only


    please let me know what should I read from today to 30th July as ILP is going to start from 31st July .

    I am a working professional and I want to do some homework before ILP program.

    • Light. Try to cover ncerts from 6 to 12 along with regular follow up of previous years papers as mentioned above

    • Prep for your Optional.

  • Siddharth

    @iasbaba:disqus around how many revisions will be completed as per the schedule before prelims 2018? and around which month the first revision completes?

    • After every 6 blocks or test there will be a revision test. Similarly 4 such revisions and then sectional tests which is nothing but revision followed by full mocks in the end

  • aditya sharma

    is it compulsory to pay fee before 25th july or can i pay in august first week??

    • No. You can pay as per your convenience

    • There is no deadline

  • D Anil Kumar

    Hi Baba sir,

    After a lot of research, i found this site. Kindly tell me if i registered for ILP 2018, will it cover only prelims or both prelims and mains?? Will it provide Mock tests for Mains or not?? Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anil

      Just carefully read the above article. Everything is clearly explained

      • Bean Babu

        Babaji better mention set and block concept in featured comment like it was mentioned in ILP2017 launch. Looks like no one is reading details above. you might have to open customer care to address people’s queries. 😉

        • They fail to understand this small thing but preparing for upsc. Emails are flooded with queries already detailed here. Everyone asking us as if to physically appear and explain things. Sad to see this

          • Bean Babu

            Let me try to explain them. When you are putting so much effort to help us I think I can try my best to explain the ILP plan to all new aspirants who have lots of what,ifs queries. Correct any information if I have mentioned it wrongly.

    • It will cover Prelims + Mains. Mains Mock will be once a month with Synopsis.

  • Aj Singh

    I want to join online ILP2018 but have some queries. Can I get any contact number to call?

  • BAT

    ilp also covers prelims 35 tests as u said ,is it not enough for prelims after this do we again need to join all india test series .to gain more confidence

    • Bat
      We never said it is compulsory. Most of the aspirants take other test series also. Hence we left it on them. There are aspirants who relied only on ILP and did well. It is just a matter of personal choice and need. We have kept test series outside ILP so that you compare the quality of ours and others and then take decision accordingly. Ilp already has many tests and other things to assist. It’s not a test series alone

      In case you do well and are confident only with ilp don’t join any other test series also. But in case you intend to solve more why not go by quality over trend.

      • BAT

        my intention is to cover every initiative of baba thoroughly ,so I thought if all are included in ilp only or under one programme so that.I will not be feeling sorry that didn’t cover other intiatives…anyways thanku ….will be a part of baba family

        • Bat first focus on ILP for few months. Once you gain confidence then join our All India Prelims test series

          In full plan we will mention which all initiatives to follow from iasbaba.com

    • You can join Test Series at a later stage (December/January)

    • Rashi Gupta
  • smruti Ranjan

    I have few doubts regarding OFFLINE PRELIMS TEST SERIES.
    1)I want to take prelims offline test series and I am a working professional. I can see 1st offline test is on weekday(To be specific Thursday). If someone is working professional, Is there any provision to give offline tests on weekends?

    It will be great if all the offline test series will be on weekends.

    2)If some one registered for offline prelims test series, Can he give exam online as well or only permitted for offline exam.
    3) Last date to enrol the offline test series?

    Thanks.You people doing a great job.

    • Hi smruti

      1. We will do it on weekend. Full plan will be out in few days where clear dates will be mentioned

      2. Only offline not online

      3. Sooner the better to be in line with the plan

      • smruti Ranjan

        Thank you.
        One more doubt- Will be the solution copy hard copy or e-Copy?

        • Solutions will be provided in soft copy through email 🙂

    • Rashi Gupta
  • Bean Babu

    Hello fellow aspirants,
    Good to see that so many people are eager to join ILP but have so many queries regarding the program. Few queries have answers in the detailed program structure mentioned in the above post itself .But few people are posting so many unnecessary repeated questions to Babaji without going through the post and comments from Babaji in the post. I can understand your apprehension about the credibility of the program. But it’s painful for anyone to answer to the repeated questions. Let me try to clarify your queries.

    What is ILP?
    Read the above post word by word.

    Still have doubts? As an ILP-2017 student let me explain you about the program.

    ILP-Integrated Learning Program which is Prelims+Mains+Interview oriented initiative.
    When I say mains initiative don’t expect that ILP has topic wise/subject wise TEST SERIES for mains.

    Whole ILP program is divided into SETs like SET1,SET2….. Which covers UPSC provided syllabus.
    Last time we had 7 SETs in total.
    SET1-SET5 covering all the syllabus subject wise from best possible resources with adequate revisions covered in the plan.
    SET6 had full mocks ((100 questions each) subject wise covering entire syllabus of that particular subject+current affairs of that particular week(s).
    SET7 had 3 full mocks covering all the subjects in each mock test+current affairs of particular weeks in each test.

    Now coming back to Set1-Set5.

    Each set was divided into 4 blocks (Module wise plan for 4 Subjects say Polity,Geography,Economics,Environment).
    Each block was provided with scheduled time to cover certain topics (This is Self-study. Babaji will not personally monitor how much time you study or in how many days you will complete the given syllabus) from particular subject for 5 days, one day was for revision and next day was for test. Each block test had 50 questions. If you fail to get passing marks you need to attempt the test again by reviewing your answers.
    This time ILP-2018 , each block has 10 days’ time keeping in mind the time to cover your optional syllabus.
    Note: You need to customize your optional preparation time based on optional syllabus to be covered .

    After completion of 4 block tests of particular SET there was a full mock (100 questions) based on all the subjects of that particular set and based on the syllabus mentioned in those blocks.
    Last time after every two blocks there was mains mock containing around 20 questions covering static portion+ current affairs questions with respect to mains. You can try to write answers for these questions and evaluate yourself by looking at the synopsis which will be provided by Babaji.

    For each block Babaji will give VALUE-ADD notes on the topics covered in that subject/block. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT VALUE ADD DONOT CONTAIN NOTES ON EACH HEADING OR SUBHEADINGS MENTIONED IN THE REFERENCE BOOKS. There will be certain topics which might be difficult to understand when you read it in the first go. If you refer Value add it will definitely help you to clarify such topics/concepts. If you still need more information you can take help of google ,youtube,quora etc.

    About Babapedia – It will cover currents affairs from everyday newspapers like Hindu,IE,Livemint,TOI,Economictimes,PIB etc. Each topic is excerpt from newspaper to make you easily understand the topic sometimes with Background details of the news. You can refer the URL given at the end of the topic to get more information. Sometimes there will be 1 or 2 days delay in updating Babapedia as babaji runs many initiatives in parallel. You need to be courteous enough to excuse babaji for that.

    To cover each and every topic of the mains IASBABA has separate initiative called TLP(Think,Learn,Perform) which is free imitative which will be in 2 phases. TLP phase 1 which will start about 4-5 months before prelims and will be completed about 2 months before prelims. TLP phase 2 will be after prelims. Here you can practice answer writing for mains and get it peer reviewed and get feedback from Babaji to improve your answers. IASBABA team will provide model answer for all questions and selected best answers from each day in the form of synopsis.

