Creative Guidance: Book Review–Mohandas

  • IAS baba
  • August 26, 2015
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There are books and then there is this. Mohandas is probably the most difficult book to write a review about and still stay true to its emotions. This book is a masterpiece not just for the brilliance of subject handling, but for the sheer magnanimity of the character it is dealing with.

Mohandas is grand, epic, intense, fascinating and bloody unbelievably real. You don’t flip through the pages of this book; you spend a lifetime in each one of them. Mohandas grips you with the fascinating story of a young boy from the suburbs of coastal Gujarat, who defied an empire, fought the ideologies of a billion people, inspired the imagination of the entire world, and did it all with just his walking stick of truth.

Rajmohan captures the life of Gandhi in such precision and detail that you are simply transported to the post independence era; where you become one of those hopeful souls, chasing the mirage of freedom across the dusty plains of a nation, led by a man of unfathomable strength of spirit.

Read Mohandas, not for information, history, facts or fun; read it to be transformed by the soul swelling saga of one man, who gave it all for the ideal of freedom. Read it to re-weave the fabric of your life using the strains of simplicity, humbleness, service and love. You have to be made of stone to not be touched by this book.

Running close to 700 pages, Mohandas is one of the most comprehensive and complete literary biographies of our time. This book is all you need to understand the life of Gandhi. Right from his childhood to adolescence, through his education to personal evolution, through his struggles and triumphs to the immortality of his spirit, Mohandas is complete.

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