Think and Learn- UPSC Mains [Day 5]

  • IASbaba
  • July 3, 2015
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Think and Learn- UPSC Mains [Day 5]

3rd July 2015

1) Critically analyze the condition of women in Ancient India. How was it different from the conditions in medieval and modern times? (200 Words, 10 Marks)  GS-1


 2) “The conditions which necessitated the formulation and adoption of CSS don’t exist anymore”. Comment.  Also  discuss the factors that led to failure/ limited success of CSS. What modifications would you suggest for making CSS more result oriented?  GS- 2

3) Explain the following terms along with their applications: GS-3

  1. Mobile wallet
  2. Near Field Communication, NFC


4) You are the CEO of a reputed company. Under your leadership, the company has grown manifold and profits have gone up exponentially. However, the last 2-3 quarters have not been particularly good for your company. Losses have been incurred, share prices have fallen and as a result investors’ attitude towards your company is not favorable. Stakeholders are asking for your immediate resignation. Under these circumstances you are disillusioned by the behavior of the same people who were all appreciative of you in the good old days but are now hell bent on blaming the entire failure on you. What options do you have under such circumstances? which option would you opt for? Substantiate. GS -4


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