    If you have any doubts on what should be your strategy, which books to refer, browse each and every tab of IASBABA website. It will take you minimum 1 week (For freshers) to go through all the details and understand. After this sit calmly, make your plan and start preparation accordingly.

    I hope above details clarify all your doubts. Please note that none of the online platforms (Even offline) are spoon feeding programs (Sorry if I sound rude). Most of them are very good platforms which will guide you how to crack UPSC. You need to have your own strategy based on your strength and weakness, work consistently without losing focus. You will clear the exam in one attempt or the next. All the best to everyone.

    @iasbaba:disqus ji correct me if I have mentioned anything wrong about any initiative

    • Thank you Babu 🙂

      We will also try our best to further simplify it. Wait for few days

      • <3 KH <3

        hi baba, before subscribe ilp
        i have a query
        ILP is a online initiative ??
        its not possible for me to come Bangalore


    babaji please give time-table for the ILP 2018 programe so that we can complete accordingly. you give only sample time table…. if you give whole sheet then we will start preparing right now accordingly… its a advantage for all of us..

    • Priti

      We gave two sample plans. You want full plan to be given and think you can complete whole plan before the start of programme?

      This is the real issue with aspirants. They only want everything at their disposal but not ready to do it as guided. Whatever is given is more than enough for you to start with. Why worrying about everything right now? Focus on basics first. Start with NCERTs and given samples and refer to previous years papers accordingly. Optional has to be prepared by you also.

      • PRITI RAI

        No babaji its not enough…u misinterpret the things…i have already completed the sample blocks..and i think most of us already completed it…and its very basic i think…u gave the plan aprox 40 days before it starts and show only 2 blocks…and said it is enough…no..it’s not…so if u show the actual plan it helps most of us…as we complete it before and on the date of test we revise it twise or thrice…if u not able to show the plan then its ok…bt don’t say like that…and sorry..if i sounds rude…

        • Priti

          We misinterpret things??….

          You done with NCERTS?? All of them?. You went through all previous years papers…all of them??

          Priti- Keep calm and go through basics slowly. If you want to do more then do the following before we start with ILP

          1. Complete all ncerts
          2. Go through previous years papers and solve them
          3. Keep following Daily Current Affairs and try to understand the issues for mains
          4. Also refer to AIR and RSTV discussions that we post

          If one cannot trust on our guidance then we have no control on it. Faith and trust is the foremost requirement if you have to follow something. And this is universal not personal, mind it. We have to cater to evryone with the same plan and obviously one can modify it according to ones need. There are people who cover the given plan in 3 days and there are some who take more than 2 weeks.It is always better to be in advance but keep focus on revision and in case done with it..move on to something not covered or left.

          Hope you understand. Loosing cool is easy when it is personal. Imagine we have to address to thousands of issues which are personal but we are able to manage it because of the trust you guys have put in

          • PRITI RAI

            Thank u babaji for reply….and one thing…i hv faith in u…that’s why i m following u…and believe me there is nothing prsnl…i start preparing for upsc 3 months month before nd done with syllabus…all ncert…and previous year papers….i asked for plan becoz wanted to be 1 step ahead of it…that’s all….nd now its okkkk..i’ll do the things as u suggest…nd also step forword to standard books….thanku

          • That’s the spirit priti 🙂

            Do cover NCERT’s carefully. DO not rush just for the sake of reading it. Specially Old NCERT Modern India by Bipan Chandra.

            For your reference- Go through this list and be ready before ILP starts


            Also go through this (All The Tabs for GS papers) – http://iasbaba.com/2015/07/iasbabas-mains-strategy-introduction/


  • DashBro

    Sir when will the timetable for ILP 2018 be uploaded for the registered candidates of this program??

    • One week before you will get access to ILP Platform. Everything will be updated there before the start of the programme

      • DashBro

        thank you sir.

      • Does this mean that only the subscribers of the ILP programme will get to know about the whole schedule?

  • I guess that there will be no access to the babapedia for AITS. Am I right?


      Yup babapedia is only for ILP-2018

    • Ashish

      Babapedia is an exclusive feature for ILP aspirants

      • Are you guys going to provide(in public) the full schedule for the ILP before its commencement?

        • No. Not full Schedule. But we may put 2 Months schedule for better understanding and clarity.

          ILP Plan and its content is exclusive for ILP users for which they have puut faith on us even before joining. Our result and the quality of content for which samples are given are more than enough to make an informed choice whether to join or not.

          • That will suffice for an overview of your plan and the pattern in which you move. I’ll join the moment I judge myself if I would be able to cope up with the given plan or not because last year I joined Insights test series which have been proved to be way hectic for me. Although, I’m repenting for not joining your programme due to ambivalence but this time I don’t want to risk my another crucial year.

  • Rahul Verma

    pl help me ….i had paid for ilp 2018…and also send details for registration…but i m unable to login through my email and password
    …sir pl help me

    • Rahul

      How many time we have to tell everyone to read the details carefully before joining?

      Programme starts on 31st July and access to platform will be given one week before it. Be patient

      • Rahul Verma

        ok thankyou sir….and really sorry for disturbing you….

  • MANI

    i tried to purchase the course but the transaction failed. After how many days money will get credited to my account? i am waiting for money to return,only that i will try to purchase the course again.

  • Prashant

    Sir solution n explaination hindi medium me hi hoga ??

  • Ashish Jain

    Sir I have not opted for ILP 2017 but I am interested in ur mains 2017 preparation. What option do I have for that now??

  • Ashish Jain

    Sir do u plan for MAINS 2017 TEST SERIES..???

    • Ashish

      We do not have any Mains Specific Test Series online. Its available offline

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Wt is last date for subscribing ilp 2018?

    • revolution2018

      nothing as such ,but sooner the better for u dear

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Hv ssc in August… Hav to skip the program for 2-3 days…😒

        • revolution2018

          its okay , 2-3 days won’t matter much if you are consistent enough , you can try to complete that week’s schedule before hand as well .

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Actually m wrkng in bank… already have less time…
            But anyways..thr r Holidays too😛

          • revolution2018

            haha that’s the spirit dear . keep going 🙂 and at least you have job security (look at the positive side )

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Yes dats too… 🙂

          • revolution2018

            btw which bank r u working in ?

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            One more thing plz
            Is the ilp program actually starting from 31st of July whether I register now or on 30th?
            Isn’t it?

          • revolution2018

            anytime u can join dear , but if u’ll join before 25th , i think they are providing something extra like ILPconnect. more info regarding ILPconnect only babaji can tell u . but it will be something like helping through phone call i guess but please get it confirm on your own .

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Have you not joined yet?

          • revolution2018

            nope , i wont join ILP but will go for ALL India test series.

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Of IASBaba’s ?

    • No deadline but its better if you start from its launch

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        I hv SSC in august. Can i skip the class for two or three days?

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Gd mng baba
        Ilp program is going to start from 31st of July. Wt if I join from 30th of July or from its launch?

  • revolution2018

    @iasbaba:disqus just one doubt babji , i want to join all india test series , so when the complete plan will be out ?

  • Abhiram Krishnan
    • Abhi

      Will reply there 🙂

  • Rohit

    Is it possible to subscribe only for Babapedia and test series. Because I have GS material from ILP 2017.

