Note by an IRS Officer for Aspirants-Kumar Vivek

  • IASbaba
  • June 30, 2015
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Dear aspirants            

If you are reading this then you must have navigated through the pages of IAS Baba. The name is cool, isn’t it? But before I count you the benefits of using this wonderful initiative, let me have the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Kumar Vivek, an IRS officer of the 2014 batch. Of course I intended to appear again this year and get what  I actually aspired for. But yes…. being a part of the civil service fraternity already, I am much more comfortable and cool with respect to my preparation. I also enjoy the company of some really intelligent colleagues and trust me they are an asset. It pays to interact with a diverse lot.

But why do I tell you all these??? What is there for you??? Just imagine what if the intellect, experience and wisdom of a number of such civil servants are brought to one common platform in the most lucid, friendly and easily accessible manner and that too free of cost!!! Won’t that be amazing?? Just think about it.


Friends! IAS Baba is one such initiative that is inspired, driven and monitored by such people.  We are doing this because we felt the need of it. This is neither philanthropy nor an act of benevolence. We feel that the aspirants deserve better. Knowledge should have no bars and boundaries. We were and still are a part of the aspirants’ community. And we strongly believe that the combined social capital of the aspirants is way more effective and efficient than any other resource in the competitive ecosystem. That’s why we have come out of our shells to help not you but ourselves by sharing with you the best we possibly could.


The numerous initiatives taken on IAS Baba shall definitely serve you at various stages of your preparation. If you have gone through the   initiatives meant for current affairs, GS papers, CSAT etc, you must have appreciated their content and quality. The Prelims 60 days strategy is already there and we have also started a similar initiative for Mains ( Think and Learn) . We are soon coming with detailed strategy and resources for optional as well.

It is of limited use to talk about the technical aspects of these initiatives  in detail as you can find those discussed at great lengths on IAS Baba. Just keep a close watch and stay updated. 


One thing is for sure that we have figured out the requirements of the coveted CSE. It gives you the liberty to go bang on with your preparation. We have sorted the way for you so that you don’t have to search for an epiphany for years and waste your attempts and youth.


If your studies for CSE comply with the directives listed below, you are on right track. But if any of these components is missing from your plan, there is a need of course correction. Let’s have a reality check friends!!!


Conceptual clarity: Don’t move further without clearing the concepts. Gain a clean and clear picture of what you are reading. It simply translates into not being superficial with the subject.

Write, write, write, write: Read an issue, understand it and on a daily basis practice at least two questions from GS as well as Optional.

Be patient with the pace of study. Read, think, process the information, contemplate, discuss and completely internalise the information. Try to develop offshoots to apply the same information to other areas as well.

Never ever leave loose ends. Cover the subject completely. Understand the ins and outs completely.

Manage the studies. Keep a close tab on what you are reading and what all is to be covered. Plan your studies on a weekly basis. Keep targets, assess your weekly progress, modify them if required and be strict with the plan.

Don’t get too confident, don’t get too disheartened, just be realistic. Keep the momentum intact. Don’t disturb the continuity.

A credible initiative awaits you all. Embrace it and take maximum advantage. You don’t have to bother about exorbitant fees and distant coaching Meccas of CSE. All you need is a computer or phone with internet and some amount of dedication and sincerity. Feel free to interact with us. Raise queries, ask questions, discuss, debate and learn. We promise we shall feed you back with comments, observations and all round support. In return we seek your love, support and blessings.

Welcome to IAS Baba 🙂


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