    • revolution2018

      I don’t think so Rohit

    • Hi Rohit

      Babapedia is an exclusive feature of ILP only

  • Kashisii Athili Moses

    Sir, i have subscribed to your ILP program through offline payment and sent a copy of scanned pay in slip to [email protected]:disqus .com. I’m worried whether my pay in slip is already deliver to you or not.. Please let me know. Thanks.

  • Ramadevi Aravapally

    sir,i was subscribed to your ILP program2018 .I want to change my email id how.actuvally my email was blocked because of that please tell me sir.

    • Ramadevi

      Do not worry. Let the ILP Platform become active. We will do it for you then

      • Ramadevi Aravapally

        thank you sir.

  • harrison wells

    sir, will these tests be live or we will have to download pdf and check by answer keys??

    • Tests will be active on the given Dates. One can take them as per their convenience. After attempting the tests online result will be automatically generated and pdf for solution and questions will be sent to registered email ID

      • Kulkshetra Verma

        in ILP test how can i know that my score is good or bad…..is there any comparison with other ilp students SCORE

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    I want to join ILP 2018.I just want to know ILP for mains and Mains tests in TLP are exactly same or different.

    And tests in TLP and Tests in All india tests are same or different.

    Will IAS baba evaluate answers in TLP or just review.

    Anyway I am going to join Both ILP 2018 and All india Test series.

    • Pandurang Tanawade

      Got answers of both my queries when I go through following discussions.
      Thanks Ias Baba.

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    Baba Can you please send a link sample of platform .How ILP 2018 platform will look like.
    I am going to join ILP 2018 and All india test series.
    And I am going to follow Ias Baba thoroughly.
    My Vision is to Make The vision of Ias Baba a reality.
    Ias baba is Almost there with rank 4 and 6 this year.
    But All india topper (rank 1 for a candidate in remote area)will be from ILP 2018 Batch of Ias baba.

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    If I join All India test series and ILP from the beginning.The syllabus to cover before Test in ILP and All India test will be same or different.Are both the tests covering same questions or different.

    • Syllabus cannot be different na? Only timing of coverage will be diferent, isn’t it?

      Yes questions will not be same for both because if one wish to follow both then must have different set of questions to assess one self.

      • Pandurang Tanawade

        Thanks Ias baba.
        I will join both ILP and all india test series. I Will follow only Ias baba with complete faith and trust.In addition I will read The Hindu only.I think this much will be sufficient for GS 1,2,3 4 and Essay.
        My optional is chemistry.So For that I will prepare myself separately.
        I have choose IAS BABA as my complete guru till my selection with best rank!!!

  • chandrakanth reddy

    is anyone opted for offline 2018 program having geography optional?

  • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

    Babaji, as far as previous years question papers of optionals for mains are concerned from which years one should consider them? For reference as well as writing practice.

    • 2013

      • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

        Same applies for GS 1-4 Mains & prelims?

        • No

          For prelims refer to at least from 1995 onward and for Mains 2013 onward for dynamic nature. You can refer to old papers for static nature of questions asked for paper 1

          • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

            Babaji tamilnadu history ncert are very good books, should i read 6-12th or only 11th or 12th? which are more relevant as far as UPSC point of view?

          • Yes you can. TN Books 11th and 12th

  • Mrinal Mukherjee

    Would the mains part under ILP be evaluated by our peers ?

  • Srivani Kottukuri

    i have paid for ilp2018 through netbanking but my id and password are not generated…..please can you help me

  • Simplex


    one request:
    Since i am joining ILP this year, can you please provide a list of essential books for ILP (As in the list of book that you will give as ‘Sources’ in the Detailed Plan).
    The reason being, i can buy the books before ILP starts. I hope you don;’t mind

    • Simplex

      Yes will do that with Two Months Sample Plan also 🙂

      • Simplex

        i vl be waiting… thanks


        Exactly. When can we expect 2 month plan?

  • Hellboy

    Is it possible to follow ILP 2018 program for a working professional,please reply??

  • Pandurang Tanawade

    If I join ILP and all India test series from beginning itself,And if I want to keep All India tests reserved for End or may be I want to solve whenever I fill like .Is it possible to do that.
    If time permits i will try to follow both of them strictly as per Ias baba’s schedule.

    • Yes. You can do that.

      • Pandurang Tanawade

        Thanks.Already joined ILP now I will join AITS. With complete trust and faith on Ias baba.

  • manish

    if i pay for ilp2018, do i need to pay for ilp connect?

  • Sk Abid Razza

    IAs baba team if i have joined for ILP 2018 ,do i have to again pay for ILP COnnect??
    and i have my optionals as ‘PUb Ad’ and would be there any possibility for any Guidance as far as optionals is concerned? If not then kindly guide for any other alternatives??

    • Just fill the form of ILP connect. Aspirants will be selected by us and if you get selected will be informed about details.

      On ILP Platform you can connect with peers having the same optional

      • Sk Abid Razza

        thank you babaji for ur kind reply

  • $@(#!N

    as we can see from the previous year MAINS Exam’s question papers UPSC asking current issues around key word of mains exam syllabus, and for effective preparation for mains one has to relate or form all possible Questions around the key word from current happening day to day basis, so my question is if this will be done by IAS BABA team in his VAN, BABAPEDIA, etc.

    • Obviously yes. We cover everything relevant to present context of examination

  • Mahi

    Baba coming soon to meet u !!


    Is there a plan where one can join the prelims test series without the CSAT tests (at a lesser cost)?

  • Dibyendu Saha

    May I join the programme few months later?

    • Yes

      • Tech 118

        If anybody join after few months, then how he/she will cover portion that already left?

  • Prachi Jadhav

    @iasbaba:disqus :- please provide day wise plan as you have mentioned already in 2017 ILP plan.

  • manas ranjan pradhan

    why high myopia candidates are not eligible for upsc where as there is example of blind ias officers??

  • Mohammad MOIN

    Sir can you provide ILP 2018 in hindi please baba ji answer me. I want to join ILP 2018

  • havi

    Is any one from public administration optional?

  • Valkyre

    @iasbaba:disqus The test series integrated in ILP, will it follow the same pattern as that of the real prelims conducted by UPSC?Or will it be having lesser number of questions associated with a particular block’s topic? Also Sir for mains i understand you’ll provide questions with a synopsis rather than answer reviewing(which is to be done among peers).Is the same applicable for Optionals esp anthropology?

    • Pattern will be same. Number of questions will depend on that blocks topic. We cannot make forcible questions just for the sake of it. Revision tests will be 100 question

      Nothing from our side for Optional. One can form peer group and study together.

      • Valkyre

        ok thankyou

  • Adhvika

    I am still confused? Do we have to pay for ILP? Or is it free for us except the All India Test Series?

    • The whole article is about ILP and you are still confused. Work on your reading comprehension. Go through the article carefully you will understand everything

      • Adhvika

        Didn’t ask you to get insulted! And yeah, guess what! I just went through the whole article but the only thing you guys haven’t mentioned is that, whether there’s anything that’s for free on this site ! I was told by my friends that the ILP is free and in my situation anyone would feel confused! Thanks for that PRECIOUS help by the way!

        • Mukesh

          Bhai..isme insult wali kya bat ho gyi yar.

          And who told you that “whether there’s anything that’s for free on this site ! ”

          More than 90%content and initiatives here are free. TLP is Free..All daily initiatives are free and many more. IF you read the article about ILP then you must know the details clearly talks about ILP fee….Wo ILP 2018 ..9999…under Payment Details me kya likha hi? Hey bhagwaan….its so difficult to deal with such people…Uspe se personal insult le lete hain log..Hail Mogambo…

          • Adhvika

            I was asking about the ILP buddy. Thankyou though!

        • Seriously, nothing is free on this website, you mean. GOD save us then.

          BTW What is this in the article

          PAYMENT or ENROLLMENT for ILP 2018 & All India Prelims Test Series

          Integrated Learning Program (ILP) 2018 – Prelims, Mains, Interview – 9999 (Inclusive of Tax)
          ONLINE (ENGLISH) – All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests) – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
          ONLINE (HINDI) -All India Prelims Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests) – 6999 (Inclusive of Tax)
          OFFLINE (ENGLISH) Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests) – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)
          OFFLINE (HINDI) -Test Series -2018 (31 GS, 10 CSAT = 41 Tests) – 8999 (Inclusive of Tax)

          Others are not that ignorant to be confused.

          • Adhvika

            Thank you, but maybe asking a question is not ignorance. Thankyou though for the reply. Good day

        • Bean Babu

          You will regret your above comment for lifetime. (if you utilise this website and initiatives to the fullest)

          • Adhvika

            Look dude, we all are students ! All here to study and there’s nothing wrong if a person asks a QUESTION! Please keep your threats to yourself. It wouldn’t do you any good. I can decide what’s right and wrong for me. Thankyou.

          • Bean Babu

            Who I am with some alias Disqus name to threaten you ? Any more response to your queries I feel it is disgrace I am doing to IASBABA team as their student. When you consult Doctor or Teacher/Guru for some problem “Trust”ing him/her is the first important thing which will resolve half of your problem. All the best.God bless you.

          • Adhvika

            Please don’t use strong words like ‘DISGRACE’. Each one of us at an individual and societal level have some personal respect for ourselves. I do and you do too. But yeah, Good luck to you too for the future !

          • Sai Praveen

            They are the rudest and sarcastic people of IASbaba. They are claiming that their english is simple….They wont give proper reply to us and getting salary from babaji and finally badname to babaji. They dont have any clear plan…that they gave 3 paras of programme details and asking all of us to join. If we ask them any query, they will reply that we dont know english(may be Baba hired people from Buckingham palace). because of these rude people, they wont get aspirants be enrolled in their plans. Im sure that baba hired Non-profressionals.

  • Sai Praveen

    Are u giving AIRanking in ILP for pre tests ? The entire course is online ?? Can i join ILP and access ur reading room offline (bangalore) ??

    • Sai

      Yes ranking and full assessment will be there. yes ILP is online. You can join reading room but reading room will be chargeable with some affordable fee though

      • Sai Praveen

        I’m planning to take ILP. Can u also tell me fee for reading room and how to pay that??

        • Sai

          Join ILP now. Reading room will be available from August. You can visit our office in the first week of August and join reading room. Fee will depend on facility. Yet to be finalized. But will be less than others for sure. We are waiting for offline students to come and will then decide on the number of available space for reading room.

  • Amit

    may i join test series few month later?

  • Pankaj

    Can we attempt/give all tests any number of times ??

    • Pankaj

      One can appear for the same test 3 times. There is no point giving infinite attempts because after 2 attempts everyone will know all the solutions and taking the same again won’t be called as taking the exam. Three attempts will be given so that one can save other attempts for revision if wish to

      • Pankaj

        Yes you are right Baba ji. . 3 attempt is enough

  • Priyanka Mishra

    Hi.. The sample plan does say the Current affairs would be tested from August onwards but would we get some material for June/July too ?

    • Priyanka

      That will be covered through Daily Quiz starting soon

  • ravi kumar

    Dear Baba
    I have one question in my mind, can you please clarify what will happen after 3rd June(Prelim exam), you will give mains related synopsis or will have mains test series.(on frequent basis). because your ILP is for 14 months i.e from 31st july to 30th Sep.

    • Yes post prelims, we will have a plan for mains and mains mock will be given along with its synopsis.

  • ravi kumar

    Babaji , please reply to my question at earliest, as I am very much confused which test series to be joined. or who will make my dream true. I am working professional and ready to do hard work with my best efforts.

  • Loki

    In the ILP 2018 for mains section, only the static questions are covered or will the questions from current affairs are also covered?? pls reply baba….

  • pranith

    Hi.. I am an working professional.. Is ILP program also available online..?? and for tests.. are we required to write on particular time..? or els will there be any time stamp specified..? pls reply.. i wanna join it

    • Hi

      ILP is an Online programme

      One can appear anytime. Its flexible.

  • khushmanpreet singh

    @iasbaba:disqus SIR, is the ILP connect feature free of cost for subscribers of ILP?

    • No. ILP Connect is for personal mentoring and one to one guidance selectively for few aspirants who will be selected by IASbaba. It will be nominally charged

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        charges will be decided later?

  • khushmanpreet singh

    @iasbaba:disqus Is the Interview program also covered in ILP?

    • If one clears mains, our Interview Guidance will be free for ILP users

  • Aj Singh

    Sir, what is ILP Connect? Is it different from online ILP?

    • Few aspirants will be selected for personal mentorship in ILP Connect.

      • Tech 118

        what is criteria for shortlist (select ) ILP connect aspitant?

  • Yashodhan

    Sir in case of hindi medium test series what will be the language of solutions

    • Hindi only for hindi aspirants

  • Sai Praveen

    Babaji…does block wise tests contain 100questions or only 20/50 quests ?(online exam or just pdf ?) ? For mains mocks…does IASbaba provides feedback for my answer sheet ? A lot of doubts with ur programme….how ILP helps interview ? Will u assign me a mentor for clearing my doubts in CA and tests ? And complete time table is not posted, when can i expect ?

    • Mukesh


      ILP which is 10k includes Prelims Mains and Interview. If you clear mains, you will be invited interview guidance program by iasbaba as baba mentioned in one of the comments. Again this is not a mains test series..so no reviews…aur mentor bhi chahiye..Yar 10k me baba ki jan loge kya 🙂

      baba band kr do ILP…logo ko adat hi sirf test series le rhe hain 25k ..15k me 8k me aram se..yahan 10k me itna sab hajam nhi ho rha..aur chaiye sab ko..

      @iasbaba:disqus What about TLP mentorship program baba…you said to register in the google form. Didn’t get any information about it…TLP starting from 10th..please tell about it soon

      • Sai Praveen

        Mukhesh I don’t understand Hindi…but I’m able to reply now that no one will pay 10k for just test papers. We will get them for free in internet forums. It is feedback and review of answer writing which is important to me. Even magazines and notes are flooding in internet. For just question papers and magazines most of the people will think to spend 10k. For the same price Byjus provides weekly ca webinars. Civils daily 5k programme gives 1 to 1 mentoring. Students have more choices. Taking a programme just because toppers did or it has good reviews will not work for me and applies to many alike students also.

        So, what is the problem if we ask them reviews and mentoring?? If they do so… Sales will increase by huge ℅. What is the use in just giving mains questions and leaving the students? Insights is also doing that daily 4qs but no reviews, that’s why many students shifting to IAS baba. They have to consider this otherwise nobody will join and everybody will download PDFs from forums.

        • Bean Babu

          Sai seems you are drowned in misunderstood flooded internet information. Who said ILP fees is 10K for only test papers? First read the details carefully what all the program provides. Other cheaper institutes you mentioned if they are providing such low cost programs why people are looking for initiatives by some institutes who never advertise themselves through calls/SMS/whatsapp/newspapers. Show me single institute which provides free interview guidance if anyone clears mains. None of the portals have courtesy to reply to every comment/queries (no matter how much rubbish it is). If you really looking for 1-1 mentoring join offline classes(It is not available at 5K.) TLP program for mains is FREE OF COST where you get feedback to your answers and synopsis for all questions . Go to previous TLP sections and browse through comments.

          Taking program just because it is 5k will not work. Look for the quality of the guidance. If you have queries you can ask the team anytime. But telling someone is providing so much(So much is only 32 prelims tests, which you can anyway download from forums flooded with magazines and PDFs) for 5k and why can’t you provide is not the right thing. There is difference between Chinese made iPHONE and Apple made iPHONE. People who used it will know the difference.

          • Sai Praveen

            Bean babu…u r boasting urself as the only institute in the world which makes civil servants and all other institutes are fake. Even ur ILP programme says that for practising tests do enroll prelims TS by IAS baba. And u r giving only synopsis of monthly mains exam but not reviewing papers. And for interview there are so many institutes that will give free guidance if they are selected for personality test. Yes quality matters but money also matters. And that too u are also giving free interview guidance only if ILP candidates are get selected that means not for everyone !!!
            It’s very sad that u are calling other institutes as cheaper just because they are advertising hugely. Do u think advertising brands are cheaper quality?

            Comparison of iPhones is worth noting but note that ur intro is long and illustrations are baseless without evidences. Arguments fetch good marks if u provide committee reports against other institutes.
            Conclusion is incomplete and doubtful as every body will not prefer becoz other phones are on the move which provides more features and quality sturdy designs. If u want to defend u can use benchmark scores. And stop boasting urself.
            Finally need to improve ur answer. Keep it up.

          • Bean Babu

            I think you are looking everything for free.

            “And u r giving only synopsis of monthly mains exam but not reviewing papers.”
            -> You don’t understand simple english I guess.


            Below are snapshots of TLP answers of aspirants and feedback/REVIEW from IASBABA team.





            “And that too u are also giving free interview guidance only if ILP candidates are get selected that means not for everyone !!!” —- Yeah Baba is opening charity trust very soon. Will call up every candidate personally who clear mains and provide interview guidance and as complementary initiative sponsor their accommodation, travelling expense,khana-peena etc.

            I am aspirant like you. I just tried to help you so that you can follow one of the very good online platform which is better and proven one.Getting right guidance early will save your one attempt. You are free to choose what you like. Good luck

          • Sai Praveen

            Bean babu u are acting like foolish. Who asked u to interfere in this convo ? Do u have manners or sense ? Who asked u to give me for free ?? I asked them that for 10k, there would be mentoring also as other platforms are also giving. U are person having like a obsessive complex. What a review u have given comparing with apple iphones (very sad that you have just brand feelings, if u dont know other brands which are better than apple u can contact me). Ur disgrace to iasbaba moderators. Feel like u are no professional. criticising others and knowing nothing about programmes. Does TLP gives feedback to every person who is writing ?? Stop rubbish comments here….do ur own work and let others do their work. If u got hurted with my comments then get lost as u dont deserve respect as u need to be treated with psychologist. U are behaving like a 5 yrs kid….ohh sorry 3 yrs kid. And STOP this here…..If u reply me again, I WILL REPLY AGAIN WITH STRONG BEFITTING COMMENT. Mind ur business man…..

        • Mukesh

          Arre bhai. Who said 10k for just test papers. You don’t understand English even forget about Hindi. because you are stubborn and arrogant who can’t even understand others point of view forget about reading and understanding above details which clearly mentions all the details. Even then you are saying who will pay 10k only for test papers…this shows your english comprehension too. It would be better if you join civils daily for one to one…yes you have so many choices..go with it…No one is forcing you yar…take other programmes and be happy..and download the pdfs from forum of iasbaba shamelessly

          • Sai Praveen

            If ur english soooo simple….then why so many people are asking doubts here ?? U need to be joined English comprehension classes immediately. Go to Unacademy, its for people like u who are foolish and arrogant and senseless, they will teach u good classes and that toooo for free. They are not money hungry people like u. U people are copying the content from The Hindu and PIB SHAMELESSLY not me. U are copying them and selling them SHAMELESSLY for money and u are telling me that i will be shameless if i download pdfs from forums. Even beggers are better than u….they make ethical money, If u blame me…..there are so many things to blame u also. Very sad that IASbaba is teaching Ethics in classes and not following them. Just rude if somebody asking ur complete programme details. U people even dont have FAQ’s in ur programme and claiming that u are very innovative, and dont have pdf details of ur programme. SHAMELESS !!. U are claiming that its simple english, then why IASbaba has support mail and phone ?? STOP REPLYING ME . Do ur business and do business in the name of education. I wont bother….but if u breach the other’s respect u will get hurted…..check the 4 fingers before pointing 1 finger to me. and STOP REPLY here.
            Instead its my foolish decision to join ur ILP at IASBaba. Its my mistake…..yes i accept its my mistake to decide to join IASbaba which dont have professional workers. Now u are correct….Its my mistake.

    • Sai

      ILP consists of 35 Prelims Tests. Revision Tests, Sectional Tests and full mocks will be 100 in number. Block Wise Tests question number depends on depth of the topics going to be covered. It will range between 70-80.

      This is not a Mains test Series so no reviews on answers. Read the details carefully. Mentors only for aspirants selected under ILP connect. Full time table of ILP will only be available to users. We will post 2 -3 months of time table in few days. You can join any programme of your choice if not satisfied here (as per your comments below). We only have this much to assist.

      • Sai Praveen

        No babaji…im very very much impressed with ur ILP, but boasting urself as the only good institute and all others are falthu is not fair. Im 95% sure that i will take ILP 2018.

        • When did we boast about it? Saying confidently about our forte and quality work is not boasting. We even mentioned that if you are confident with the quality work then only join All India Prelims Test Series which is kept outside ILP because many join at least 2 test series. We could have made it mandatory as well but didn’t do that.

          You should understand that ILP basically is designed for aspirants who find it difficult to prepare from scratch and are unable to strictly plan their preparation. We cannot make it Review Based because have to cater equally to everyone. You must acknowledge the fact that reviews to thousands of aspirants won’t be possible with lot of components being delivered in ILP. Our aim is to make an average aspirant reach to a level where he/she can confidently bank on their content base in less than a year. Everything is step based and for now we cannot cater to reviews to thousands of you. Hope in time to come, we become capable enough to even cater to this demand.

      • sarath chandra

        babaji….how about all others who paid for ipl2018? even they want to connect with their peers with same optional na. it wil help right.

        • That is why under ILP they will have forum to connect with peers with same optional and make a cohort group of their choice.


        Why not add current affairs questions along with the Block wise test questions to make 100 test questions? Those CA questions could be related to the block topic or could be from any other topic in news. This way you could make it inline with actual format of the test. I know you already might have given a lot of thinking while planning the tests but 100 ques. format instead of 70-80 ques gives more seriousness & actual exam like feeling while attempting the tests.

  • Intakhab Hussain

    Baba taking online course ILP 2018 good/suitable for the freshers who want to clear upsc. plz explain in few points.waiting eagerly . Thanks

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      yes it is

      • Intakhab Hussain

        Thank you for the reply. but Bro., how ? can you explain in few points if u plz. is it like i have to go parellel with the study&practice notes of IASbaba(ILP2018) with my own study of basic books of NCERTs, laxmikanth etc . ??? Thank you once again

        • Intakhab Hussain

          and if suppose i haven’t started yet reading NCERTS and newspapers and all, even then is it(ILP2018) suitable for me to take it .?

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Go through the whole plan.
            If u r not a working professional u can do it

  • Kulkshetra Verma

    how will ILP analysis performance .of tests(weekly and monthly test)…that i score good or bad marks or average…is there any comparison with other or any type of ranks for their weekly and monthly test????

    • Kulkshetra

      For every test there will be detailed analysis of your performance. Yes ranking will be there and a list of top performers to check your stand. With every passing tests it will add to your performance and rank list

      • Tech 118

        is it possible to perform test anytime on schuduled day?

        • Mukul Shukla

          yes ,its is possible to perform test anytime of the day. I think it will be active on morning of that particular day and one can attempt anytime as per his or her own convinence.
          hope it clears your doubt:-)

        • Not only on scheduled day but even later. A test once active on the planned date will be there till Prelims. So one can take them anytime as per their suitability

      • Kulkshetra Verma

        thanks for reply sir

  • Mukul Shukla

    once after the platform is active i.e on 31st july then upto how many months, timetable will be posted on it in advance. for eg upto november or say upto june or till 30th september?

    • Mukul

      Full Plan including Prelims and Mains will be there.

      • Mukul Shukla

        thanks baba ji 🙂

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        sir plz give an idea abt ilp connect nominal charges.. soon joining ur ilp

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    anyone enrolled for ilp connect?

  • Tech 118

    Dear Baba

    I read announcement post of IASBaba’s IPL and All india test series.but after reading this post I have some quaries. I request you to please clear my doubt.

    1. What is deadline for joining of All india test series (AITS) and Starting date of Program?
    2. Ho can anyboby manage BLOCK SCHEDULE given by Iasbaba because both IPL and AITS both have different syllebus?
    3. Quality(or level) of IPL Test (included 35 test ) and AITS test will be same?
    4.As IASBABA suggest anybody join AITS later (after few months ) then How Iasbaba team manage to offer 41 test in less time? (I mean what will be a schedule in this case?

    • Dear Tech

      1. No deadline- One can join anytime but its better to follow the programme from beginning. Starting Date of AITS-10th August

      2. That is why we said- Do not follow both from the beginning. One who is part of ILP can join AITS later only after having confidence after following ILP sincerely. Let’s take this example

      If one is regular with ILP blocks- in 4-5 months, they will be very confident of majority portion of each subject and Current Affairs.
      Since the purpose of AITS is more and more practice of questions by solving mock papers, one can join it later for more practice. A person can join AITS and if they are confident of Polity Portion, can take those polity tests as Revision (Questions will be different in AITS). Same with other subjects

      3. Yes quality wise same. Questions will be different. In ILP, we focus on Freshers so the process will be from basic level to moderate and then analytical with block wise completion

      4. Full Schedule of AITS will be posted on 10th July.

      For ILP users, AITS should be taken as Revision only not as following the schedule. In 6 months from now, one will surely be confident with majority of the portions of all the subjects. AITS should act as revision questions for them.


    Math Optional Anyone?

  • Tech 118

    what is criteria for shortlist (select ) ILP connect aspitant?

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      yes m askng the same
      wt will b nominal chrgs?

      • Those selected will be informed about the Fee. It won’t be too much for sure. And there will be no compulsion also.
        Selection depends on our criterion and preference will be given to freshers

        • Ghåïñt Nāddî

          for what there will be no compulsion?

          • Compulsion to join if selected and terms and conditions given from our side is beyond ones comfort 🙂

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Thank you so much sir

  • Vikrqm Singh

    Sir I had subscribed for 9999 program but haven’t received username and password yet, how can I get it ?

    • Vikram

      You will get it one week before 31st July.

  • DashBro

    sir,how will the students for ILP CONNECT be chosen by IASBABA?? Will it be after the performance of students in the tests??

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      No..if anyone enroll till 25th of July..
      As it is given the deadline for ilp connect…
      Ilp is going to start from 31st till then selection procedure for ilp connect will be over 🙂

    • Hello Dash, we have our internal process to select students for ILP connect which we can not reveal. Students will be selected from all those who have enrolled for ILP.

      • DashBro

        thank you for your reply sir.

  • Valkyre

    BABAJI will the timetable of AITS be made avilable to all?or exclusively to those who enroll for it?

    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Obviously to those who enroll for it.

    • AIPTS full schedule will be posted on 10th July. It will be available for all

  • black owl

    baba ji tussi my only hope… 2018 my 1st attempt and I wish It ll be the last attempt also :D. Jai ho baba ji… In Line of Parsad (ILP) already joined. ;).

    Fun aparts … I wish i do my best in UPSC n ILP the only source I am following, as i m lil comfortable with the schedule which was hectic and confusing at other sites.

    • Stick to the plan black owl. You will do very well. All the best.

  • Shlok Baba…:)

    Baba, in ilp 2018 programme which costs rs 9999/- ,tests will be in hindi too?

    • Nope

      • Shlok Baba…:)

        then there is another one test series which costs 6999, is that will be in hindi?

        • revolution2018


        • Yes AIPTS is available in Hindi too

        • Yes Shlok, the test series will be in hindi and English both. But ILP will only be in English.

  • Pradyumna s.v.
    • Ghåïñt Nāddî

      Link will be activated a week before the ilp starts

      • Pradyumna s.v.

        ohhh okie thanks:)

  • Richa

    Hello IASbaba ! I have joined the ilp programme2018.. but i am still not able to gain confidence as far as the preparation of daily current affairs is concerned.. i am reading the hindu..but i am not making notes out of them..and i am confused as how to be confident about the current affairs..should i read the hindu and depend on monthly magazine or should i follow something additional to it..and how should i make notes out of them..they are too much..it takes a lot of time to make daily notes..plsss guide a little in this regard..like what is the right way to prepare for current affairs ?

  • Intakhab Hussain

    Babab please also respond and guide to those who are FULLY FRESHER in the field of preparing for UPSC and want to join your course ILP 2018.Thanks.

  • Heisenberg

    babaji..i will eligible in 2019..should i join it this year…? or its more helpful for the year its tailored for ?

    • No. Wait for ILP 2019. Till then prepare your Optional and learn from iasbaba.com various initiatives

    • Hello Heisenberg, the program is meant for self study and it will help you finish your syllabus on time. It is designed for people appearing in 2018. But if you want to start your preparation systematically, you can also join.

  • AK

    Baba does ILP include AITS?

    • revolution2018


    • no AK.

      ILP already have 35 tests for prelims

      • AK

        Thank you baba


    @iasbaba:disqus In one of your comments you have mentioned that Block tests will be 70-80 questions. Why not add current affairs questions along with the Block wise test questions to make 100 test questions? Those CA questions could be related to the block topic or could be from any other topic in news. This way you could make it inline with actual format of the test. I know you already would have given a lot of thinking while planning the tests but 100 ques. format instead of 70-80 ques gives more seriousness & actual exam like feeling while attempting the tests. Just a suggestion Baba, let me know if it’s feasible.

    • Dear SS

      We do not make questions to fill the numbers. In some blocks as per topics to be covered the scope of quality questions doesn’t allow to reach 100. And what is the need of solving unnecessary questions? We will try our level best to provide relevant questions for practice. In case we are unable to stretch, we will restrict to 70-80 for block tests. Its mentioned so that you know the intention behind it.

      There will be blocks where good number of topics will be there to cover and surely the number of questions will be 100 there. 🙂

      Let your mentor (IASbaba) decide the course of action that is best for you. There were people even questioning on how to make questions or this is not the way to make questions- Fortunately the same question appeared in UPSC 🙂

  • NPN

    babaji please provide the list of sources which will be covered under ilp2018…thanks

    • Rashi Gupta
    • NPN

      Tamil Nadu Edition-11th and 12th, Old NCERTs and Bipan Chandra Freedom Struggle- History

      11th NCERT and Lakshmikant- Polity

      11th/12th NCERT’s, Economic Survey and Ramesh Singh- Economy
      New NCERT’s and G.C Leong- Geography

      New NCERT’s class 6 to 10 and selected chapters from 11 and 12 – Basic Science (Rest will be covered in VAN and Babapedia)

      NCERT 12th Biology+ Shankar IAS- Environment

      India Year Book

      Old NCERT + Norman Lowe-World History

      ARC Report+ Lexicon- Ethics- That’s it (Rest Value Adds and Babapedia will fill the gaps)

  • Lekha J

    On the 9th july 2017, I made payment for the ILP-2018 course. Payment of ₹9999 done sucessfully. I also received the acnoledgement receipt from Instamojo and mail also.

    but still I didnt get mail from your side which contains the above mentioned ID and Password. Still it didnt generated automatically

    • Dear lekha

      If you have received acknowledgment as payment receipt. be patient. we had clearly mentioned above that platform will be active one week before 31st July and ID and pass will again be sent after activation

  • Lekha J
  • Mrinal Mukherjee

    For statistics optional ,

    Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/5gMbahfid4YJjulxxMNpLG

  • Aditi

    Management Optional. Anyone ?

    • Yaswanth

      Yes,I am opting mgmt too..would be glad to get guidance frm the experienced..if there is a group,u can add me..86399 522 04,u may also whatsapp me,if there is no group..could collaborate n go forward

    • Mr. Er

      u MBA?

      • Himani

        Yes !

        • lapis lazuli

          u taking coaching too or online prep?

  • rahul kumar

    Hello Sir,
    I understand that block tests would help us revise the topics as soon as we complete them.
    I have a few doubts:
    Apart from block tests, would there be any other mechanism for revision ?(eg. dedicated time slots for revision of topics already completed long ago)

    Would we be able to revise the whole syllabus 2-3 times before prelims.

    Asking because I keep forgetting things and need to revise many times.

    • Yes Rahul. There will be slots for revision. Don’t worry. We will be posting a video soon to answer all these queries. 🙂

  • Ashutosh

    baba when will you disclose full plan of ilp ?

    • Ashutosh

      3 Months Sample Plan of ILP will be posted today 🙂

      • Ashutosh

        thank u baba


    @iasbaba:disqus ; Is there any plan of starting Mathematics Optional in IASbaba?

  • Abhijeet upadhyay

    baba ji will you also provide mains test series for history optional ? Pl reply me

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    anthropology optional?

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        thank u so much sir 🙂

      • Preethi

        This will be useful for test series..But for a beginner it would be better if you could post an article about the strategy to be followed for preparing anthropology optional. This link would be useful for senior player.

        • Ghåïñt Nāddî

          Well said…do u hav anthropology as an optional?

          • Preethi

            Yeah..But i am a beginner

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            M also…have u done with enrollment?

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Sm1 told me about a book ember and ember

  • Pankaj

    I have done payment for test series for CSE 2018 but I can’t log in

    • Pankaj

      Clearly mentioned that Tests starting from 10th August so login will be provided few days before

    • Please read the instructions carefully. You will be able to access only one week before the program starts.

  • Arnab Midya

    Anyone with Mechanical engineering optional?

    • shubham manjhi

      yes..i have completed the portions of SOM and TOM. Right now, i am sorting the topic wise questions of the subjects of mechanical i am aware of. Done with the sorting of Non traditional machining(can mail u).Made easy would be coming with the detailed solutions of mains paper 1 and 2 by end of july, i had contacted them. Infact, together, we can sort the questions of all the topics. I am really very weak in topics like material science and power plant.

      • Arnab Midya

        Made easy already launched it….visit Made Easy publication….

        • shubham manjhi

          could you please share the link bro…could not find..please, would be really helpful

      • Arnab Midya
        • shubham manjhi

          Thanks a lot….any blogs or sources you are referring to?

      • Arnab Midya

        It will be great if we discuss problems

  • Abhiram Krishnan


    I have mailed you @iasbaba:disqus . Kindly look after the email.

  • Mahaveer

    Hi , I would like to take the ILP 2018 program but i want to write the tests offline is it possible?If Yes then could you please tell me what will be the total amount for the program.?.Thanks in Advance

  • Sivasankar Utukuri

    Hi, anyone with telugu literature as optional?

  • DrJewa Tripathy

    will the testsin ilp and aits be available for download after the tests ? how many times can we give each test ?

  • Arnab Midya

    When will u upload the 2 or 3 month plan of ILP2018 ?

  • Ivjyot Oberoi

    Greetings, @iasbaba:disqus .

    I just made the payment, for ILP2018. Hoping to get the required acumens and crossing the ocean, with you.

    Also, what is the next step?

  • Harshit Gupta

    Would there be a day to day targets for syllabus or a block target(10 days) in ilp 2018 program.
    Please solve this query.

    • Harshit

      This time we are going topic wise. Let’s consider this

      Every individual has different learning curve. Some may take 2 days for same topic and others may take only 1 or even half a day for the same topic. Span of 10 Days is given so that you can do it with flexibility. It doesn’t matter in the end if quality learning is there.

      Hope it is clear

      • Harshit Gupta

        Actually day wise syllabus gives us consistency and is very much better as it is piecemeal approach which is very easy to follow.
        Could it be possible to make it a day wise schedule.

  • Harshit Gupta

    Babaji isn’t it possible to make it a day wise schedule as it makes us strictly adhere to it everyday.
    Else we tend to complete the syllabus in one go on the last day.
    Please make it day wise as it was earlier.

    • Rashi Gupta

      @[email protected]_o4Xpqfze3T:disqus Here is the solution -> http://www.ias4sure.com/ias4sure-prelims-guarantee-program-2018/

    • Its just a matter of sincerity Harshit. We have to run this programme universally and working professional or a fresher may find it demotivating if not able to cover that days target.

      And ultimately it is the same thing just more flexibility and topics wise learning is anyway better. Is it so difficult to be sincere enough to cover targets for yourself? Why delay it for the last day?

  • harsha reddy

    Is…ILP is including…mains test series…too..or..if not …if we want prelims and mains test series…what should we do..and i want online mode…is this possible..kindly provide me the details thank you .

  • Abhijeet Upadhyay

    Baba ji , i just now became a part of your ILP 2018 program . my dream is to join foreign services only and not anyother services . i hope your guidance and my dedication towards this exam will ensure my dream comes true……

  • Aryan Sharma

    I wish to know whether topics of ethics and other mains topics are also covered in the schedule of ILP.

  • Electric Mantra

    Hello IAS BABA, I am very interested in your ILP programme. I have few queries regarding the plan. please let me know how can I contact you on phone. Please reply ASAP.

  • Light Only

    I have paid for ILP 2018. Login platform will be provided one week before 31st as mentioned here in website. So , should I wait till 24th for any kind of communication from your side?

    • Hi Light

      Its out job. Programme starts from 31st and more than you it is our responsibility to do so. Without you nothing will start 🙂

      • Light Only

        thank u babaji 🙂

  • Rashi Gupta
  • Up

    Can anyone pls share a good programme for history optional?

  • Tukka

    Where i can login and where i can find syllabus and time table for ilp 2018 schedule

  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    Greetings @iasbaba:disqus

    I just made the payment, for ILP-2018. Hoping to conquer the IAS 2018 exam under your valuable guidelines.

    • Will conquer it together 🙂

      • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

        Thanku baba , m ready fr hard work:)!!

  • Intakhab Hussain

    No Discussion about essay writing ! ?

  • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

    dear @iasbaba:disqus please clarify, just some confusion.

    ILP consists of preliminary test series also right?
    there is also separate option for prelim test series below ILP on enrollment page.
    but why dates do not match?
    in ILP time table its stated SET1 BLOCK TEST will be on 9th & in prelim time table the test is on 10th. same follows throughout.

    does it mean the ILP students will have to opt for block test on 9th & also prelim test series on 10th as syllabus is same for the specific test/s.

    • deepak

      ilp does not consist prelims test series

    • Sushil

      ILP already has 35 Prelims Tests. All India Prelims Test Series, AIPTS is different than ILP Prelims Tests.

      ILP students can enroll for AIPTS also but should follow ILP for first few months not both.

      • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

        babaji, doubt already got cleared in mail, thanks, no worries..!!!


    we are looking for faculty for UPSC , Daily news discussion, daily mcq, test series. Please contact :[email protected] /

  • Deepu singh

    hey sir, i need a clarification abt optional papers? will it be included in ILP18. mine optional one is PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION! nd plzz provide a link to purchase all sources(books) required in FAQ. thank you

  • Hrishabh Raj

    baba why sample plan ILP2018 doesnt have date wise targets like ILP2017

    • Raj

      We are going topic wise this time. Given a range of 10 days and topics means same thing. You can complete more topics at the same time others may not be on the same day. Ultimately it means the same. X number of topics in Y number of Days. Also it should be flexible for others like Fresher and Working professional.

      • Hrishabh Raj

        thanks baba 🙂

  • Deepu singh

    hello @@iasbaba:disqus plzz answer to my query posted below. being a fresher it ll certainly be helpful.ty

  • Shantanu

    Hello IAS Baba,

    Could you provide all resource in hindi as well or only test will be in hindi

  • Ravi Shankar Kumar

    baba , I did not receive the email from yourside on joining the ILP 2018.till what time I wil get it??

    • Ravi

      If you have paid through instamojo, must have got acknowledgment slip. You will get access to platform after 25th July Do not worry

  • Amit

    hello baba ji. I have done payment for ilp programme. what is ilp programme url? from where i can excess?

    • Amit

      You will get access to platform after 25th July Do not worry. You will receive url and ID details in your email before we start

  • Neethu

    Dear sir please clarify just some confusion?
    Sir has you mention ID details will be sent and value add notes will be provide to all GS PAPER ..whether it will be provided to our email address provided or do we need to login to your website ?

    • Neethu

      You will be given access to ILP Platform where everything will be updated as per the plan

  • Mithun Das

    @@iasbaba:disqus I have joined your ILP 2018. but i am confused about optional.As a student of ZOOLOGY what should I switch to zoology or Anthropology?.However i want to compete for IFoS also.

    • Mithun

      Select the one in which you have more interest and command

  • $@(#!N

    sir please prepare a daily, target based schedule within these blocks for effective preparation and revision, because those who want to follow weekly schedule, they can follow as it is in the present form and aspirants like me who are demanding daily target based approach can also be benefited.

  • Sardar Khan

    AnyOne who want to share ILP 2018 ? comment

  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    baba ji
    can you plz clarify one imp thing .
    In all india test series of prelims u hav said to do current affairs from 1st june 2017 .
    but in ILP 2018 u r saying to do current affairs from 31st july 2017 ??
    what to do now , plz clarify ??
    thank you!!

    • 2018

      Kindly focus on what is being scheduled for you. There must be some reason behind it. If you keep on looking at things like this, nothing is going to work out literally. Just prepare by focusing on something you have joined. You should have faith in the system. And it is yet to start.

      • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

        i trust you from the core bottom of my heart but i want to start Current affairs so please me from which month should i start reading it ??

        • Dear

          Start from June 2017 only.

          • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

            Thank You baba ji:):):)

  • dillip m

    ILP18 study schedule and all india test series(AIPTS) schedule become different from SET 2 onwards. vis-a-vis comparision
    ILP set 1:-
    block1-polity : AIPTS-polity
    block2-geography: AIPTS-geography
    ILP set 2:-
    block1-India 18th century:AIPTS- Ancient History
    block2-Polity : AIPTS-Environment
    block3-Medieval India : AIPTS-Polity
    ILP set 3:-
    Block1-Environment: AIPTS-Geo
    Block2-Economy : AIPTS-Economy
    Block3-Geography : AIPTS-Medieval India

    Just want to enquire if AIPTS is modelled to suit ILP 18 program or it is independent.If AIPTS can be little reshecduled as per ILP module (as in come blocks it do matches.)may be that would ease us to follow simultaneously ILP and Test series 18.

    • Dilip

      Do not do it simultaneously. If joining ILP- Focus on ILP till December and start taking AIPTS only for subject wise revision. It is done for some reason.

  • Hrishabh Raj

    Baba how does ILP connect will going to help us ?

    • Raj

      In ILP Connect the selected aspirants will get access to IASbaba Team (mentors)

  • Venkatesh B

    Baba, please share your suggestion on taking Electrical Engineering as optional & any sources for preparation. My stream was E&C in engineering but its been long. I am currently working professional. However, i did not find interesting in other optional.

  • AdiYogi

    @iasbaba:disqus Babaji, subscribed for ILP and applied for ILP Connect, looking forward for a great journey for the next 2 years.

  • simran malik
    • One cannot login from different devices on ILP platform. Also tests cannot be taken by multiple users. Do not do this.

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